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Lonely Saturday Night

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Ryohei was off to a wedding in Tokyo today so I’m here all alone tonight. It’s fun for the first couple hours as I get to feed my TV addiction which is harder to do when he is here… but after a while it just gets sort of old and I find myself just bored.

I’ve tried to occupy myself by cleaning but that got boring really quick too… at least tommorrow I will be out of the house pretty much all day doing some English teaching.

I got my first (small) bout of nasuea today. It wasn’t too bad though, I’m expecting it to pick up a bit more in the coming weeks. To be honest there is absolutely nothing exciting about pregnancy this early on (to me) I don’t feel much different and there’s nothing showing or happening really. I wish I was more excited but I find myself feeling more ambivilent than anything. I hope this is normal. I’m assuming it is.. or maybe most people are so excited they stay on a buzz for all 40 weeks.. and I’m just a complete weirdo.

I went out with a bunch of friends on Thursday to the Zoo, and one brought her 2 month old son and she let me hold him for a bit.. and all I could think was in a year my baby will be OLDER than the baby I’m holding right now… it was a really weird feeling.


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Oh man. First few months of my first pregnancy? total disappointment. Don’t look different, don’t feel different. Sore breasts? Yup, because I squeezed them every 30 seconds to see if they were sore yet! Constant tiredness? Yup. Because I spent most night searching pregnancy stuff on the net until all hours, etc etc.

My advice is to join a babyclub. I joined babyworld and next thing you know I’ve got 30 people going through the same stuff I am, all due at the same time!

Feeding the tv addiction sounds like fun though!! Although I suppose it is always nicer to have company.

Is Ryo back tonight?

Can`t comment on the “no different” feeling for pregnancy- I guess though as long as you don`t have full on morning sickness you are pretty lucky. Hopefully you will make it through your first trimester without any!!!

I think it is pretty common to feel ambivalent at first. 9 months seems like a REALLY long time and it is really hard, or at least it was for me, to conceptualize that there is an actual person growing inside you.

I would definitely join an online birth group, especially for your first baby. For me it was really comforting seeing other people going through same things, having the same worries, and asking the same questions. In the first weeks I think having that group also made it feel more real and helped me get a bit excited about things.

Ryohei must be back by now, so I hope you’re feeling a little less lonely!

The first few months were less than ecstatic for me. I suffered from terrible nausea from about the 6th week to 13th week. At that point I was so sick and miserable that I just couldn’t even muster the strength to be happy about the whole thing. (Hopefully, you won’t have that!) And of course I wasn’t showing and there was no positive feedback so to speak. I did no shopping, no blabbering to friends and family about choosing baby names – none of that. I couldn’t understand all the excitement about pregnancy.

Then sometime in the 2nd trimester though, not only did I start to feel really good (!) but I could feel the baby moving and suddenly it was a totally different experience! It was fun, I was starting to show – I was happy. Despite how terrible I felt in the 1st trimester, the 2nd and 3rd was so wonderful for me that I’d gladly do it all over again.

40 weeks can feel like a VERY long time and I echo the sentiments. Find a group, real or virtual, to join other first-time moms. Makes it more fun!

I think everyone know how you feel! The first few months don’t feel like there’s a baby in there. The only indication you might have is puking and/or being bloated. 🙂 But one day your belly will pop out and you’ll get that pregnancy glow (I never did, but I think that everyone else does!). Definitely join a pregnancy group (I joined Pregnancy Weekly) and get on a birth buddy forum. You’ll be able to get in touch with women who are going through the same things you are…it’s a real goldmine of information!

Boy am I ever behind on blog reading- its hard enough keeping up with writing on my own (you’ll know what I mean soon- actually I wouldn’t even worry about that translation job thing right now, with the baby around you won’t have time for it anyways- later will be better 🙂 I’m soooo excited for you and soooo looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey and then foray into motherhood. I joined i_am_pregnant.com and loved that site and totally recommend it. When I was pregnant I only wanted to read books about pregnancy and babies (movies too). Girlfriends Guides are all great (motherhood and toddler ones too). There’s also Belly Laughs and the followup Baby Laughs? Jenny something. Get Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth- lots of positive birth stories. Zygote Chronicles was a good read too. You can also look over my blog entries from last year this time- I was just a month ahead of you 🙂 Enjoy! And everytime you feel bored or lonely just know that by this time next year you will have someone around who won’t want to let you out of his or her sight 🙂 Congrats again!!!!!!!

PS I love gingerbread lattes too and missed them last year.
PPS- Natural Childbirth is not as bad as Vicky Iovine insists 🙂

HOW EXCITING!!!! I just read your comment and quickly clicked over to your area of the web!!!A big congratulations and I can’t wait to meet you, Ryohei and baby in the coming year.
Happy Pregnancy!!!!

I noticed on a previous post (catching up sorry) that niigata city is a couple of hours away and 2000 yen but the 2000yen s-kippu includes Shinkansen and that takes only 25min. Rest assured your baby has playmates not so far away.

I think that not feeling any different for the first little while of pregnancy is a good thing. I was really sick from around week 4 until just after week 20 and lost about 13kgs in weight. I had nausea before the pregnancy was confirmed at the doctors and joked to Jenn that if I wasn’t pregnant I was suffering from a very serious illness. I agree that you should find a baby group as that will make you feel more pregnant and don’t forget that FWC is always a good place to talk about baby thoughts as the majority of people have “been there, done that”..

I agree with what the others have said too Sara.

But the reason I am commenting is that I was just wanting to check on you and to see how you are feeling this week, how the baby is doing and if you have had any nausea (just checking on ya basically : ). And to also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. : )
Just read on Jo’s you are celebrating it tonight, so I wanted to wish a, Happy belated holiday to you, my friend! : )

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