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Dude looks like a baby

Posted on: January 25, 2009

Anyone get my catchy yet punny title? Ok maybe its not so funny.
Today was my 4 month check up! Things look good! (Yay!) All my cheese eating seems to have payed off as the little one has a nice and very visable spinal cord!

He/she was also pumping his/her fist for us. Looks like we have a partier on our hands. It was our first time to see something besides the babies heart moving so it was pretty cool!

We could make a little bit of the face and it looks like the baby may have a similar chin bone structure to me. Not sure yet, but thats what it seemed on the ultrasound.

Also found out my blood type (A if you were wondering) which is pretty boring in itself but cool in the fact that Ryohei is B/O and I am A/O so we could have an A, B, O or AB kid apparently! So looking forward to seeing what it will end up being!

Also… I gained… close to 3 kilos in the last month. Talk about depressing… but the doctor didn’t say anything negative.. or really anything at all about it. I don’t think I’ve ever gained 3 kilos in a month before and I know some of it is the baby. But eating blocks of cheese looks like its going to have to stop… or just be once a week (lol)

Anyways thats all for now! My pink/blue poll is closing in a couple days so if you haven’t cast your vote do it now! Like the majority of poll votes we are both leaning towards the baby being a girl. It just looks/feels like a girl to me… hopefully we will get some sort of prediction either way at the next appointment in Feb.

Here’s my baby! πŸ˜€


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Oh the little jellybean has a face now! How exciting.

Good thing about the cheese helping bub. The more calcium you get the better right so I am sure you don`t have to worry about the 3kg.

Ryohei was with you today too right? Did he enjoy it?? Next time they might be able to tell you the sex hey?!

Congrats on the spine, haha. It is cool when the baby looks like a baby, nice picture you have there! My ultrasound people were crap at giving good pictures. I have two ultrasound pics from when I had Dylan and one is just a picture of his spine and the base of his head, and the other is a picture, really really obvious, of his junk. I think they give the crotch-shot because they aren’t supposed to tell the sex here in China (although they did for us) and the picture is sort of a “hey, if anyone one asks we didn’t say anything but …” kind of thing. I always envied those really cute US pics other have of the baby sucking his thumb or doing something other than flashing the camera.

Ahhhhh that’s fantastic!!! “It” really is looking like a baby. Oh how exciting! I love watching someone a few steps ahead, it’s nice to know stuff before hand, yanno?

I hear that Japanese doctors are really strict about weight gain (no more than 7-9kg or they freak out at you) so we’ll both have to see if that’s true or not lol On the other hand I think in Canada up to 15kg is fine *shrugs*

Lot’s of luck to you guys

Lulu – I’m making sure to take in looooots of calcium! Milk, cheese, ice cream ;D Haha But it is a lot alarming to have gained so much… I guess I should just get used to it. You seem to have done really great on your weightloss, you’ll have to give me some tips when the baby is born. And yes Ryohei was there today! They only let him see the ultrasound for like 15 seconds before ushering him out… oh well 😦

Jess – I lol about the “junk” shot. Japan has ultrasounds at EVERY visit so we should end up with quite a few by the end of the pregnancy. I wish I had been able to watch a little more but its always get into the “spread eagle” chair and out less than 2-3 minutes later… glad you like my spinal cord! I like it too

Khea – Glad to help! You must be coming along, are you having any morning sickness? I thought I was lucky not having anything and then it all started from about week 10 and just finally is feeling better at week almost 15.

I’m almost a 1/3 of the “japanese pregnancy weight limit” so… I guess I am in for a bunch of lecuring.. my doctor hasn’t said anything yet, but I’m going to try to not go too overboard this month as I’ll be going back to America 2 weeks in March and there is going to be some major eating then.

Your baby is looking more and more like a baby (obviously of course, but still…), HOW EXCITING!! I wouldn’t worry too much about your weight gain though – I mean, your baby is healthy and is growing well. The extra calcium can not be a bad thing for the baby!!

I can’t wait for you guys to come and visit in March!! By then you will know the sex of your baby, right? And I will also be able to feel your tummy – YAY for me, lol!!

Yay you, growing a strong, healthy baby! Glad you got to see Jellybean moving. Pretty cool to watch, hey! My doctor was pretty good about weight gain. He only worried once when I put on more than expected in a 2 week period. I think he was pretty understanding about me being a foreigner and that my weight gain would be more than the typical Japanese average. Don`t worry to much about it. Mwah!


Nay – Haha I feel the same way. It does look more like a baby! Its neat to see it progress from bean onwards! Looking forward to seeing you in March as well! Hopefully we’ll have some kicking going on by that point as well!

Sassy – Good to hear your doctor was pretty cool with it. You hear so many horror stories about people getting yelled at or worse. Crossing my fingers that my doctor remains understanding… but I think this month I am going to tone down some of the junk.

Illahee – πŸ™‚ its cute huh!

Definitely a baby and not a big jelly bean in there, hey? πŸ˜›

The weight thing is pretty weird.
But you get to say ‘hai, hai, wakarimashita.’ and forget about it. That’s the Japanese way, afterall! ;P

Have you got your pink priority seating badge on? ;P

OH how I loved cheese when I was pregnant. All that good calcium! How exciting to see an actual baby shape in there instead of just a blob right? Take care!

Fukases – Haha… the Japanese way, thats so true. Its really a wonder things get done in this country sometimes. I HAVE the pink badge in question but in the γŠγ—γ‚ƒγ‚Œγ€€town of Kobe its considered quite.. ダァい so I haven't put it on yet!! I usually can get a seat on the train without it and I'm sure that stares towards normal foreigner < stares towards (shock) PREGNANT foreigner πŸ˜›

Coffeegrl – Cheeeese! Ryohei bought me some last night as well, good boy!! Anything for the baby right πŸ˜‰ hehe! I agree seeing a "baby" is much more exciting Everytime we get a new ultrasound pic I stare at it even more than the last one!

Love the catchy title!!!! Now I have the tune in my head.. humming along!

The bean is growing!!! You are four months prego…. Well no worries on 3kg gain, you can expect up t o 20lbs but it will come off once the bump is born.

Can’t wait to see snaps of you and the bump!!!

Take care! Hope your heater has arrived!

GJ – Yah everytime I come to check my blog I see the title and AGAIN the song pops into my head πŸ™‚
The heater has arrived!! We are enjoying it muchly!!

Perhaps there will be a bump snap when it looks more bump like and less like I’ve been snacking too much (lol)

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