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Morning Off

Posted on: February 5, 2009

I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning… flash backs of early January – so I took the morning off and got an extra hour of sleep… AND managed to win my two ebay auctions by crazy bidding at the last minute. Take that other bidders who can actually go to the store and pick up stuff in your size!! (scary much?)

Ho-hum morning really.

Its not even a week into the month and I am so ready for it to all be over. I want to go home so badly. Mostly because most of my clothing aside for my ever trusty yoga pants and Ryohei oversized sweater are starting to get very very tight. This all happened in the last week or two so I am hoping that I can just hold off another 3 weeks or so until we get to California. I already have bought some used stuff online so it will be there at my moms house waiting for me to change into as soon as I get home.

Oh by the way I’ve discovered another craving… or should I say had one replaced. I’m not so much into Cheese anymore.. but very much into Frappachinos. Why, I do not know. But that has been the “thing to have” recently. Yes – I know it is the evil caffine so I am trying to limit it to one every 2-3 days. But despite being expensiv-o it is very yummy!

Also.. I’m now officialy past 16 weeks and into the “feeling movement is possible” stage. So I have a question I don’t really feel anything in the day but some times when I lie down at night I feel… like a blob… like my lower tummy is a lava lamp (note: my husband does not know what a lava lamp is – so this is an impossible concept to explain to him) I feel like a blob of lava lamp goo is floating around in there. I’m not sure if this is the baby or what.

Very weird.. what with dreams of Afro babies and lava lamp uterus… I may have a full grown flower child spring from my loins. (Do girls have loins?)


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So weird….

Today I was thinking that I haven’t looked at your blog for AGES and was wondering if you are pregnant…

And you are!!


Hope everything is going well for you!!

I’m off to read more!!

Congrats on feeling baby ‘lava’… toooooooooooooo cute!!
yes! i think you felt him/her!

hope you are feeling better by now.good on you for taking the day off.

I didn’t feel anything until K was about 18weeks – and then it felt like she was tickling/lightly tapping me from the inside, like feathers. The lava lamp (great description) I felt later though.

Enjoy your little lava lamp!

FunkyChicken – Hey! It has been a long time! Um, well things happen quickly here at Sakura Flavored! What can I say πŸ™‚ Are you still in Yamagata?

Alisa – I think maybe it is the baby too!! It is a different feeling than gas (lol) Thanks for your comment!

TJ – I feel so sassy with “g” all the time that I can’t really tell if anything else is going on down there but the lava lamp feeling is WEIRD. Like a giant bubble… Hope K is feeling better, I remember you saying she ended up getting sick on your blog 😦

haha Sara, it is those CDs that you are listening too! “wink”! the baby is getting his/her groove on!

Hey Sara, I’m sorry I haven’t been a very good commenter lately – not that I haven’t been reading and feeling excited for you both!! I loved your description about the lava lamp blob!! Even for me, who isn’t pregnant, I could kind of understand what it must be feeling like! I bet you are excited to have some sort of movement though! It really must be making everything feel so real for you now.

Not long till you get to go home. I’m hoping that baby doesn’t expand your tummy to much more before you go home!! LOL!

GJ – I dunno whats going on! I’m interested in seeing what sort of fun is going on down there!

Nay – Hey no worries. I’ve been a not so great commenter too lately. Hard to do when you’ve got stuff going on in your life. You know, it feels real but not at the same time. I’ve heard some people say it wasn’t real until the baby was actually out.. maybe it will be the same for me. πŸ™‚ (big hugs)

Google image the lava lamp to show Ryohei maybe- I imagine it is a bit like when your stomach drops during a dream or on a ride…is it like that? (I have falling dreams so that is why I say during a dream because I wake up and feel like I am on the bed but my belly is on the floor- odd I know!)

Could you borrow some bigger clothes off a friend perhaps?? Just so you are comfty…

I am sure you will be able to pick up some great stuff in America- I have heard like yoga pants, maternity jeans are also great as the stretch as you grow.

How exciting that you may have felt jellybean move!!

lulu – hmm its not quite like the dream feeling… more like a big water bubble is just floating in there. sort of hard to explain i guess!

i’m improvising on the clothes for now, thankfully my winter jacket still fits. at least at my biggest it will be summer so i can just go about in a tanktop!

Long, long, long time lurker here!

I can’t imagine being pregnant for the first time, half-way around the world from home and family! Keep your chin up, you’ll be back in the land of *biggie-size* soon!
Come visit me in Fussa, we’ll get you America’d right up LOL and I’ve got *tons* of maternity clothes just taking up space in my closet (no more babies for me, just too lazy to haul them to the recycle shop!)

I think the lava lamp comparison seems more fitting than the “goldfish swimming” analogy or “popcorn popping” – at least based on my own past experience. Sure sounds like you’re feeling something.

Slime – Thanks for delurking! Where is Fussa? If you are interested in getting rid of some maternity clothes give me an email as I would gladly chakubarai them off you.

Coffeegrl – Lol goldfish swimming? I’ve never head that one before! I’m looking forward to definate movement for sure. I felt the little lava lamp again last night though! It almost felt ticklish… hmm…

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