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Strange Dreams

Posted on: January 30, 2009

Wow… they talk about strange dreams because of hormones but I had some weird ones last night. I dreamt that at my next appointment they “discovered” I was having boy/girl twins. (Believe me I’m not having twins lol) and that one of the babies had an AFRO?! wtf


It’s Friday but I have a half day of work tomorrow 😦 Uggggggg its so cold I just want to stay in doors and sleep.

Also on the subject of my “bump” it currently looks much more like a muffin top than anything else. AARRGG?!!?


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You THINK you're only having one baby, I was watching this show on A & E… ;P

And while not an afro Japanese babies can get some wicked hairstyles going- they have so much hair when they're born!!

Fuka – If there is more than one in there I am going to be running away screaming. No but really – I am pretty sure I’m just getting a singleton… I can’t think my doc. is that imcopetent she wouldn’t notice with three US now!

I wonder if my baby will have hair! Both Ryohei and I did when we were born so I’m guessing there should be some!

I keep dreaming of giving birth to a puppy. My son would love that though!

My husband has an afro, so I guess there’s a chance our next one will as well. Julian was totally bald when born just like me. Wonder who this one will take after?

Do you have the Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy yet? Great book–very funny and spot on with some things.

Pregnancy hormones also heat up your nocturnal hours–had any of those dreams yet?

You joined AFWJ, right? Have you signed up on the Parenting elist yet? Great place to get good advice on being pregnant in Japan!


Medea – Ouch.. I think giving birth to a puppy would hurt!! I’m excited to see who our baby resembles as well!! Its coming up so soon for you – I’m jealous!

Laura – I do have the GFGTP!! I thought it was very funny, I read it when I first found out I was pregnant maybe I should give in another run through! And yes I have had.. ahem… hot dreams.. those have been interesting. I have a lot more scary dreams than sexy ones though sadly 😦

I am on the parenting list!! But I am just lurking atm lol. I should start writting soon.. it just takes me a while to warm up to new lists/forums etc lol

I had really weird dreams too, when I was preggers. : )

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