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New Year

Posted on: January 4, 2009

First off, Happy New Year to all those who read my blog!

I have been off work for the past 8 days and loving it… not so much loving sitting around the house most of the time as it seems that is what most of my vacation has consisted of… but with Ryohei working every day except Weds. and Fri. and most people being busy for the holidays AND being too sick to my stomach and cold to want to venture out much on my own – I guess that all the cards were stacked agaisnt me. This year we really didn’t do anything to celebrate – well we did have toshikoshi soba which is a traditional thing to eat on New Years Eve and it was pretty good actually – it spurred within me a craving for soba but I bought a different brand the next night and was totally put off. Apparently I only like the most expensive stuff in the store. (lol)

When I think about going back to work tomorrow I cringe inwardly… and outwardly too. I think that having this week off has been so nice. I could lie down and relax and not have to worry about work stuff and sitting at my desk to do nothing for 7 hours a day. This coming week will be busy though, my division is helping with this huge international New Years party this week which means overtime and heavy duty interpretation… not my idea of fun.

But only 5 months left ’til I go on maternity leave/quit… and then the only one I have to answer to for the foreseeable future is the baby.

Speaking of… Friday (Ryohei’s day off) we trekked out to Nara prefecture to visit a friend who just had a baby. He was less than 2 weeks old and cute, tiny, and so light! It was hard to believe that in only a few months we are going to have one as well. It seems totally unfathomable. But in a way it made me feel a bit better… to be honest being around newborns is so scary for me, I feel like I’m going to do something wrong but after being around him a little bit I started to feel more comfortable and looking forward to being able to cuddle my own. Ryohei obviously has none of these issues and was fine from the get go…

I guess my “morning sickness” if you can call it that has really kicked in the last couple weeks. Although it seems pretty weird to me. Many people I’ve talked to said “I felt pretty horrible most of the time but I never threw up.” Where as in my case, I feel mildly naseaous especially in the morning and whenever I’m hungry but then a lot of times out of the blue I’ll just throw up. (Although I haven’t for almost a week now)

Very strange…

Ok well time to maybe go back to sleep… or not… I should get used to waking up early I have woooooooork tomorrow! (cry)


3 Responses to "New Year"

I go back to work tomorrow too! I don`t want to go 😦

Happy New Year1 2009 is set to be a very exciting & busy year for you Sara- with a trip home, finishing work, moving to Niigata & having a baby. Jam-packed!!!

Nora-chan`s bub? How exciting!!!! I want to meet him! I can`t wait to meet your bub too in July!

Hope going back to work tomorrow isn`t too bad- at least after having some time off there might be a bit more for you to do! Hope the days go quick!

You know, as much as I had lots of experience babysitting little kids when I was a teen myself, I was never around the wee, tiny ones (i.e. under 6 months old). So having my own was something of a shock! But it sounds like you’re adjusting already 🙂

Happy New Year! May 2009 be wonderful to you!

Lulu – Thanks! I’m at work right now feeling tiiiired. I couldn’t sleep at all last night and its starting to take its toll. Yes the baby I saw was Nora-chans! He was so cute!!

Coffeegrl – I hope so! I did a lot of baby sitting too… I feel pretty good with the 2 and up set but little ones… I guess its just touch and go right!! Happy New Year to you!! I hope we can find a chance to get together again before too long!

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