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Cookies and Cousins

Posted on: January 22, 2009

Living as an expat, there are certain things that can absolutely delight you. Little discoveries and perks from your “past” in your home country that show up unexpectedly and provide a little glimmer of happiness on a gloomy day. One of the nice perks of living in Kobe is accessibility to several foreign goods shops within walking distance of my work. I’ve found since becoming pregnant that more than ever before I have wanted foreign foods, particularly those that I ate regularly when I lived back in America.

The other day I found some random Kraft Mac&Cheese at the local Khaldi Coffee and enjoyed it so much. I went back to look for some more today and it seems the two boxes I grabbed must have been the last in stock because there weren’t anymore. Wahh… that was such a bummer. As I mentioned last time I am totally craving cheese and cheese-y things.

Oh well… I will check next week as well. On my way back I noticed yet another foreign goods store, one that I usually don’t go to. Anyways feeling disappointed from my earlier failure I went in to take a look and no Mac&Cheese but YES Pepperidge Farm MINT Milanos!! I’ve seen random Pepperidge Farm brand cookies in Japan but never ever Mint Milanos which I could have lived off of in University. A price check showed they were about 375 yen… which is expensive considering they are less than 3 dollars in America, BUT of course I made the purchase. I am so looking forward to my tall glass of milk and Mint Milanos this evening!!

(note: this is not my image – please let me know if it is yours + mine aren’t sugar free but this gives you the general idea)

BTW – I’m thinking that Pepperidge farm cookies may be only an American brand But if you non-American gals ever see them I highly, highly recommend them if you like mint and chocolate. They are so yummy and definitely an “adult” cookie to stash away for yourself and not give the kids.

Anyways now that I’ve gushed about food for most of this entry… (you would never guess I “cometed” a whole bunch of bile before I went to work, thanks lingering morning sickness…) I have even more news to share!

I hopefully will be an Auntie as well as a Mommy this year!! I’m not sure I mentioned it but Ryohei’s little brother is getting married this spring and Ryohei neglected in telling me his wife to be is also pregnant! So that means our little jellybean may have a cousin very close to his/her age! I don’t know how far along she is, but I think maybe only 4-6 weeks behind me… however apparently there were some early complications so neither Ryohei or I know how the status of things are right now.

I hope everything is ok since I think it would be great to have a little cousin for my baby and that would give me stuff to bond over with SIL… but I was so upset after I heard Ryohei tell me she was having complications. I have been so lucky this pregnancy and not had any complications or bleeding … I’m finally starting to get attached to the idea of the baby and I think if something was to happen now it would be really devastating… : (

Anyways that’s all for today, sorry for all the boring food and pregnancy talk… just another hour and a half until my date with the cookies awaits!!


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I don’t know those cookies, maybe they’re just American?

Close cousins are great. 🙂

And don’t get too fatalistic about the complications. I had complications with both girls and they turned out fine. Wel fine-ish, hey? ;P

Man I`m craving cookies now! LOVE mint and chocolate together!

I love Pepperidge farm cookies Sara! But I’ve never had the mint ones, I’ve only had the regular milanos, these look even better then the regular ones. But do you remember the thin mint Girl Scout cookies in America? Oh man those were some mighty fine, chocolatey minty goodness right there!!! Ha ha ha. Now you got me wishing for some of those minty milanos. I will look for them when I go to Guam (crosses fingers I can find them). I am actually going to write it on my “to buy list” right this second after I finish commenting.: )

And I am digging these posts of yours about food!!! 😀

And PS, Kraft mac is so yummm! I always bring that back for my kids. Ha ha ha.

And yay you will be an auntie….congratulations. 😀

We have some really big Western supermarkets here, and had a decent sized one in Kunming when I was pregnant as well. I am a HUGE mac and cheese fan. I actually found a recipe for mac and cheese that is delicious and easy to make, stove-top, no need for an oven, so I make it myself a lot now, and I’m not a big cook or anything, in fact I pretty much suck at cooking.

A cousin will be fun! In our family all of Dylan’s cousins are at least 10 years older than him, my DH is the youngest brother in the family and our oldest nephew is graduating from college this year, and the youngest is like 14. Have you met the SIL-to be yet? Maybe you could give her a call and have some bonding about the whole pregnancy thing, if she’s been having complications it is probably scary for her and I’m sure she’d be glad to hear from you. When I was pregnant my business partner at work got pregnant like 6 weeks after I did, and I think it was cool for her having me one step ahead. She came to visit me in the hospital right after I’d had my baby and got to tell her ALL about labor and stuff, which was kind of fun in an evil sort of way, hahaha

I was a huge fan of Pepperidge farm.. my favorite was shortbread Chessmen and Verona… YUM… congrats on being an Auntie too… so glad you could get your fix… did your heater come yet?

Wow I’m so jealous you have foreign foods stores nearby! I’ve also been craving KD like mad..and goldfish crackers, and ketchup chips (canadian) lol I’m wondering if costco has my beloved foreign goods… hmmm..

I hope the cousin thing goes well anyways, that would be fantastic to have a cousin so close in age =) Good luck to you and everyone around you!

Hi Sarah, I’m finally getting a chance to comment here! 😀 Mac and cheese was a pregnancy staple for me, I totally craved the comfort foods. And it’s good to crave cheese, because baby needs the protein! So eat up! 🙂

And mmmmmm, mint Milanos. I can imagine how awesome it would be to find those in Japan.

Congrats to your SIL-to-be… hope all goes smoothly for her!

The Fukases – You’re right! I’ll just stay hopeful for her!! I don’t think we will know anything until next week anyways!

Sassymoo – Next time we meet up I’ll bring you a pack! 😀

Gina – Def. try to find them!! They are so yummy – I love thin mints too! I was a girl scout and my family always bought the thin mints and the peanut butter chocolate sandwiches yum!! Enjoy your time in Guam – so jealous!!!

Jessica – I have met SIL once or twice but I don’t know how comfortable it would be talking on the phone at this point since we don’t really know eachother. If she was Ryoheis sister maybe it would be different but since shes his little brothers wife.. its kind of like one step removed? Once we move up there they will be pretty close by so maybe then we will be able to meet up and get to know eachother.

Girl Japan – I like the other cookies, but Milanos are my favorite! Esp. the mint ones… my package is almost gone and its only been one day! (;_;) And heater is supposed to come tonight! *crossing my fingers*

Khea – Man, I am having a huge craving for Goldfish Crackers too! And I can’t find them anywhere here 😦 I honestly think being pregnant makes you crave all your comfort foods from when you were growing up! Cost Co might be good to check if anything you can get a huge hunk of cheese lol…

Allison – Yay! Thanks for commenting! I know you must be so busy with your new little guy! I hope I find some more Mac and Cheese soon – I’m planning on going on a huge food shopping spree when we go back to California in March. I just hope the customs guys don’t look in!

Yay for hopefully, fingers crossed, sure everything will be fine, having a cousin of similar age to play with your pink or blue jellybean. Definately agree it will bring you and SIL-to-be closer, which is always a bonus in these international extended families.

I have definite kicking going on in there now so you won’t be far away. Am looking forward to having my usual doctor back though and of course hub getting to see the bunster on the big screen too!

GW – Ohhh how exciting you are feeling kicking!! I can’t wait to feel mine, the sensei said maybe sometime next month!

From speaking with MIL today seems like SIL’s baby is doing ok… got my fingers crossed!

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