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Trying to be Christmas-y

Posted on: December 13, 2008

I am trying my darndest to get in the holiday spirit at the moment. But feel like I’m lacking quite a bit. Since I realized I don’t have any sort of Christmas music on my computer I’ve turned to the power of online radio and am currently listening to the Christmas Music 24/7 channel. Hoping that it helps… and it does, even just listening to the music brings me back to Jr. High/High School when I would put them on my radio boom box and listen to them all night long.

Gah, I miss home so much right now. I have tiny bouts of homesickness through out the year… although I’m not sure if its homesickness or longing for the past. I miss University a lot but not so much the high school period. But even though my University was 7 hours away by plane I always came home for Christmas. So thats really the one time I’ve ALWAYS spent at home… well except for the 4 years I’ve been in Japan. So next year I think I need to go home. I just can’t seem to get Christmas-y by myself and Ryohei’s really no help with that although I was surprised to learn that his parents gave him and his brother a Christmas present each year. Seems sort of unusual for a Japanese family.

I guess once babes is here I’m going to have to try and infuse some sort of of Christmas spirit or else go home. I suppose I’ll need to buy a tree and get some decorations/lights at some point. I do miss “real” Christmas trees though. When Nay and Naoki were here on the way home one day some foreign guy had a tiny mini real Christmas tree which I could smell and it just made me sooooo nostaligic for home and going to pick out our Christmas tree from the big Target parking lot.

I need some cocoa… with some hard liquor… (just kidding…)


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Hey Sarah.. cheer up!!! I used to organize some things for a radio station and have some Christmas music.. I can send you a CD with all the traditional and some new = )

BTW what is your favorite Christmas movie?

Hey Sarah.. cheer up!!! I used to organize some things for a radio station and have some Christmas music.. I can send you a CD with all the traditional and some new = )

BTW what is your favorite Christmas movie?

It’s difficult to get into the christmas spirit here…

And it makes me homesick too…

I guess everyone feels like this at this time of the year!

I’m sure that when your little one is here you will be able to make your own family christmas traditions, that being ‘going home’ or making your own here!!

I never missed Christmas back home as much as I did last year, when Dylan spent his first Christmas in China. I think for the first few years it was kind of novel to be in a country where the holiday meant something completely different. I always found the way people spend Christmas in China to be completely disassociated from the way Christmas is actually spent in the West, almost an entirely different holiday, which bugged me sometimes, but it did make it easier, in a way, to not be as nostalgic about it. But things change when you have kids, and even though I’m pretty non-religious, I’m with you on wanting my son to get in on the Christmas spirit. I think trips home for Christmas are a great idea, if they’re feasible. My family would be over the moon if I decided to bring WY and D home for Christmas too, although I’d like to do it when D isn’t still such a baby and can sort of get what is going on (at 14 months he isn’t really into the Christmas spirit either, I’m afraid!).

i took hiro home for christmas three years ago. he was 13 months old and though he didn’t really ‘get’ christmas, my friends and family were really happy to meet him, and to see me. he and i had a *fabulous* time!! *sigh* less christmases home, now, which can be a kind of family planning….

costco (fukuoka) had real trees when i was there last monday. gorgeous wreaths, too.

also, that’s my favorite online holiday radio station, too!

Girl Japan – Thanks! Haven’t heard from you for a while since you were traveling! My favorite Christmas movie is hmm… Home Alone maybe ;P Not the most sweet but it sure was fun when I was younger!

Nay – I get tiny patches of homesickness through out the year but this is big one. Last year wasn’t so bad because I was so excited about Ryohei moving in, but this year for sure I am bumming. Oh well.. next year I WILL go home. You must be excited about having your mum and nephew up though!!

Jessica – Yah mine will only be what.. 4-5 months at Christmas next year so its more for Mommy than baby lol. But hopefully when he/she is around 2-3 we can go again and they will start getting into it. Its funny things do change when kids are in the picture. In Japan there are some fun holidays for kids but they seem unfamiliar to me so I want to infuse some of my childhood experiences in as well.

I hope you guys can manage the trip sometime since I’m sure it would be a wonderful memory for all three of you.

Illahee – Ohh yah I’m sure it must have been great for everyone. Hopefully some day you will be able to swing another trip home but with 3 kids I’m sure it must be difficult not only cost wise but logistics as well.

I so so so wish they would make a cost co in Niigata… maybe someday 😦

I’m still listening to Christmas Carols pretending I’m at home and not in my boring Japanese apartment. lol

Sarah, I am home in Australia and still not really into the Christmas spirit yet. I have finished the shopping though and have organized what we will be taking to Christmas lunch and am also currently listening to Christmas music (Christmas Songs in Bossa- great cd!)

I was home last Christmas but I arrived on the 23 or 24 i think and then Christmas was the next day so didn`t have much time to get into the spirit but it was good all the same.

I am trying to be enthusiastic for Shun`s sake- it is his first Aussie Christmas. I think Christmas Eve etc things will hit…

I totally recommend creating your own traditions with Ryohei & the jellybean. Shun & I had a couple for our Christmas` together and I am sure they will grow into something more the more and more Christmas` we have together.

That said, I would love love love to be able to bring my future kids to Aust. for Christmas everyyear but I know it won`t be feasible- we have decided to aim every second year so that every other second year they can spend new years with their Japanese grandparents as that is an important family holiday for them!

Hope the Chistmas spirit hits you soon!

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