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A LONG week…

Posted on: November 28, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I think I may have mentioned it in a previous post but I had a conference in Tokyo which I just got back from last night! It was work related so nothing exciting unfortunately… but I did have a pretty good trip out and met two new folks from my bloglist in real life! (woohoo)

Jo from jumping over board graciously hosted me at her apartment for two nights. I wish I would have made a better guest but I was pretty tired the whole time and ended up sleeping around 10pm each night. But we had a lot of fun and finally got around to making the cupcakes that we had planned on so long ago 🙂

Also since my conference ended early on Thursday I made my way to Kanagawa to spend an afternoon with T and K of TJKR. It was pretty miserable and rainy but she made a lovely lasagna from Cost Co which was heaven on earth and we had Cost Co muffins and tea! K was adorable as well!

So seeing those two was the highlight of my trip.
The conference (anyone who has been on JET knows what I am talking about) was not so fun. Blah… I hate to say it but I spent most of my time doodling on my notepad and spacing out while counting down the hours til I could leave.

I also managed to catch a bit of a cold which I was out in Tokyo. Of the sore throat and stuffy head variety.. thankfully I’ve been taking in easy since I got back and I’m not at work today so I was able to get about 12 hours of sleep and that helped a lot!!

For all you interested readers, a bit of a pregnancy update.
Nothing really exciting to speak of… I’m now almost 7 weeks and I’ve had a tiny bit of nasuea but nothing thats sent me running for the bathroom.. or trashcan. I’ve had some minor period type cramps as well but they usually disappear after about 5 minutes or so… besides that mostly just the complete exhasution is getting me. I’ve had about a billion people telling me recently you look so tired… lol Hmm besides that – I’m pretty much off sweets. Which if you know me, you would be completely surprised as I am a sweet-a-holic… but I’m much more into veggies and cheese at the moment.. more savory tastes. I had an absolutely fantastic herb chicken pita sandwich from Via De France (sp??) bakery yesterday which I highly recommend. I just am annoyed that they had to drench the bottom lettice in mayonaise! I HATE Japanese mayo with a passion and that is just increased in the last few weeks. I hate that it is so sweet… yuck!!

My appointment is next Weds. So less than a week until I can finally (hopefully!!) see my baby and his/her heartbeat. I think I just need something to make this all real since so far I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy.

Despite so much going on this month I haven’t really written very much. I think my December should be more low key so hopefully I will get some more posting in!

Anyways tonight is a Thanksgiving dinner being put on by a place in Osaka! Its a bit expensive but having a little bit of home away from home is priceless!!


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was great having you! no worries, you were a great house guest and we finally got to make yummy cupcakes too! next up? niigata! 😉

Good to hear that you’re feeling well. I’ve also got a major sweet-tooth but couldn’t tolerate sweets at all during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Eggs and cheese were my best friends 🙂

Hope your Thanksgiving dinner is delicious!

Sounds tiring even without the pregnancy, I don’t blame you for not updating the blog!

Hopefully your pregnancy stays relatively easy, at least for the 1st trimester. I found the 3rd trimester to be the worst just because I was so huge and uncomfortable at that point, but really my whole pregnancy was relatively easy, which was nice for my first. Good luck on Wednesday, be sure to update us afterwards!

As a proud aunt of the jellybean I really hope you will share your scan picture! Best of luck to you & Ryohei.

Sorry the conference was kind of crappy but glad to hear you had fun meeting T & Jo!! Very Jealous! I want to meet them both!!! T might be soon though!!!

I am always a cheese fiend…not sure what will happen when I get pregnant!

Finally getting around to replies!

Jo – You were a lovely host! Yup, next time is Niigata I suppose!

Coffeegrl – Yah, I am the biggest sweet-a-holic so this is very weird! But I have to say I’m probably eating better than I have in a longer time (minus ice cream – the one sweet I like- and other bad salty things!)

Jessica- Yah things are easy… almost too easy… I’m thinking maybe in the next couple weeks it should start to hit.. or not! We’ll see!!

Lulu – Of course I will be posting pictures.. or at least sending them! Hahah, don’t think 7 weeks is going to be anything exciting tho!

I heard you will be meeting T soon! She and K are both lovely!! I’m sure you will have a great time.

Thank you for coming out to visit us – K was totally taken with you (as you would have guessed by the howls when I took her away for nap time, haha), and I really enjoyed chatting with you over our costco feast.

I hope I can live up to my glowing reputation (she says with a cheeky grin) when I meet Lulu haha.

Good luck for your check up next week. looking forward to more pregnancy stories. FWIW, I really enjoyed being pregnant for the whole time, but I didn’t get any nausea, just really tired 1st trimester. try to sleep as much as you can (it will never be enough, though, haha)

T, working hard to finish off the rest of the costco muffins before we leave on Wednesday (suffice to say that the chocolate ones are all well and trully gone!)

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