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About time!!!!

Posted on: January 6, 2009

I’ve been posting quite a bit lately! Woo hoo! But oh my gosh I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself. As I think I grumbled about here, Ryohei had basically no holidays over New Years which pretty much meant doing absolutely nothing the whole 9 days off. So when he told me he got both Sunday and Monday off of this coming 3 day weekend we knew that we had to do something because this is a rare chance for the two of us.

Ryohei has been dying to eat something called Botan Nabe. In other words a nabe (hot pot) dish using the meat of wild boar. Apparently the Kansai area is very famous for it and he wants to have a chance to eat it while the area is still easily accessible. For me, I am dying to get away from the apartment for a night. I am so sick of looking at the same scenery and sleeping in the same bed. I wanted more than anything to go somewhere over New Years break.

And so we have found the best of both worlds – a ryokan (Japanese inn) that is known for its Botan Nabe located about an hour and a half or so by train. I just made the reservations and now I am almost giddy with excitement!! This weekend the two of us will get to have a romantic get away to the countryside and stay in a luxurious inn while eating awesome food. I accidentally reserved the most expensive plan coming with boar meat yakiniku and some salt roasted river fish – but honestly we deserve it. The two of us have not had any vacation like this for… I can’t remember how long. Probably the last time we went to a ryokan almost 2 years ago… and with the baby on the way this might be our last chance as a couple to enjoy a place like that alone for a long time.

Anyways I am so so so so so so so excited! It IS a little pricey which is why we haven’t visited one up until now especially with Ryohei not working most of last year but this isn’t about money anymore – in the everyday bustle it seems like we haven’t had any real couple time and hopefully this will be a boost to that.

I haven’t told Ryohei I reserved the place yet, we only just talked about last night before going to bed but I bet he will be so excited. I can’t wait to see his face!! Don’t worry I will be bringing the camera for sure to share the fun with all you here!!

Only 5 days!!! I can not not not not not not wait!


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Sounds fantastic! And don’t be too sure about not being able to enjoy a break like that post baby; babies make pretty good travellers and my oldest has always loved ryokans and onsens.So you never know,this time next year the 3 of you may well be able to enjoy the same luxury:)

Marianne – Ohh thats true!! Ryokans are one of my favorite parts of Japan so I would be happy to indulge and visit with baby on board! Seems like it would be a little less relaxing than just a romantic couples vacation though! 😛

I am loving this regular posting!

The weekend away at a ryokan, eating nabe sounds awesome!!!! How exciting.
What is the area?? Do they have onsen? Can you go in onsen when you are pregnant? I guess it may be a bit hot- you could always dangle your feet!

This is how I feel about the honeymoon I think- our last romantic getaway for awhile I am sure as we will have to save pennies once we return to Japan!

Lulu – We haven’t gotten to have a honeymoon yet… maybe someday. Oh well we are happy to do the “child raising” part and then from our early 50s do the world traveling part 🙂

Not sure about the onsen while pregnant they have a “hot” one and a “warm” one so I might try to go in the warm one for a couple of minutes. From what I’ve heard pregnant Japanese women go in onsen quite a bit… not sure though! I’m looking forward to the food and the pretty scenery more than bathing! Hehe

My husband and I did our “last hurrah” when I was about 6 months pregnant with Dylan and it was awesome! Definitely a good idea to get away just the two of you before the baby gets here. We’ve taken lots of trips with Dylan, but that was our last romantic getaway just the two of us to date and Dylan is now 14 months! So have fun, and post lots and lots of pictures!

I’m so happy to hear that you guys are getting away for the weekend. A weekend of onsen and yummy food just sounds divine!! I hope you both have a wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! Enjoy your romantic weekend away!

Jessica – Thanks!!! Out of curiousity what did the two of you do?

Nay – Haha… I hope it will be romantic!! It supposed to rain and be really cold but it might be far up enough north to snow!! How fun would that be… watching snowflakes from the bath!!

We should do an onsen ryoko sometime when Lulu gets back 😀 There are tons of nice places up in Niigata!

Sara — we went to Dali, a great little town about 4 hours away from Kunming. It was June, so we actually could do some outdoorsy stuff and ended up hiking around the huge lake that Dali sits on. I was pretty surprised how much physical activity I was up for in the second trimester, I really felt pretty good.

Jess – ohhhh! sounds like fun!! i love hiking and the like. I guess thats one good thing about where we are moving, lots of outdoors activities. I’m hoping we’ll maybe fit one more “trip” in between when I quit work and when the baby comes but by then I’ll be into 3rd trimester and more sluggish!

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