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My current mantra

Posted on: February 15, 2009

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I wanna go home…

Not in the forever sense but in the I NEED a break, badly.
The thought of going to work tomorrow is making me so depressed.

I just want to get on the plane and go home now and be in MY country for just a little bit.

I want familiar food, shops, and scenery. And I want to see my kitty.

Two more weeks feel like an eternity.

On a seperate note

I want to find out what the baby is
I want to find out what the baby is
I want to find out what the baby is

I just want to know so I can start getting mentally prepared. Right now I have a stranger in my belly and I want to know if that stranger is “girl name” or “boy name.”

AGGGGGG…… angsty bad me!!!


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Hang in there!

I have to go back to work tomorrow after a month long break and it is making me so depressed as welll! Doesn’t being the primary breadwinner just SUCK sometimes?! I don’t wanna go to work … lol

But hey, 2 weeks … that’s nothing, and you’ll be back home. That’s great, you’ll be on that plane before you know it!

Thanks!! 2 weeks feels like FOREVER though. I hope it will go by fast. Probably doesn’t help I have a (pointless) work conference this Friday that requires a 2+ hour commute. Slowest days ever!

Good luck getting back to work Jess! Its a tough adjustment I know!

Have felt just like that before!! Hang in there. 14 more sleeps. Have you decided on a girl name and boy name? There is so much in the stroke order and readings etc – you could get name book to keep you occupied on the commute on Friday.

Will you find out what it is before you go home? You must be about 19 weeks are you?

GW – Yes we are pretty much 100% for both. The stroke order for our girls name is quite good, its a “lucky number” but the one of the boys name is not so great but its a family name. Ryohei doesn’t seem to interested in following the stroke order type thing (his name isn’t that great to begin with lol)

I’m 18 weeks tomorrow… I think my next appointment will be Sunday I’ll probably beg my Dr. to take a look – but who knows if the bean will cooperate. Could be stubborn just like its mom.

So back on the name thing … are you going with Japanese names only, or names that can work in both language, or are you going to do an English name as well as a Japanese name? We had to do two names because Chinese names and English names are just too different to allow much crossover. Luckily Japanese names are a bit easier on English tongues for pronounciation, as long as you stay away from certain syllables.

Jessica – We are doing Japanese first name, western middle name, and then obviously our Japanese last name. Western names will only be written on the American passport.

So it will be something like (example)

USA: Yoko Sue K.
Japanese: Yoko K. (in characters)

Testing out both names with my mom on the phone the other day, the boys name we picked probably won’t fly back at home to be honest so I have a feeling if its a boy me/my family will be calling him by his “shortened” middle name. The girls name is fairly familiar even to western people so she’ll probably be called by that.

Confusing huh!! šŸ˜€



That’s so exciting you’ll get to find out soon. And have your names picked out! We just started talking about names the other day… it’s not going to well. “I wanna name him JACK! or TOM!” …no.

Hugs Sara. Two weeks is nothin`!! šŸ™‚

Khea – hahahahahha.. oh no. we had some DOOZY names as well.. or at least hubby did. thank goodness I talked him down from that! it is so so so so hard to be patient!!

Tigermama – Thanks!! I’m sure it will go by fast, I just wish it was over now!!

I’m hoping the next 2 weeks will fly by as quick as possible for you!!!

I hope your little bub decides to cooperate on Sunday!! I hope you are going to share it with us!

Soon! Have you started making shopping lists for your visit home? I always make so many lists, then make lists of my lists! I e-mail them to myself and my mom, then print out two copies…..even then I end up forgetting a few things I had wanted to buy.
Making the lists, even just my “fantasy” lists always helps the time go by as I look forward to visits home!

two short weeks, two long weeks….. Hope time flies for you.

The names thing is so much fun, isn’t it. The power! You get to decide what the world will call your kid! We went with Meg(umi) Mary and Eimi/ Amy Ethel. Think they’ll both hate me when they realise their English names are antiques but they’re my grandmother’s names so bad luck girls. Funny, my PIL were dead keen on doing the traditional thing and naming the kid themselves. (I don’t think so- I’m the one who’ll be pushing the thing out!!) FIL wanted to lump the kid with the kanji for Australia (just in case the big nose, fair hair and freckles didn’t give him away???) which had readings of either Hide or Go. He couldn’t understand why they didn’t fly in English… @_@

A week til bubs identity will probably be revealed and 2 weeks til you fly home. Not long now!

How is Ryohei going- he excited about meeting your parents??

Time will fly by- then you will be back and you can start looking forward to when I arrive back in Japan! hehe! Then of course the bubs impending arrival…

Hope the week flys by!

Nay – Of course I will be writing all about it exclusively here on my blog šŸ™‚

Slime – hahaha… I have 3 at the moment Baby stuff, Clothes, and FOOD!! I also have a list of places I want to eat AT while I’m back home. The first on my list is fish tacossssss!

Heather – “Ive got the power” /bad 80s dance flashback/ Aww I’m sure your girls will appreciate their middle names eventually – family names are nice. We were considering my grandmothers name (Gwendolyn) as a middle name but it doesn’t work well with the first name! Good things you got the PIL to butt out! You might have been stuck with something gastly! Yuka (Yuck-a!) or Saeko (Psycho!) or something lol. (No offense to any Yukas or Saekos reading this!!)

Lulu – I think he is pretty excited! He’s looking forward to using our jacuzzi.. which is out for me btw (thanks baby) Only.. 5 more days til Sunday?

Gwendolyn, love it! Classic! I have my grandmothers middle name as well, my mom choose my name because of her love for a comic book. (and like the character of one) I have two middle names… guess my mom could not decided with one or the other had to be both.

Whoa.. this is hubs first time meeting the folks! No wonder you are excited!

Ooh not long until you go home now. I got extra home-sick when I was pregnant so I feel your pain. It will be so awesome to go home and re-charge your batteries for a bit!

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