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Watch this spot!

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Leaving for my 5 month obgyn appt in about 30 mins! Hopefully the doctor will give us some guidance to what we are having! I’m nervous!!

EDIT: Well no news isn’t good news in this case. Looks like I have a bit of a lazybum on my hands as the baby decided to grace us with its back, knees folded inwards. So a bit disappointed and still mommy to an “it.” I guess that pretty much means we’ll be taking the elective 3D/4D ultrasound in America…

But still I was hoping to see more of the baby than just a rump and a spine… c’est la vie!


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I can’t wait to hear! I just found out that my sister is having a boy (as I predicted). Wonder if my prediction about your “boy” will be true??? I’m only right 50% of the time 😉

Ooooh! I hope baby is cooperative!

In sooooo much suspense over here! 😀

Awww, that’s lame Sara, I’m sorry! But the 3D will be fun, I think they give you a DVD of the US, so that’ll be cool to have. And it won’t be long now, you’ll soon be on your way to the States!

Oh Sara, I was thinking about you and your appointment all day!! I’m sorry you weren’t able to find out today. The 3D/4D scan that you can take in America sounds pretty cool though!

Not long before you go home now!

I know you were so excited to find out so I am sorry to hear it didn`t happen.

5 month scan is also when they check bubs organs though so obviously everything was fine on that count.

The 3D/4D scans sound amazing- I am sure you will get a great little picture or vid of the bub. Plus you mum could go with your right? I am sure she will be excited about that.

Sorry the bean wasn’t cooperating, I know how disappointed you must feel!

On the brighter side, the 3D ultrasound is AMAZING! Mine was so clear and detailed we could even tell that E had his dad’s feet! The place we had our’s done posts the ultrasound pix on their website, on a private page that they gave you a password for, then you could send the password to anyone you wanted to share the pix with! It was really cool.

Bummer bummer bummer. Wanted to know whether I could get a box of pre-loved but extremely cute girlie clothes in the post. The 4D ultrasound is way cool and very much more a ‘person’. My clinic here has it and I can get vid taken of it – but posting pics on the web like ‘Slime’ said is very cool. Hope you get a clinic back home that has that option.

Thanks for the book – am thinking might save until April when Marina maybe starts kindy and I have some fat pregnant woman time on my hands!!

Argh! I’ve been there! It can be maddening! At least you have a wonderful trip home to keep your mind off this frustrating bit…. 🙂

All – Thanks for your comments… have to say I’m not exactly thrilled with how things went today but I had a feeling this morning thats how they would go. Oh well 😦

I just had hoped I would have something exciting to carry me through the rest of the coming week. Only 5 more work days until I can leave though.

You know even if the doctor here could see the sex, he/she would probably say “maybe girl” or “probably boy”. So annoying. I didn’t believe I was having a boy until a few weeks before he popped out.

No way! I totally dreamed you updated your blog with the announcement that you were having a girl. LOL. I didn’t realize I dreamed that until I checked in here and saw your update.

Well, I’m sure the 3D ultrasound will tell all. That will be fun!

Oh! I am so sorry you did not get a peek! 😦
I know how you feel…
I will predict a Girl, because Girls usually dont like hide and leave you wondering. 🙂 Boy? they like to show all! haha! 😉

With my 1st baby(who is now 7)
i saw a japanese doctor and gave birth off base in a beautiful clinic. i had ultrasound each visit and can you believe each visit we chose to say No to knowing the ‘sex’?… YUP. We waited the entire 9 months. it was hard, esp w/ all the ultrasounds!

In the end, having a little suprise was wonderful. 🙂 I hope you have better luck in America.
Oh, and eat and shop for me too! I love Japan, but miss some american ‘goodies’!!!

Alisa – I think maybe for the next (if theres a next) we won’t find out? I’m kind of at the point where I would almost rather not know with this one, but have quite a few people who have offered to give me “he things” or “she things” that would be helpful!

Here are some speedy vibes that you get to go home soon and it goes by REALLY super fast!

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