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I am a cliche

Posted on: February 8, 2009

I bought a bottle of dill pickles from the imports store today and am LOVING(!!) them.

I had a really really really bad day yesterday that involved throwing up at the grocery store, dropping a carton of eggs and having them break all over the forementioned grocery store, and burning my finger at dinner. But today was much better. I had a date with Ryohei and bought pickles, cheetos, and almond roca.

Yes I am a crazy pregnant lady!!!! I wish that everyday was the weekend but I am back at work tommorrow to continue the slow crushing of my spirit like everyother salaryman/woman.


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Sorry, but this made me laugh. I do feel for you. I never had it this bad – and dropping the eggs on top of the throwing up… At least you got a better day today – and with the yummy pickels!! I had a huge thing for S&V chips. Mmmmm.

Don't let the spirit get crushed too much 😉

Oh man that would of sucked- did you throw up on the grocery store floor? I am a sympathetic spewer so I would of just spewed up as well (I did this once when kindy kid chucked up…terrible)

Glad to hear today was a better day though- I can not believe you are eating pickles. Hilarious! I don`t eat pickles normally so it will be a big shock if when I get pregnant I develop a craving! hehe!!

I wish everyday was the weekend too!!! I feel for you! Not long to go now til your America trip and then soon after you will have maternity leave.

This is sad and funny at the same time! Oh Sara! I feel for you. Pregnancy is not always as glamorous as I once thought it was depicted. But I’ll bet those dill pickles were about one of the tastiest things you’ve ever eaten right? SO sorry about the grocery store antics (and having to go back to work on a Monday to a spirit crushing job – ugh!)

GW – I am glad that my life can inspire mirth, really! It was almost as good as watching a sitcom myself except that I was the main character. And yes, the pickles are lovely. I have two left that I expect will be devoured as soon as I get home from work today.

Lulu – Thankfully not on the grocery store floor. I think two clean up accidents would have gotten me kicked out. No the throwing up took place right outside. I usually hate pickles… I take them off my burgers etc but I dunno the ones I got are sweet and cold and crunchy and only 10 calories each! Yummy yummy!

Coffeegrl – I know, the movies make it look all sparkly and glowing. At about 17 weeks in I am really really hating pregnancy. I’ll probably want to do it again someday but right now I’d be more than happy to have non upchucking, forgetful, peeing on the hour me back ;_; Pickles were yummy!! At least there is a holiday this week!

Before my first pregnancy I was addicted to honey BBQ wings from KFC, seriously, I ate a 12pc every other day for months, I LOVED those things!! But after I got pregnant, just the thought of them made me gag! They became the most disgusting thing in the world, I couldn’t even stand the smell of them! But after the baby was born, they quickly became my fave again! Pregnancy does some seriously weird things to your taste buds!

I hope you enjoyed your last two pickles!

Hang in there! you must be almost out the otherside of morning sickness. And crazy lady? Not unles you ate the chocolate, pickles and cheetos together! In that case i suggest having yourself committed! ;P

I was never fond of pickles but saltine crackers and pretzels were my favorites, as a sandwich with potato chips.. EWWW

Been there… vomit in my hair, nose running, dry heaves, hitting my head on the way up… It is beautiful half the time and EWW the other half… I can not find a word for EWW at the moment.. sorry = )

Good morning, oh I agree and I wish everyday were the weekend too! : )

About the vomit, I understand. It happens. : ( When I was preggers with Branden. We were on holiday in Osaka for 2 month’s. One morning we walked to and from this little breakfast coffee shop/waffle place. And we were just passing this great big intersection and I could not control it, I vomited all over along the side of the street and half in a bush. A few people walking by. I was mortified. But what could I do? Nothing. : (

And with Noah, the smell of coffee made me queasy really bad. Not sure why, but it did. We were in an airplane, I recall and the food cart had a pot of coffee on there. It was like torture for me until she could get that cart past and away from me! Ha ha ha. And weird because I love coffee normally. But didn’t drink a single one while pregnant with Noah because it made me so queasy.

Cute that you bought pickles. Aww! : )

And bummer about the soul crushing job. I’m so sorry. I really am. I can only imagine. Hopefully these 3 weeks will hurry up and you can be back in the US soon. And getting the much deserved fun you deserve.

Slime – I only ended up eating 1! Still have the last one left for tonight. The only food I’ve really gone “off” since getting pregnant is onion. Its never been a fave but now I really really don’t want to eat it. I’m also “off” most sweets as well. If there used to be candy or sweets in the house they would be gone but I’ve got stuff thats been around for week now. Very very strange indeed.

Fuka – Hahaha. No not all together! The weirdest I get is dipping french fries in my milkshake but I did that since I was little!

GJ – I love soft pretzels!! It was so random, cause the other day I was CRAVING them and thinking no way would I find them here and what do you know I randomly stopped by this bakery and they had soft pretzals!! But only on that day it appears as every time I go back they don’t have any! lol

Gina – OMG about the coffee pot on the plane. I can imagine how horrible that would be. I don’t ha ve any particular smells that bother me EXCEPT… the horrible smell of bad breath (SO MANY PEOPLE AT MY OFFICE!!) or just “old man” stink on the train… it makes me want to gag everytime! (I think I was just really rude, but its the truth!)

I *love* dipping my fries in my milkshake!!!! Especially McD's fries!!! Too funny! I also love M&M's in my popcorn.

Ha ha ha, not rude at all, I think you’re totally right honestly!: ) Which is why I am coming back to comment once more, hope you don’t mind. I think we are more sensitive to smells or scents being pregnant. I noticed peoples perfume a lot too while pregnant. It cracked me up you said that but it’s true. Maybe our senses are more heightened? Or I dunno what. : )

Fwiw, my SIL, when she was pregnant both times. The smell that made her gag and actualy run and vomit was rice cooking out of a rice cooker. Completely shocking to her. She never thought that. She’s Japanese, loves rice, grew up with rice, loves the smells of fresh rice. But when she was preggers, and would be making the rice and chopping or prepaing the food. She could cook anything and the smell wouldn’t bother her, but as soon as the rice started to steam, Kaori would catch wind of it and immediately run like lightning to the toilet to vomit. It happened for a week before she just started making it earlier in the day so she could avoid being around when it was steaming. Poor thing.

Yes now you got me wondering…are we more sensitive to smells and scents when pregnant? Hmm. I sorta think so.

PS….I voted pink on your poll. I can’t wait for you to find out. : )

Slime – Yay! I’ve been doing that since I can remember I think my family thought I was crazy. High five!

Gina – Ohhh.. you know what? That smell sort of bothers me too. And I eat WAY less rice now as well. I still make hubbies portion but I really don’t want any myself.
I would say my sense of smell is quite a bit stronger… or more easily disturbed. RE: the poll – I can’t wait to find out too!! Its been on my mind all the time for the last couple weeks!!

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