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Return of the beast….

Posted on: January 14, 2009

I was expecting to make a nice post about the onsen trip that Ryo and I took last weekend but instead I had an absolutely horrible day yesterday so I will post about that instead. Lucky readers!

My morning sickness came back with avengance yesterday. I could not keep a single meal down and was running to toliet after breakfast and lunch (at work) and into one of my dear plastic shopping bag friends the MOMENT.. let me repeat… the MOMENT I finished eating dinner. And it wasn’t one of those polite over in done in a second type things.. no no… my stomach had to get every single ounce of nutritional value OUT NOW which meant about a minute or so of dry heaving (which is worse than throwing up in my opinion)

Lets add to this the fact I caught I cold over the weekend. So I had a horrible headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat as well (and you can imagine what my three times to the porcelin throne did to help my throat out) Anyways Ryohei to the rescue I guess. He was going to play soccer with his work buddies but changed his mind when the plastic bag was called into action so I did get a bit… babied last night. Which was nice. He bought me a huge bottle of pocari sweat… his cure it all remedy drink which I was able to keep down!!! (yay!!) And he made me mashed potatoes which I also kept down yay! My first nutrients of the day.

Anyways when I woke up this morning I knew I was not going into work. Of course they made a stupid rule that whenever I want to take a sick day I have to get a doctors note and obviously even if I went to a doctors theres nothing I can do… its not like they can give me medicine or anything. So I’m taking one of my vacation days instead. Whatever… I think its so stupid to drag yourself out of bed when you are sick to go to the doctors who is just going to give you some pills and go back to bed.

So yah… sorry for all the negativity. I was 13 weeks pregnant Monday and told that was the magic number for 1st trimester symptoms going away. I guess not so much. And I should try and eat something now because its past noon but I really don’t want to throw up again so I haven’t had anything besides pocari sweat.

I have to admit at one point yesterday I was thinking “I don’t really like you very much” to the baby. *sigh* Yes I know… I’m horrible. I’d say call the services but I don’t think they have them in Japan… or at least use them much.

I really really don’t want to use any more of my vacation since I’ll be using it to leave work early before my maternity leave… so please spare a kind thought for me that I will feel better soon… ;_;


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poor sara! Hope you get a good rest and that your blue bump (I’m guessing it’s a boy) cooperates more tomorrow.

That sucks about the holidays. It was the same at my JET place. Can you try to do a sneaky and next time you have a maternity check-up, get a note from the doctors then so you can take a sick day off?? worth a try!

Are you sure it is morning sickness? It sounds a lot like a stomach bug that has been going around here lately… sometimes it is easy to blame the baby for everything! Here’s hoping it settles down soon.

Sending you cyber hugs from up here in Shizuoka!! I hope that the morning sickness leaves you alone and gives you time to recover from your cold. Poor you, having morning sickness and a cold on top of that!!

I hope you feel better soon.

Oh my Sara!! Dry heaves.. i hate it no matter the reason.. Saltine crackers if you can keep them on hand, maybe some of that light rice porridge or milk and oatmeal.. so at least you are getting vitamins.

I just got over the sore throat, cold, and was home bound for about a week so I know how you feel, take the day off to just sleep and doing nothing.. but it kinds sucks about what company B is asking of you…


TJ – Are you back from your vacation home yet? I did spend a nice relaxing day and I feel much better now. Getting over 12 hours of sleep seems to have helped quite a bit~! Seems blue is in the minority according to my poll! Only 5 or so more weeks to go until we can hopefully find out. I have quite a bit of vacation time saved up so its ok… but it really bugs me that before I didn’t need a doctors note.. oh well.. only about 4 months left until I’m outta there.

Jo – Ohh I guess it would be hard to tell between a bug and morning sickness? I do feel a lot better today… but it was similar to my morning sickness the past couple weeks so who knows. It was a pain either way!

Nay – Yes, having morning sickness and a cold at the same time is no fun. From what I read during pregnancy your immune system is more vulnerable as well so apparently it happens quite a bit. Thanks for your thoughts!

Girl Japan – Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick as well lately. Winter colds really are the pits esp. sore throats and the like. Thankfully I feel much better today and I do have my saltines at hand. Tonight I’m eating ochazuke so hopefully it will be gentle on my poor tum tum.

OH Sara, I hope you feel better soon and that the morning sickness leaves you soon.

Congrats on making it to your second trimester (In Japan they say 12 weeks & western countries they say 14 so I figure 13 weeks is a good medium!)

Look forward to hearing about your trip (and luckily it sounds like you were not sick while there!)

Ugh, that sucks! I do agree, it might have been a bug, what with the cold that popped up on top of everything else. I had a stomach bug once while I was pregnant and it was no fun.

I hope you guys had fun on your trip and that the baby doesn’t give you much trouble from here on out. 🙂

With your morning sickness and recovering from a cold. I just wanted to say, I hope you are feeling better! And I agree, dry heeves are just the worst. : ( I hope you get back to feeling better soon! : )

Lulu – I feel a lot better today (2 days later) so maybe it was a bug after all? I guess I’ll never know. I will get a post up about our trip soon!

Jessica – Yah I’m still dealing with the after math of the cold but not as bad as yesterday. This is the second cold I’ve gotten since finding out I was pregnant and I usually don’t get sick… hopefully this is the last one. It really sucks!

Gina – Thanks! I am feeling better. Keeping everything down and just dealing with a bit of a stuffy nose and cough now. I had a pounding headache and sore throat before so I’m happy to be over with those symptoms!

Ugh! Morning sickness or stomach bug – it’s yucky either way. My doctor gently informed me at about 10 weeks along that my morning sickness might dissipate slowly into the 14th or even 16th week. She didn’t want me to be really let-down when it wasn’t gone overnight at the 12 week mark. Luckily for me it went away fairly quickly at 12 or 13 weeks. I’ll hope this is the last of it for you!!!

Hope you are feeling all better Sara. not long to go until the pregnancy actually gets a bit fun – and then nearer the end it goes back to not being so fun – well, from personal experience as posted by the pee every 30 minutes for the last month queen.

Bunster and I are good – 19 weeks tomorrow. Bought some newborn baby clothes today – eventhough we have shiteloads at home. Nice for bunster to have some just of his own 🙂

I’ve left this pretty late so not sure if anyone will read it but…

Coffeegrl – Its been… almost a week since I wrote right? Well.. on Friday I had a little more comet action but since then not so bad. I’m 14 weeks today so crossing my fingers that was the last of it. Now if only this waking up every 2 hours to pee would go away too….

GW – Yay baby clothes! It must be such a relief to know… I really want to know so I can do some shopping of my own. I’m now officially 2nd trimester so lets see if the fun starts now ;P

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