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Jellybean to Gummibear

Posted on: December 28, 2008

Had our second appointment at the OB today.
Its been over 3 weeks since our last one so needless to say I was a little bit nervous about what would be in there. You read a lot about late 1st trimester missed miscarrages but it seems the little one is doing fine! He/she has even more than doubled in size since the last time that we went to visit.

And what was really awesome is that it looks more baby like now. It was sort of hard to get all mushy about a blobby bean, but this new gummibear looking baby is kinda cute. Hehe.

Anyways doctor says baby is healthy and we should come at the end of next month. I also got my blood taken which cost me a lot more than I wish to recall. *sigh* for non insurance covered births/prenatal appointments in Japan.

I had a few throwing up episodes last week but that seems to have gotten better recently. I have this whole week off so I guess I’ll just spend it trying to relax and stay warm.

Alright, my latest shot!!

Kawaii desho!


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Oh look at it- It is just so cute!

Glad all went well & that the jellybean (or gummibear) is doing well- and how lucky are you to have had your morning sickness subside after a week.

How much did they charge you to take blood? So not looking forward to the expensiveness of giving birth in Japan! That said, I don`t have private insurance in Australia anymore as they cut me off when I was in Japan and turned 21 as because I was no longer a student I couldn`t be covered under my parents cover.

Very unlikely that I will be pregnant while you are pregnant but might be when your bub is about 6 months old (I hope!) so they could still be playmates perhaps, at least when they get a little older.

Lovely to get a post from you Sarah!!!

I don’t have insurance here either — it sucks! In Kunming things were cheap, but here in Beijing, ugh, so expensive, especially since we’re forced to get Dylan’s vaccinations (which should be free, by the way), at the international hospital, which costs a bundle. Will you and your baby be covered under your husband’s job once you move? OB care is expensive, but it’s just the beginning!

Glad to see your U/S pics, it is fun to see a more baby-like baby. The next U/S should be fun, are you planning on finding out the sex? Will you be able to tell by then?

prenatal visits are expensive but supposedly getting cheaper from April – or rather we will get more free coupons. You should have gotten a book with a couple of free coupons in it when you got your mother child plunket type handbook from the city office. The coupons only specify the months you have to be – ie; first six months etc. I didn’t know this first time round and my bloods visit cost about 7,000 yen. Definately using a coupan this time!!

Aww It is a gummybear, congrats! Very cute. You must be so excited to be getting out of the first trimester, I’m so jealous. Still halfway to go…

Japan charges way too much for this kind of thing, in Canada it would be free. Oh well…

Take care of yourself and the baby!

Awesome the bean is healthy and thriving! Did you get to see/hear the heart beat too?

I am loving the latest pic of the jellybean! Glad to hear all is well!!! 😀 Happy New Year! : )

Wow – it’s amazing how much the ultrasound pictures show the change as they get bigger! Sorry to hear you had some morning sickness again. Hope you’re feeling better already!

Great pic!

I am totally going to follow up with you on Facebook! BUT YAY you got my package.. Yippe = )

I am overjoyed to see the photo of little bean.. gummy bear and all the other adorable names!!! Soon you’ll wake up every day to see a smiling face, smiling back (and well asking for HUGE amounts of milk).

Now you begin a new adventure in learning that true happiness.

Soon Those nine long months have will have ended and the result is your beautiful baby.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy every minute.

I am so late in commmenting… but your jellybean is just the cutest jellybean I have ever seen!! I can’t believe how much he/she has grown since your last appointment. It must be a magical experience seeing your own little baby on the screen… I can’t wait to be able to experience it too!

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