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Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I think I may have mentioned it in a previous post but I had a conference in Tokyo which I just got back from last night! It was work related so nothing exciting unfortunately… but I did have a pretty good trip out and met two new folks from my bloglist in real life! (woohoo)

Jo from jumping over board graciously hosted me at her apartment for two nights. I wish I would have made a better guest but I was pretty tired the whole time and ended up sleeping around 10pm each night. But we had a lot of fun and finally got around to making the cupcakes that we had planned on so long ago 🙂

Also since my conference ended early on Thursday I made my way to Kanagawa to spend an afternoon with T and K of TJKR. It was pretty miserable and rainy but she made a lovely lasagna from Cost Co which was heaven on earth and we had Cost Co muffins and tea! K was adorable as well!

So seeing those two was the highlight of my trip.
The conference (anyone who has been on JET knows what I am talking about) was not so fun. Blah… I hate to say it but I spent most of my time doodling on my notepad and spacing out while counting down the hours til I could leave.

I also managed to catch a bit of a cold which I was out in Tokyo. Of the sore throat and stuffy head variety.. thankfully I’ve been taking in easy since I got back and I’m not at work today so I was able to get about 12 hours of sleep and that helped a lot!!

For all you interested readers, a bit of a pregnancy update.
Nothing really exciting to speak of… I’m now almost 7 weeks and I’ve had a tiny bit of nasuea but nothing thats sent me running for the bathroom.. or trashcan. I’ve had some minor period type cramps as well but they usually disappear after about 5 minutes or so… besides that mostly just the complete exhasution is getting me. I’ve had about a billion people telling me recently you look so tired… lol Hmm besides that – I’m pretty much off sweets. Which if you know me, you would be completely surprised as I am a sweet-a-holic… but I’m much more into veggies and cheese at the moment.. more savory tastes. I had an absolutely fantastic herb chicken pita sandwich from Via De France (sp??) bakery yesterday which I highly recommend. I just am annoyed that they had to drench the bottom lettice in mayonaise! I HATE Japanese mayo with a passion and that is just increased in the last few weeks. I hate that it is so sweet… yuck!!

My appointment is next Weds. So less than a week until I can finally (hopefully!!) see my baby and his/her heartbeat. I think I just need something to make this all real since so far I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy.

Despite so much going on this month I haven’t really written very much. I think my December should be more low key so hopefully I will get some more posting in!

Anyways tonight is a Thanksgiving dinner being put on by a place in Osaka! Its a bit expensive but having a little bit of home away from home is priceless!!


Ryohei was off to a wedding in Tokyo today so I’m here all alone tonight. It’s fun for the first couple hours as I get to feed my TV addiction which is harder to do when he is here… but after a while it just gets sort of old and I find myself just bored.

I’ve tried to occupy myself by cleaning but that got boring really quick too… at least tommorrow I will be out of the house pretty much all day doing some English teaching.

I got my first (small) bout of nasuea today. It wasn’t too bad though, I’m expecting it to pick up a bit more in the coming weeks. To be honest there is absolutely nothing exciting about pregnancy this early on (to me) I don’t feel much different and there’s nothing showing or happening really. I wish I was more excited but I find myself feeling more ambivilent than anything. I hope this is normal. I’m assuming it is.. or maybe most people are so excited they stay on a buzz for all 40 weeks.. and I’m just a complete weirdo.

I went out with a bunch of friends on Thursday to the Zoo, and one brought her 2 month old son and she let me hold him for a bit.. and all I could think was in a year my baby will be OLDER than the baby I’m holding right now… it was a really weird feeling.

Oh no I’ve been tagged!! Gina from American Mommy in Japan tagged me for this meme. And seeing I’ve had time today I am obliging… of course I’m writing this from work so don’t mind of some of the answers are a little off. Oh, and this may also be baby heavy since that’s the only thing on my mind of late. (Sorry guys I really have only got a one track mind)

Outside my window… I work on one of the top floors of my (high rise) building so I have a wonderful view of the Kansai skyline. Osaka Bay, Kobe, and more. I love looking at it when I have the time, I don’t sit near the window so I have to get up and do it but when I do its worth it and it relaxes me!

I am thinking… about what to have for lunch. It’s a hard choice and I try and eat a variety of things but lately I haven’t really had an appetite. Ryohei has his day off today so he’s coming to meet me and we will eat somewhere together…

I am thankful for…
my wonderful husband, my friends both online and offline, my health, the fact that Ryohei was able to get a job, the fact we were able to create a hopefully healthy baby without issue…

From the kitchen… obviously nothing right now, but I WILL be making homemade cornbread from scratch for a Thanksgiving party I will be attending on Monday! I looooove baking I can’t wait to get a “real” oven instead of the microwave/oven contraption I have to deal with now.

I am wearing… green sweater, black skirt, and sparkly black stockings

I am creating… a mini human being! Wow, how cool is that!

I am going… to be soooo busy for the next week or two. But I guess more about that in the plans for the rest of the week. Today and Friday are my last non-busy days for a while.

I am reading… “Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy” a pass me down from a good friend

I am hoping… that my baby is healthy and growing well… I still haven’t had a scan yet (2 weeks from today) so part of me is wondering if everything is ok since I haven’t had anything horrible happening symptom wise (but no scary bleeding or cramping to worry me either)…

I am hearing… clicking of keyboards and muffled chatting of office workers behind me – in Japanese so completely tuning it out!

Around the house… needs cleaning – big time. Really really really needs cleaning especially since Nay and Naoki will be coming to stay for two nights the first week of December. However I think that its going to be put off until the day before that happens or so!

One of my favorite things… is that Starbucks is having their winter drinks now!! I love the gingerbread latte it reminds me of home… however… I’m really trying to avoid caffine at all costs right now (although I may indulge once a week)… but I love the holiday feeling of home and sitting in Starbucks and listening to the carols it is so great!

A few plans for the rest of the week… busy busy busy. Tomorrow I’m taking a day off work to go to the Tennoji Zoo with some girlfriends, Friday – nothing, Saturday – meeting up with some friends in Osaka, Sunday – going to an ECC junior party (yay extra cash), Monday – Thankgiving party at a friends house in the morning/afternoon AND going out with a co-worker of Ryoheis at night, Tuesday – off to Tokyo for a business conference and staying with the lovely Jo until Thursday! Friday – probably working a half day and then ANOTHER Thanksgiving event at night!!

I told you I am BUSY (in a good way) But yah this is a very unusual week for me

Here is picture thought I am sharing..

This the lovely birthday cake that Nay and Naoki had for me when I visited last month!! I don’t think I ever put up a proper picture of it! It was soooo delicious and sweet of them to get it for me!

I am tagging… I’m pretty sure most people have been tagged by now but I’m going to tag both Jess in New Zealand and Jess in China! Ohohohohoho~

If I was described by a letter lately it would have to be the letter “Z”
I have been so utterly tired the last couple weeks. Yes I realize that it is for a good reason, but wow its really amazing just how exhausted I’ve become. Of course you think with all the exhaustion I’d be sleeping like a log but I have been tossing and turning recently as well.

Once I get to sleep its AWESOME but until I do its been 2-3 hours of insomniac tossing and turning followed be intermittent cramps and (TMI) gas pains. >_<

Yah – but you all didn’t come here to listen to me talk about this right?

So we, or well Ryohei, told his parents last night that I’m pregnant. It went pretty much as we expected.. surprise and worry. I’ve mentioned before his parents are slightly pessimestic, supposedly an inaka thing. But I think they were happy for us? Probably a shock to be told you will be grandparents, this baby is the first on both sides, not just siblings but cousins as well… I’m not sure how my party loving mom will take the news she’s becoming a grandmother, but I’m waiting a little while to spill the beans to her, because I fear not a soul will be left who doesn’t know afterwards.

Also, Ryohei told his parents that we’ll most likely be speaking English with the baby at home, and their first worry was that they won’t be able to communicate with the grand baby. But Ryohei assured them it would be fine and that if the baby couldn’t speak English it wouldn’t be able to communicate with my family (Yay! Good points for him!)

Anyways we’ve come to the conclusion we’ll be staying with them for a bit longer than we earlier planned. Ryohei and I were planning to get our own apartment in July, but since the baby is due mid-late July I think that would just be too much – plus August is the worst month of the year in Japan and I’m not sure how excited I am about doing all chores/taking care of a newborn etc during that time.

Not sure exactly how the logistics will work out, but we’ll probably start renting the apartment from September and Ryohei and his Dad/work buddies will move us in during the weekend(s) and we’ll start living there from end of Sept/beginning of Oct.

We will NOT NOT NOT be living with inlaws any longer than that… (famous last words – but both Ryohei and I are firmly agreed on that)

I’m going in for my first scan on December 3rd! Hopefully the baby will be big enough to see the heartbeat by then. It still doesn’t feel real so it would be really nice to have some “proof.”

There is a LOT going on the next three weeks… heres hoping energy levels keep up with me! After the first weekend of Dec. things are pretty low key for the next couple months!

PS – I had my first case of preggie brain!! I was taking Ryohei’s lap top in for repairs yesterday and left it on the TRAIN!!! Thankfully the last stop was only one away and someone turned it in, but it was an AWFUL feeling. I really need to be more careful….

EDIT: After recieving Sarah’s comment I’ve decided to explain some of the reasoning behind our choice to live with the inlaws since its obviously not something that most sane foreign wives would choose of their own will. Before I found out I was pregnant, we had planned to have Ryohei live with his parents from April until end of June and both of us would get an apartment in Nagaoka (about 1 hour drive from his parents) in July.

However on finding out our happy (but unexpectedly fast news) we reconsidered moving for a few reasons.

So far my realtionship with the in-laws is pretty good. They have been pretty hands off so far. No real issues yet and I usually try not to write people off without a chance since they are jellybeans obachan and ojichan. But the situation is favorable for a few reasons.

1. I really don’t feel comfortable moving into a new apartment in a city where I know no one. All the baby message boards and advice pages say if you have family or a support network nearby to take advantage of it especially in the first month or two after a new baby. Since this is my first and I have no idea what to expect it would be nice to have someone who has done it before around…

2. Thankfully – my in-laws both work pretty much full time, which means that I will have some space as well. If MIL was a housewife this would have totally been strike agaisnt going there, but knowing that mostly when they are home Ryohei will be there as well is encouranging. Ryohei thinks some Japanese stuff is “crock” and he’s very open with them on if they are crossing a line or not.

3. Since the in-laws pretty much will let us stay rent free those two extra months will really help us in saving up not only for appliances and stuff when we move but also for me to buy a ticket for the baby and I to go to America from around Thanksgiving to Christmas next year. It wouldn’t be affordable any other way and for this reason alone I would put up with 1 month and a halfs worth of annoyance. I haven’t had Christmas at home since I came to Japan and I would love to have Babies 1st Christmas with my parents, grandparents, brothers etc…

Anyways… thats our thoughts for now. Theres still a long long time between then and now and if we find a MUST HAVE apartment that won’t be around later than maybe the sacrfice will be worth it.

Once it starts cooling down the baby will about 6 weeks or so and I think I’ll be getting a hold on things and able to go it alone. Once we move though, we will be pretty far from PIL so we probably will only be seeing them one weekend a month or so…

Hmm… anyways

Any other parent in law horror stories?

I have been debating over the timing of this post for a few days now.
This being the first time and all, I really have no idea what to expect and in all honesty there really isn’t anything else I feel like writing about of late. Life has pretty much been totally boring with a side of disappointment whenever I think about how crappily my ventures into translation are going. But lets NOT thing of that…

Anyways some of you may know for various reasons, but I found out last week that I am pregnant. (cue gasps of horror and perhaps excitement) A little bit shocked that on the first go it happened, I was expecting months, maybe even years of trying – but I guess that we are lucky?

Anyways jellybean is still fairly new but I don’t have any reason to think it will be going anywhere, but still i thought maybe I should wait longer… but then again I know if something does happen this would be the one place that I want to talk about it.

Surprisingly in the last week or so that I’ve known I’ve gotten pretty much all my c*** together. I have a clinic here in Kobe, one in Niigata, and pretty much figured out the logistics of what will be happening after our move. (Means a bit longer stay at the in-laws than I was expecting, but I’m not too worried about it)

I feel comfortable posting here, but I’d really like this to stay off facebook since I have family and friends (and exs) on there that I’m not quite ready to face the barage of questions and comments. So please respect my wishes and keep any comments to this blog or to private type messages.

I’m afraid that this blog may be taken over by pregnancy and baby related posts now and that perhaps some people won’t want to read that kind of stuff…

Oh by the way, I’m due on July 21 (Umi no Hi) and I have no gut instincts either way on what little jellybean will be. Ryohei is over the moon and always tells me belly “I’m off to work” and “Good night” Very cute! Also – no horrible symptoms or morning sickness of yet but its still pretty early!

Honestly, reality hasn’t set in yet… so I guess its a good thing I still have about 8 months left to get used to it all.

Once again my creativity has been stripped and the days of boring and hum drum posting resumes. It marvels me just how boring my life has become. Despite being completely and utterly exhasusted the last few days due to work, at least it was something to do – although it wouldn’t make really exciting reading material.

Besides that its the same old – work, eat, sleep. Weekends are better because at least I can see people then. Most of my weekends to come are filled with exciting plans with friends.

Its all very bitter sweet though, when I think about moving now I get so sad. Even about 6 months ago I hardly had any friends in the area, so the prospect of moving seemed pretty good to me, a fresh start etc… now I’ve met so many people in the last half year that the thought of leaving and maybe only being able to return once, maybe twice a year is so sad.

I’ve made my peace with going to Niigata (at least for the next 2-3 years and then we will see) and most of the things that I need can be found within Nagaoka City… I just get so jealous reading about people going to English/Billingual playgoups and having foreign wive lunches etc in the area knowing all the while for me to join in any of those activities it will take at least 2-3 hour train trips and 2000 or so yen. I guess I’m really going to have to have some kind of income coming in just so I can keep myself social (aka sane)

I don’t hate Japan, and I don’t mind all the “foreigness” that it takes to live here… as long as I don’t feel like I’m the only blue fish in a sea of red ones.

Wow… its been a long time since I updated… not just hastily posted up a picture of a crayon. I have had the work week from hell.

The last 6 days or so we’ve had a group of 70 people from Europe visiting and pretty much I’ve been pulling “Japanese hours” aka working at least 14-16 hours a day including weekends!! (ARRGG!!)

Well thankfully today is the last of it. I am now going to the second “see off” day. Yes there were two.. so that meant getting up almost an hour earlier than usual. *sigh*
Oh well.

Lately has been so uneventful.
I’ve been LOVING sweet potatos lately though and in the last week or so have made two sweet potato stew/soups.

Dutch Apple Juice Based Tomato and Sweet Potato Stew

Winter Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup (with crusty bread!)

Yummm I love cooking in winter and fall because I like hearty foods.

This month is going by fast! The next two weeks are semi uneventful, but then I will be off to Tokyo for a business meeting and meeting up with two blog friends!!! Yay!

Also Thanksgiving is coming up and we have plans to go out with some friends for Thanksgiving dinner, same as last year.

Ok gotta be out the door in three mins!!