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Today is a happy post! Yesterday was a great day since it marked my last day of hell work for the the next two weeks!! Add to that some good news for a very dear friend of mine AND that today is my 1 year Anniversary of being married – and well good things come in threes!

Of course I am spending my Anniversary day alone while the man of the house is at work and then going to his sending off party… which is a bit of a bummer. But the thought of not having to work AND going back to the land of non-Japanese food and fitting clothes has put me on a bit of a high!!

My next post will most likely be after we have landed in the good ol’ US of A so until then – sayonara~


I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. But… I somehow managed. If I can just get through the 8 hour workday I will be free for 2 weeks. The longest vacation, I think, that I’ve taken from work thus far.

It has not been easy… especially because of the lousy rainy and cold weather we’ve had this week. I may have a touch of SAD and either way rainy days who really wants to hop put of bed into a dark room. Not I for sure.

I sort of wish we were leaving earlier than Monday, but Ryohei still has his last day, actual last day of his company in Kobe tomorrow, plus the obligitory sending off party (yawn) AND he’s going up to Osaka Sunday to get his haircut… (yes he goes almost an hour by train to go the same place he used in university) but whatever. I guess I’ll be alone for pretty much most of the weekend. Hopefully my latest TV obbsession, Top Chef, will get me through it.

Monday will be busy since we have to get up and out to pick up last minute “omiyage” for my parents and brothers, get lunch, and then take the bus to the airport. From there it will just be more waiting until we land at San Fran. where I will gorge myself with American food and then another 2-3 hour wait until our flight for San Diego leaves.

So… although techinically theres only one day of “work” left the waiting is still there.

And since I can’t post without mentioning the baby, its kicking quite a bit more! I played some music for it yesterday, Eurobeat, and it seemed to like that quite a bit. It did NOT seem to like Ryohei touching it with his very very cold hands. He’s like “I can feel it moving!!” And I’m like “Because its trying to get away!”

His hands were cold (lol)

Alright thats it for now, what the heck I’m gonna pick up a frap on the way to work today! Why not treat myself 😉

Ahh the difference a month makes. Same shirt, different belly!

And in a follow up to Sundays post – mi madre has booked the 4d appointment for Tuesday afternoon so if you want to know whether it is a bambino or bambina make sure to check in around noon on Weds. Japan time!

Ok, off to the fun fun fun of work 😦

So I had almost a heartattack at work today. I occasionally check my (hot)mail from my cell at work and was very very startled and upset today to find a mail that 1. was asking to reset my facebook password although I didn’t request such a thing and
2. that had already been clicked open…

how freaky was that… so here I am thinking that someone has access to my email and now facebook accounts. I wanted to leave work early because I was so upset but I don’t have any time off at the moment since I’m leaving next week.

So I probably gave myself even worse high blood pressure worrying about.
So after racing home and finding I could log into both still I changed both my facebook and hotmail passwords to something more difficult. (They were the same password – an easy one at that – before)

So my public service annoucement to all of you: Don’t forget to change your passwords/have different passwords for different accounts. I am very very lucky that all I got was a shock and not a horrible mess.

Leaving for my 5 month obgyn appt in about 30 mins! Hopefully the doctor will give us some guidance to what we are having! I’m nervous!!

EDIT: Well no news isn’t good news in this case. Looks like I have a bit of a lazybum on my hands as the baby decided to grace us with its back, knees folded inwards. So a bit disappointed and still mommy to an “it.” I guess that pretty much means we’ll be taking the elective 3D/4D ultrasound in America…

But still I was hoping to see more of the baby than just a rump and a spine… c’est la vie!

Wow – after the beautiful weekend weather, the throwback to frigid has been rough. The wind is the most chilly I’ve felt it for weeks now. I’m still working hard towards my countdown towards home. Only… about 10 more days now?

Anyways I’ll just do a few random blurbs to update on things lately.

– May be able to end work earlier than I thought. Seems they don’t need me for the project in mid-May so if I can get my doctor to change my due date to one day earlier than I just have to work the Thursday and Friday of Golden Week and I’ll have enough paid vacation to last until my maternity leave! (woo hoo!)

– Baby has started moving… well he/she has been moving for a while I guess, but I’ve recently started feeling the “flutters” and “eye twitch” movements that all the pregnancy boards talk about. Its pretty cool! I usually feel the baby for a few minutes every couple of hours especially if I’m sitting a certain way. I kind of see my bump moving around from time to time but not sure if its the baby because I can’t “feel” anything when that happens.. could just be breathing (lol)

– I THINK the morning sickness hurdle is cleared!! But its been quickly replaced with the face looks like a pizza, achy bump in the morning, and *ahem* digestive issues hurdles. Always a picnic this is…

Umm.. thats it! Once again a pregnancy centric post… sorry for the 1 trackness of all of them lately! I really just don’t have anything else interesting to write about unless you want to hear how I sat at work most of the day yawning and checking various websites. 😛

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home…

Not in the forever sense but in the I NEED a break, badly.
The thought of going to work tomorrow is making me so depressed.

I just want to get on the plane and go home now and be in MY country for just a little bit.

I want familiar food, shops, and scenery. And I want to see my kitty.

Two more weeks feel like an eternity.

On a seperate note

I want to find out what the baby is
I want to find out what the baby is
I want to find out what the baby is

I just want to know so I can start getting mentally prepared. Right now I have a stranger in my belly and I want to know if that stranger is “girl name” or “boy name.”

AGGGGGG…… angsty bad me!!!