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Cold Again

Posted on: February 18, 2009

Wow – after the beautiful weekend weather, the throwback to frigid has been rough. The wind is the most chilly I’ve felt it for weeks now. I’m still working hard towards my countdown towards home. Only… about 10 more days now?

Anyways I’ll just do a few random blurbs to update on things lately.

– May be able to end work earlier than I thought. Seems they don’t need me for the project in mid-May so if I can get my doctor to change my due date to one day earlier than I just have to work the Thursday and Friday of Golden Week and I’ll have enough paid vacation to last until my maternity leave! (woo hoo!)

– Baby has started moving… well he/she has been moving for a while I guess, but I’ve recently started feeling the “flutters” and “eye twitch” movements that all the pregnancy boards talk about. Its pretty cool! I usually feel the baby for a few minutes every couple of hours especially if I’m sitting a certain way. I kind of see my bump moving around from time to time but not sure if its the baby because I can’t “feel” anything when that happens.. could just be breathing (lol)

– I THINK the morning sickness hurdle is cleared!! But its been quickly replaced with the face looks like a pizza, achy bump in the morning, and *ahem* digestive issues hurdles. Always a picnic this is…

Umm.. thats it! Once again a pregnancy centric post… sorry for the 1 trackness of all of them lately! I really just don’t have anything else interesting to write about unless you want to hear how I sat at work most of the day yawning and checking various websites. 😛


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We have had a cold spell here as well … it has actually snowed the past two days!

Feeling the baby move is cool, isn’t it? I think I felt my son around 18 weeks, which is about where you are, right? It will get really obvious in a few more weeks, like hard kicks and jabs and later on you’ll really be able to see the baby moving, sort of alien-like, like seeing something swimming across under the surface. It is pretty cool! I didn’t like pregnancy all that much but the baby moving is definitely the best part. 😀

So exciting that you’re feeling the baby move now! Isn’t that amazing? I loved feeling all the kicks and movements.

I’m SO excited to find out the sex of your little one, btw!

And yay for the good news about potentially ending work early!

Jessica – Yay you finally got your snow hehe. I’m looking forward to alien swimming and jabs but not so much the kicks to the bladder which I’ve been hearing about!

Allison – I’m looking forward to seeing you in what.. about 2 weeks! I can’t wait to meet your little guy!! Hopefully before then we will find out what ours is!!

I was so excited when it started to warm up! I am really sick of winter, but as you said, it bl**dy got cold again!! It really makes the coldness feel colder than what it probably really is!

How exciting – you are now feeling your little bub move… It must be such an amazing feeling!!

If you lucky, only 3 more days till you find out (and hopefully not too much long after), we find out if you having a baby boy or baby girl!! I am going to have so much fun shopping for baby clothes when I go back to Oz in May!!

Oh wow- I want a video of the moving baby….can you do that? hehe! Although by the time I see you in June the bub will be moving around ALOT I will imagine.

That is great about the possibility of finishing up work earlier- Yay!!
So exciting.

Sorry to hear it has gotten cold again- once you get back from America though the cherry blossoms will be blooming and spring will have set in.

I know.. I was so hoping for some spring like weather to last a bit longer, it turned cold and now it will be a warmer but cloudy rainy week.. ah…”sigh”

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