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Heaters and No Coffee

Posted on: January 20, 2009

Hmm… it seems that my writers block is back. Well we had a good run of… um 2 weeks or so of frequent posting. It seems like work and my cold have squashed out all of my creative juices. Also doesn’t really help that once again nothing is going on. We bought a heater (late, I know) since I thought we could last the winter without one but Ryohei couldn’t cut it I guess. Anyways it’s a panel heater and apparently its one that’s safe to use with kids around and low cost (uses electricity not oil or gas) so I guess it’s a worthy investment – it hasn’t arrived yet but now that it is coming I am really looking forward to it since mornings are absolutely horrible. Something about waking up in a warm bed in a cold room that makes you NOT want to get up right?

I came out to the people at work about my “condition.” I did it at our New Years Drinking Party and waited until everyone was good and drunk to bring it up that I was expecting and because of that would be leaving work early. Anyways no one has brought it up too much which is nice. I’d rather not have a big deal made out of it at work. I think it helps that I’m not really showing and that no one really had a clue.

I have my next appointment coming up this weekend. The clinic I visit is open Sunday morning so Ryohei and I will go together then. The clinic is near a nice shopping center with a not so busy Starbucks so afterwards I guess will relax a little. Its funny but I’m pretty much totally off coffee right now. Before I got pregnant I think I was a little caffeine addicted. I was drinking coffee pretty much every day but now I don’t think I’ve actually had a coffee drink in over 6 weeks or so. I’ve had tea both black and oolong but not so much coffee… interesting… but saves me money and by save I mean spent on buying blocks of delicious imported English red cheddar cheese (Japanese processed cheese is NOT cutting it ATM)… See I’m giving up caffeine for calcium! Hahaha…

Currently less than 6 weeks until I am in warm and sunny Southern California with my beloved fish tacos, kitty cat, and shopping malls with clothes that don’t make me cry every time I try something on.

I never wrote about the ryokan… it was fun. In the moderately so way. The place was a lot more “falling apart” than I had expected. The room was kind of… well second rate and there was a scary (to me) Japanese doll in the corner which kept me up all night. However the food was excellent – and there was only 2 other groups staying there so the time I went into the outdoor onsen there was no one there and I had about 20 minutes of complete warm bliss with the steam rising from the onsen and the moon shining up above me. Ahh…
So that’s my ryokan story. I’d give it a 80 point rating I guess!


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Congrats on “coming out” at work, I found that kind of stressful too, I was kind of worried that they would judge me somehow, which was crazy of course, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling!

I bet you’re getting excited about the trip back to the States, lucky you! I forget, is Ryohei going too?

Jessica – Yah, how you said they would judge you. Thats sort of how I felt too… because well I sort of am inconviencing them by leaving our office without a native English speaker for about 2 months… they have a replacement for me already but she won’t come until the beginning of August. 😦 Oh well…

Ryohei IS coming with me! Yay – its his second time abroad ever and first to California. Woo hoo

Sara you have “THICK SKIN”, how you have been toughing it out without a heater??? (can you use the air/con heater)?

I am sure it will arrive soon and you’ll feel all nice and toasty. Red Cheese? (cheese is expensive at the super.. right?) like 800yen or more but over brioche with butter/olive oil… etc YUM.

It sure is nice to hear about a NOT-SO-BUSY Starbucks. Here is to cheering you on till your vay-cay!

Having lived in California for a some time (North and South)… I miss Carl’s Jr…. boy I really do.

and Fish Tacos at Library Alehouse and Nate ‘n Al to get my kosher fix.

Will you go back to work in Kobe? After the bean is born?

Have a fab day… gotta get my butt to work.

Oh cheese is my biggest vice- more than chocolate and/or wine for sure. Okay maybe not as much as wine 😛

I love red chedder. Just think of all the yummy cheese you will be able to eat in America.

I knew you came out at work but still wanted to say that is great! At least the days off if you need them are easy explainable!!

Girl Japan – Yah, I’m pretty resilient to the cold, but having a heater will be nice! Yum, Carl’s Jr. I plan on getting one of the swiss ranch chicken sandwiches… heavenly!!

Also I won’t be going back to my job after the baby is here. I’m planning to take at least half a year or so off after he/she is born and then maybe do something part time?

Lulu – Cheeeese. Ok.. I’ll admit it here… I bought a 300g block last week and its allllll gone now. And I’m thinking about buying another one tonight. Its one of the few things that doesn’t make me feel sick to think about it.

Yummmm… in America I’ll probably be eating way too many things. Oh well – its worth it. I can always be healthy when we move in with the in-laws and its Japanese food ALL THE TIME… *sigh*


I love cheese too. Ahhh. We go through cheese like the dickens around here too.:D The big blocks of the red cheddar or the Colby/Jack from Costco or FBC.
Yummm! I hear ya! : )

And yay only 6 more weeks until you get to go home for a visit. Right on. Have a good night over there. : )

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