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Posted on: January 31, 2009

Ok.. well since I have had countless requests.. I am finally onbliging the masses with a (pathetic) bump picture. Really I just look like I’ve gotten chubby – but I’m only about 16 weeks and I’ve been told that first timers like me don’t pop out too much until the end of the 2nd trimester.

Besides that… I have a speech contest to go and judge which I need to leave for in about 20 minutes. Sort of wishing I would have turned down the invitation but oh well I get free lunch and 5 or so hours credit off time for work. ALSO – I have been on a bit of a buying spree lately! Of course I’ve gotten most of the stuff used and having it send to my moms in America. Its so much fun – but to get the best price I’ve gotten a lot of either boyish or girlish stuff. Oh well girls love blue and if its a boy he will be all manly in pink or purple. (lol)

All right… hope you enjoyed the pic… I may put up more 😉


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You look awesome S!

Hey.. thanks for obliging!!! You actually look thinner!!!! Its a bump a cute one.. and not in a chubby way.

You look fabulous!!!

Yes your bump is cute- and you don’t look chubby at all! I didn’t feel movement til my 21st week or something and people didn’t start to realize I was pregnant (and not just fat) until my fifth month (cdn counting) and some people it took til a month before I was due!!!

hehe- what a cute little baby bump!!! It will grow- by the time I see you in June I am sure I will be able to tell you are preggers!

Aww, cute belly! You don’t look chubby, it’s definitely a baby belly… enjoy it! And wow, 16 weeks already- the time is flying!

Absolutely not chubby. You have the quintessential baby bump!

Oooh looks fantastic!
I know what you mean about just feeling fat though. =)

Sassy – Thanks! I need to get back to you about the movie next weekend!! Sorry I promise I will do it!

GJ – I think the picture is just flattering.. I certainly haven’t lost any weight 🙂 But that makes me feel better lol

Christelle – Ahh… I can’t wait to feel movement! I’m hoping maybe sometime this month! I don’t think I’m going to pop out for a while, I’m a lot smaller than most of the people around the same week on the baby message boards.

Lulu – Yes, I am pretty sure by June I will truly be cow-like 😉

Allison – I know! It’s hard to believe… Next Monday I’ll be 5 months pregnant by Japanese counting… (wow)

Tigermama – Thanks!! I guess I just feel pretty self-concious!! I can tell, Ryohei can tell if I show him, but pretty much no one else can 🙂

Khea – You’ll be getting one of these soon if you haven’t started too already!! Last month I was feel really gross and bloated- bleh

What a cute baby bump! Not that you want hear this but I am so darned gassy during preganacy that sometimes I look like I am 5 months along instead of 3 *yikes*. Please tell me you are the same 🙂

You look fantastic Sara, definitely not chubby. Just a nice little baby bump! : )

Lily – I am quite… gassy too.. I don’t think I’m going be able to tell kicking from gas bubbles for a while 😦

Gina – Thanks!! I made some home made chicken caeser salad wraps tonight so they are joining the baby in further expanding my tummy!

It definately gets more exciting when the bump sticks out and you look and feel more pregnant. Is still a nice bump though 🙂 Mine is a lot bumpier but then judging by your pic I think I am just a bit bumpier all over in general! I am going to have to have one of those funny house mirrors that elongate your body before I get brave enough to post a belly bump pic.

And don’t worry about the boy in pink thing (if it turns out to be a bunster) because in Japan it doesn’t seem to matter what you dress them in – if the baby doesn’t have much hair then people automatically think it’s a boy. But then if the bean does come out with an Afro… 🙂

GW – I am quite bumpy! Believe me! I am sure you have a lovely baby bump in there! I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some kick action this month!

I wonder what kind of reaction an afro baby would get? So does that mean that babys born with hair are automatically girls?

This is such a weird country lol

Gosh, so many people I know in real life or from blogging are pregnant or have recently had babies. I agree with the others that is a cute bump. When is your next appointment?

How adorable! I was really gassy too, but once I felt the baby I knew that’s what it was – it felt like tiny gas bubbles in a place I’d never felt gas before. Sounds kind of unglamorous, but it’s exciting to finally get something tangible!

Also, ditto on the pink/blue outfits comment. My daughter is almost always in pink or purple and people always think she’s a boy since she’s so bald. Luckily babies don’t care what they wear and they aren’t offended when they are mistaken for someone of the opposite gender!

You look adorable! I can tell it’s a baby bump. I remember walking with my gut sticking so far out and pretending to waddle so that people would know I was pregnant (and then I really did waddle towards the end…no competition!)

I felt movement quite early with DD, although people told me it was probably gas. But it really was her moving around, so if you think you feel movement, you probably are. For me, early movement felt like little flutters. Ahhhh, memories!

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