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"Maternity Blues" huh?

Posted on: February 6, 2009

So.. what is this maternity blues thing that I’ve been hearing about. Is this a Japanese only concept.. I have heard of postpartum depression but never “maternity blues” and why that is what is being used to describe how I feel at the moment.

I’m pretty homesick… I guess its like when you are holding your bladder and trying to make it to the potty and then just when you hit your house it starts killing you. I’ll be home in a little over 3 weeks and I’m wondering how I will make it then until then. And to be honest, I’m not sure what I am missing. It feels like I just don’t want to be near or around anything thing Japanese at the moment.

I found myself even researching what would happen if I decided to give birth in America but financially and for other reasons its not a real option. I’m wondering if my morning sickness is back… first yesterday and then today when I was leaving for lunch I felt incredibly sick and tried to suck it in as there was no bathroom or trashcan insight and failed miserably as people watched me throwing up and dry heaving into a gutter. No one stopped to help or even ask if I was ok…

I’m not feeling at my best right now. My body is achy, I pee in tiny tiny amounts every hour or so, and I just wish I was in a country where I could buy clothes that fit instead of having to worry about making sure I have everything I need when purchased when I go home next month.

I don’t really have any issues with Ryohei at the moment. He’s been very sweet. We used to have little tiffs once a month or two but haven’t had one for quite a while now. I guess I just wish I had more friends close by. It enjoy communicating with people through blogs or facebook or skype… but sometimes I just want to go out for lunch and a chat 😦

Maybe I do have maternity blues whatever the heck that is…


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If only you were in Tokyo.. I too have been feeling all lonely and homesick and am craving human interaction more than anything… My hubby is sweet and considerate but very busy and too tired to bother with every little thing on my mind when he gets home. *pouts*

Hope you start to feel better soon! 3 weeks will be over in no time. How long will you being staying at home for?

I wish you were near Nagoya city.. ah Sara, I know how you feel, I Feel like I am blessed with great friends.. but you know what, we are all scattered all over Japan and it SUCKS!

I make it a point to do weekend trips though, without those.. things would be dire…. but you know what… what I miss is having friends land on me at any time or call me up to meet for lunch, cause at least, at worst case we lived an hour away.

Clothes, I love to shop at uniqlo but currently (if you check my blog, my gut is spilling out over the jeans… Uniqlo jeans.. TIGHT) but all others are great, tops, etc

Been there, and I know what is like to pee every five min…err, I get that way on my “P”because I gain like 4kg water during that time. not every month but it feels like I suddenly woke up four months prego… haha

Hmmm Doctor Heather diagnoses Februaryitis! Subsection: Pregnancy, Variation: My mind is already shopping and chowing down in the States… ;P

Chucking up is never fun. Neither is constant peeing. Having circumstances limit your wardrobe to shapeless jersey numbers (that was me) is no barrel of fun either. Add to that the dragging out of a neither here nor there winter month like February and I don’t think you should expect yourself to be skipping around singing!

And I am soooooo looking forward to you moving up this way! I foresee some interprefectural friendship visits coming up. 🙂 I know we’re even farther away than your IRL friends now but you see there’s so much less to do up here we think driving an hour and a half to have lunch (did that last week..) is nothing if the company is enticing!

Perversely, being miserable now will make your trip feel that much more amazing! Ok that was lame advise…

Oh and maternity blues- my annoying pregnancy book had under every freaking month ‘You may be experiencing emotional highs and lows due to hormonal changes.’ I like the term maternity blues better!

Maternity blues is better than maternity pshyco, which is what I am half the time. Ready to explode at the drop of a hat for random trivial things and having fears and nightmares that involve my kids and my unborn child getting harmed!! Definately put it down to hormonal balance being out of whack.

Give it another month or so and you will be at the really need to pee stage and by the time you get to the toilet the baby has moved and you don’t need to go anymore. All fun and games this pregnancy lark 🙂

Trip home will be a good break up in your pregnancy. A refresh to, as thefukases said, shop and chow down. Definately what I did for the last two months.

Hugs to you – soon you and Ryohei will have your own little family and even though you will have similar times of feeling down, it won’t feel so hard because the bunette will be there to smile and gurgle at you 🙂

Khea – Sometimes I wish I was in Tokyo too… just cause I know soooo many people there from when I was a study abroad student. That and all the yummy places to eat 🙂 My hubs is busy too… esp. lately since he will be leaving his current job for another one. We will be in America 12 beautiful glorious wonderful days.

GJ – I’d love to visit Nagoya one day. I’ve never been there yet. There was a point long ago when I was just fitting in the largest size Uniqlo jeans but a sit down job and a live in husband who loves sweets changed the equation quite a bit. *sigh* You are doing a great job with your healthy lifestyle though!

Dr. Heather – LOL. Good to know there is a name for it all. I’m already looking forward to our first interprefectural visit. It takes me at least an hour to and hour and a half by train to reach most of my friends here (less expensive than driving but…) So I’m used to – and glad to do that.
I have high hopes for this trip for the sake that Ryohei will be with me, I think if I was going home alone for two weeks there would be some uh, issues after about 5 days.
I need a buffer sometimes lol.

GW – Hahah… not so much at maternity psycho yet (which made me spit out my milk by the way) but perhaps thats because I don’t have two little ones and a batty MIL running around plus the “fun” hormones.

I HATE peeing… serious I never realized how much of an issue it was until I was pregnant… I HATE getting up 2-3 times I night… I hear it only gets worse. All the books say oh it gets better 2nd tri since the uterus “pops out” all my friends say “the book is utter cr**”

I am excited for the end result but a little scared as well… cute gurgling and cooing I’m all for!! Screaming and puking on the other hand… I think I have that covered enough in this family 😉

I remember feeling that way during the holiday period in my pregnancy with Little Fish. My husband was coming home late, I was working too fricking hard and long hours, I wanted to go shopping and make a nursery and have a baby shower and all the Canadian things, plus I wanted to be home at Christmas. I was angry and sad and just plain annoyed all the time. Once maternity leave started I was happier though!
I can’t wait for you to go to the US, I think you’ll have a blast!
Peeing was awful for me for a month or so this time, I thought it was because of pregnancy only. Then I got checked out at my doctor when I had a positive protein sample. Turns out I had a bladder infection. Holding it has gotten to be ever so much easier since getting that taken care of!

ahah Sara you are so right, well I know how you feel cause I can’t zipper them yet (it took forever to find a 30) and 20 min to get it over my patootie! But the xl Tops are really nice and I still have room in them (the tunics might work better) I bought some when they went on sale (summer sleeves) They would cover up and be comfy with an expanding tummy.

I still buy the men’s sweat shirts though (I try to cover my hips)…

But you still look great Sara, and most of it is all BABY!

hah Healthy lifestyle, okay I could skip the dessert and do less miles a day but I just can’t, it is my treat.

I hope we can meet up soon, we’d have a blast.. heck we should have a blogger Japan meet up!

Like OP said, you’ll be back to your home country soon and can soak it all up and recharge! P.S Have some fish tacos for me.. okay?

Have a fab weekend!

Oh Sara, I feel for you! You’ve been waiting to go home for so long and these final few weeks will feel like forever…but it will come! The maternity blues (I like that phrase) is definitely something real. I don’t have any real advice to give you but you will be back in the U.S. soon and having a wonderful time with everyone! Make sure to shop, shop, shop! 🙂

Sara, I’m sorry it has taken me this long to reply. I read your post a couple of hours after you wrote it but just didn’t feel up to commenting. I knew if I did I wouldn’t be able to say anything positive and I would probably have just made your ‘maternity blues’ even worse!! But now, I am feeling a little better and hopefully you are too!! These last few weeks before you go home is probably going to drag and drag, but hang in there because I know you are going to have a wonderful time when you do eventually get home!! Just imagine all that shopping and eating and outings that you will be able to do!!

It’s funny how you said that you aren’t having problems with Ryohei at the moment because Naoki and I have seemed to stop all of our little arguements too!!

Having a friend close by really helps. Nothing can beat having someone you can go and just have coffee with… I wish we could live a little closer to one another!


Medea – You must be excited to go back with two little ones later this year right? Hmm… they take my pee every time I come in for an appointment so would this be something that they would mention if they saw it in the sample?

GJ- I think a blogger convention would be sooooo much fun. If I wasn’t preggers I would plan something I think.. well I don’t have the room to host something like that either… but it would be so great.

Kuri – Only 3 weeks to go tomorrow… but still so long! I’m just hoping it is over quickly! I’m looking forward to maternity leave but hoping that I will keep myself occupied then. At least at work I’m not bored.. as in the sense there are others around… so hard to please eh 😉

Nay – Yay for no man problems, maybe its just a seasonal thing. Glad to hear its better on that front for you as well! I can’t wait until March to come and see you. Its going to be great!

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