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Posted on: January 8, 2009

Another post – sorry if its boring! The last couple weeks I lost my “voice” but it seems back with avengence in the new year.

So what is new.. not much since my last post. Except the countdown until our trip is now only 2 sleeps away! I am still really looking forward to it, especially as it may SNOW up in that area during the day we are there! As long as I am in a comfy room with a warm futon thats fine with me!!

Also.. I seem to be getting a bit of (small) bump. I think that no one besides myself or Ryohei has noticed it yet but its definitely there. I guess that its about time since I’ll be in my second trimester starting next week. (Wow thats gone by so fast!)

Actually got quite a bit done on the baby front in the last few days. I “reserved” the place where I will give birth. I have to make sure and visit them before I am 34 weeks but I should be in Niigata well before that time so its not a concern. We also got my boshi techo (mother and child handbook) which will track all sorts of fun pregnancy things… like my weight. I also got 5 free visit coupons but they can only be used while in Kobe so I guess I’ll just have to use them all up before I leave… I probably only have 4-5 visits left while I’m here actually since the doctor I’m seeing now only has me come in once a month.

So now that I’m pretty much out of the the miscarriage risk zone there are lots of things on my mind! Mainly I am soooo curious to know whether we are having a mini-sarah or mini-ryohei! We already have our first names picked out either way so I’m ready to graduate from calling the baby a jellybean to its actually name… somehow that makes it more real.

I wasn’t sure in the beginning but now I do have a gut feeling that is leaning more one way that the other regarding the gender of the baby (and Ryohei feels the same). I don’t think I’ll say it right now though. Others are welcome to guess in my brand new poll… (look to your right!)…

I’m really really hoping the doctor will tell us before I go back to America in early March. I’ll be around 20 weeks then so maybe they will be able to? Is 20 weeks about when they will tell you the gender in Japan? Ahhhh… I am so impatient!! And once I can find out I can start getting pink or blue!! I’ve been really good and not bought anything for the baby yet… besides a really cute sippy cup and the Totoro blanket I got when I was visiting Nay.

One more day til the 3 day weekend!


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I think we need to see this bump missy!! What is your gut saying? Mail me! I have a gut feeling what it will be also…hehe! But who knows?!

If they can`t tell you before you leave Japan what the sex is maybe you can get a 3D scan in America? Expensive but worth it perhaps!

Enjoy your weekend away if I don`t speak to you!!!

Lulu – Yah… we’ll see about that… I probably will put up a pic when you can tell… right now it really just looks like a fat pouch… but one that I didn’t have before so I know something is up! Ohhhh I’m interested to hear your gut feeling… my instincts are no good so I’d be surprised if I was right actually. lol

Lucky you heading to a ryokan. Sounds so relaxing. I hope you have a great time!!!! Hope we can get together soon. You won`t believe how much Pops has grown since you last saw her. Take care sweety. Cass

sass – yah, I can NOT wait! its still been less than a month since we last met up! I can’t believe how quick they grow up! you’ll have to let me know a Saturday you aren’t working and I’ll come up to visit you!

Hey Sara… I finally e-mailed you back.. I am SOOOOO sorry, vay-cay and well after that .. I was so pooped.

Are you jamming to the music? The same friend still D.J.’s PT, she will come to Tokyo for a session.. ah I need to find time to club again. Anyway.. I am SO sorry i did not get back to you until recently.

We should go for coffee sometime! Now about that bump… I am leaning more to the color of your blog. So baby bump and all, I Hope you are taking care of yourself. I heard it may snow this weekend, figures after I had my car cleaned..err..

DO you think you’ll do the baby’s room in a theme? If you had to choose one tot shop, which do you like the best?

GJ – Thats so cool that you have a DJ friend – I was never that hip. Ah… I remember the good old days of clubbing, but I always need a good amount of alchohal in me before I could get loose so I doubt much will be happening now.

No snow yet – but I hope there will be some at the ryokan! It just seems to make things more romantic!! As for baby room decorating… so much to think about. I don’t actually know any shops in particular yet, but I’m sure when I go back to America my mom will be taking me around the baby shop block!! Have a good weekend yourself!!

Yay for getting your Boshi Techo! When you move there will be a little check on your address registration form for pregnant woman, and if you check that you should be able to get more free coupons. I just got 7 new ones at the new year and I don’t think I have the time to use those up! My SIL got them too, but she’s due this week. What a waste!
Since doctors do a scan every time they will usually tell you their guess as early as 18 weeks when they can see. But they are always so Japanese about it. Maybe it’s this or, possibly, or “well I don’t see a penis so it’s either a girl or a badly endowed boy.” Useless! You can get a 3D or 4D from 24 weeks here, if your clinic doesn’t have one then I’m sure a nearby clinic will do it for about 1500yen. Or you could come down to my clinic! 😉
I’m sure your doctor will let you go at 20 weeks- that’s the perfect time to go. Hope you enjoy your trip and buy lots of baby stuff! I hate Japanese baby clothes, kimonos are so useless and you have to keep retying them forever. Gymboree is where it’s at (and they deliver to Japan, be careful, it’s an addiction!).

Medea – Ohhh lots of good information!! Especially about moving and checking the “pregnant lady” box. Didn’t know about that one! Hopefully my doctor will let us know! I think my last appointment before going home will be at almost 19 weeks so I’ll ask her too take a look. Theres a 3d/4d imaging place really close to my house in california that does DVD packages etc… so maybe I will opt for that?

Nice tip on Gymboree too! I guess I know where all my savings will be going. I’m actually pretty lucky because I have a friend or two here who are willing to give me hand me downs and theres a huge Book Off/Off House with a baby section right near Ryohei’s house. So… I’ll probably be able to not break the bank on some gently used stuff as well!

Not too much longer for you! You must be getting so excited!

I held off on buying baby stuff forever too with Dylan. I’m glad I waited till I knew he was a boy in retrospect. I’m useless with gender predictions, but DH knew all along we were having a boy since boys run in his family. Definitely go baby-shopping back home and stock up on all that stuff you need. Maybe your family will throw you a shower? They don’t do baby showers here in China but my friends did a mini-one for me. Chinese baby clothes are awful as well, all of the bottoms are split, so the baby’s butt hangs out. I always buy factory reject American/Euro brand clothes because I just can’t stand the bare-butt look.

Jess- Yah they don’t do baby showers in Japan either. Its bad luck to give the baby anything until afters its born. Too bad, it would have been really nice to have one. I can’t see getting one back at home since very few of my friends live near where I do. 😦

Gender predicition is fun! I’ve done a whole bunch of them including the Chinese charts? Are they popular in China or is it just an adopted western thing like California rolls? BTW the Chinese age one says girl and the Western age says boy… hmm…

and LOL about butt hanging out baby clothes! I’d love to see a picture because the mental one I have resembles something more of those guys that always “sagged” their pants in jr. high and high school!

I got told at 18 weeks with Shou – who was very accommodating and hanging out with his legs wide open. Marina we found out pretty early too – dito. My japanese clinic had very cool 4D ultrasound. Hope bubs hasn’t got her legs crossed.

I am off next week for first ever appointment in NZ. Hope they can tell me then.

I hear you about the fat pouch thing – although mine is now a fat fat fat pouch for lower tum (but 90% left over from S and M) and upper tum starting to get harder now so soon people can stop thinking I am just fat and start offering me their seat on the train – if I ever took it.

The ryokan will be fab. What a nice treat for the two of you. Those kind of treats will become few and far between over the next few years so enjoy it while you can! I am jealous. What I would do for a night in a cosy futon and no children bar the one still on the inside that hasn’t started keeping me up all night wriggling.

Did you get the blue boshi techo with the English in it? Is very comprehensive little book. I made list of preggy vocab at back of mine. Charting weight is scary – but useful for looking back on when you have the next one!

GW – Ohhh good luck at your appointment next week! You must be looking forward to finding out which set of clothes you can get rid of!

Silly Ryohei got the Japanese only boshi techo (sigh) He was very nice about getting it for me so I wouldn’t have to take time off work but thats what I get for sending a man to do my job… but oh well.

I had a real issue figuring our what some of the diseases they were asking me about like… mashin and fushin.. rubella and measles or something like that..?

I am really excited… and a little nervous to find out. I have really gotten my head around it being the sex in my hunch so it might throw me for a loop if it is the other!

Charting weight… … …

Hey, if you want to look at my billingual boshitecho to figure out some of the tricky Japanese, I`ll bring it next time we meet.

Wow, that is going fast! I think I found out in Japan at about 20 weeks, although you know Japan, they never tell you 100 percent in the beginning for fear of being wrong. I’m so glad everything is going well, I voted girl, soooo many people are having boys so I’m taking a law of averages guess. Have fun on your long weekend!

Sass – ohh that might be helpful! I should have told him to get the bilingual one but it slipped my mind *sigh*

Corinne – Yay this is my first comment from you as well! Have you started a blog? I can’t wait to hear the exciting news from down under, have you guys decided on a name yet??

Have a lovely weekend at the ryokan!!! : ) I’m going to go cast my vote right now! : D

Hi there! I voted boy just cause there have been a string of them born around me lately including my own 🙂 They are really wishy washy here about gender prediction- we were not sure til near the very end. Its getting exciting!!!

I just put my vote in! I have a feeling it’s a little blue bub, but you never know! I was totally off the mark with DD, so apparently you should go with the opposite of whatever I think. LOL

How was the trip??

Gina – We had a great time! I will write about it next post!

Christelle – Lately there have been a lot of boys around here as well… in fact I think only (maybe) 1 out of my currently pregnant friends is having a girl.

Kuri – Its only 50/50 right!! I feel like I’m going to be off the mark as well!! It would be nice to be right though!! I had a great time – will put up pictures and story soon!

I can’t wait to hear about your trip. YOU MANAGED TO BOOK A PLACE TO DELIVER YOUR BABY??? 3 MONTHS INTO THE PREGNANCY??? Eventually I will have the energy to post on my blog but let me tell you that in Niigata City that is a difficult thing to do.

I was in Nagoaka on the weekend. The area with the Art museum also has a concert hall and is next to a big shopping mall with a Starbucks and movie theater plus grocery store walking distance. Its a bit away from the station but looks like a great place to live. You may want to check it out.

hey, sorry i’m late to the party! hee hee

sometimes it depends on your clinic as to when or even if you can find out the gender. when i lived way out in the middle of nowhere shimane, the private clinic (doctor) wouldn’t tell you either way, and the only other option red cross hospital wouldn’t tell you until the 24th week (maybe to prevent gender choosing?)

with hiro the doctor was very sure (but then, it was the 24th week!) but yoshi and i weren’t sure if we wanted to know. we hemmed and hawed until the doctor snapped, it’s a boy! lol

my clinic here in fukuoka can tell pretty early. the doctor also listens to the heartbeat every session, so that’s probably a clinic to clinic difference. oh, i am so in love with my clinic and would seriously be a reason for having another (which i am not. 😉

i recommend getting loads of clothes back home, and if you can get a shower, that would be awesome! i love carter’s clothes, so many cute and beautiful things!

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