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Posted on: October 24, 2008

Ok.. so seeing the slur of deliciousness and recipies that all the friends on my blogrole are posting I thought I might as well jump in the fray.

To be honest I’m really not that great of a cook… but I am trying to get better! And tonight I really wanted a nice bowl of vegetable soup!! I haven’t made soup ever and i based my recipie after one I found online and it turned out really nicely. I would have liked to simmer it longer but Ryohei was about to die of hunger. Next time I make it, I’ll try to do it on a weekend when I don’t have to worry about a hungry husband coming home lol.

Vegetable Soup

1/2 medium onion minced
1 can diced tomatos
2 stalks celery
1 medium potato
1 carrot
1 zuchini
2 handfuls of spinich leaves
50g packet of mixed beans (optional)
75g chopped bacon (optional)
about 4 cups water
1 block connsume soup mix (or boullion)
2 teapons minced garlic (i just use the pre chopped stuff)
Italian herbs and spices
Olive oil
Parmesian Cheese (which I didn’t have 😦 )


Saute garlic, onions and bacon in olive oil on low to medium heat
When the onions are transparent(ish) add in the diced tomatos and heat over low for 2-3 minutes
Add in all other vegetables except spinach and add water and heat to boil
Add consumme block
Add other spices, salt and pepper to your liking
After coming to a boil simmer until all the vegetables have become soft
(I did this for about 45 minutes, but I would have liked to do it for at least another half hour to get more flavor)
Add sliced spinach and stir
Simmer for another 10-15 minutes
Serve with crusty bread if available!

This was honestly a delicious dinner and I felt we got quite a good serving of various vegetables! Ryohei asked me if I would make it again which is usually the sign that he likes it lol!

I love soup in winter and I like getting a good serving of vegetables so I am more than happy to oblidge!


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Oh Sara darling… this is lovely! It looks so warm and inviting. The base looks delish!!! Oh please tell that is Garlic Bread?

pssst… I use the garlic from a tube too!!!

What a nice way to ring in the fall year (but feeling a bit stuff over here) Humid.

Have a fabulous night and weekend Sara = )

Looks delish! I`m going to try the recipe tonight as I happen to have all of those ingredients and I LOVE soup. Did you use chicken or veggie stock?

That looks fabulous!

I love soup based meals and it’s such a great way to get all your veggies in.

Soup freezes really well too so you can make a bit extra and put it away for when you don’t feel like cooking. I use it on days when the girls and I have eaten cereal for dinner and I need to produce something a little more normal diner foodish for DH. 🙂

Yummo! FH loves soup so i’m totally gonna make this for him!! You could even add some pasta (macaroni or seashells) or left over rice too!!

Wow, that looks delicious! We are heading into summer here so if I want to make it I better do it soon!

It has mainly vegies that i actually eat too which is good!hehe!!!

I have a tomato & eggplant soup recipe if you are interested!!!

My mum makes and awesome beef and barley soup also!!! Will have to get the recipe from her.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Late with replies! Sorry!!! :/

girl japan – Yes we had garlic bread I bought from the local bakery! Its buttery, garlic-ky and oh so good!

Tigermama – Did you end up making it? How did it turn out? I think the stock cube I used was vegetable broth!

Thefukases – Ohh good idea, I’ll have to freeze some… but how do you freeze soup?? Is just putting it in tupperware or something ok? (lol at cereal for dinner – sometimes I do/want to do that even now)

Jess – Good idea! I was actually going to add some rice… but thought my rice country born and raised husband might freak out… perhaps pasta would be a good introductory bridge 😉

Lulu – I LOVE soup so any recipes you have laying around would be totally great!! Please send them/post them! Hope you are having a good weekend!

That looks super delicious!!! Thanks for posting pics and the recipe!!

THAT looks yummy! I might have to give the recipe a go next weekend when I have some time.

I did make it that very night and it was fabulous. My kids both loved it too! I ended up using low-salt chicken broth as that`s all I had in the cupboard.

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