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Not Cool

Posted on: February 23, 2009

So I had almost a heartattack at work today. I occasionally check my (hot)mail from my cell at work and was very very startled and upset today to find a mail that 1. was asking to reset my facebook password although I didn’t request such a thing and
2. that had already been clicked open…

how freaky was that… so here I am thinking that someone has access to my email and now facebook accounts. I wanted to leave work early because I was so upset but I don’t have any time off at the moment since I’m leaving next week.

So I probably gave myself even worse high blood pressure worrying about.
So after racing home and finding I could log into both still I changed both my facebook and hotmail passwords to something more difficult. (They were the same password – an easy one at that – before)

So my public service annoucement to all of you: Don’t forget to change your passwords/have different passwords for different accounts. I am very very lucky that all I got was a shock and not a horrible mess.


4 Responses to "Not Cool"

Woah that is scary- off the change some of my passwords.

How scary! I need to change some of my passwords as well. I use the same password for loads of things because I’m lazy. Chinese hackers are crazy, you know my husband and I play WoW in China and we’ve been hacked multiple times on both accounts, even with really extensive security measures (there are pin numbers and special pass-cards you have to use to log on because of how bad the hacker problem is). If you have any online credit card/bank accounts you might want to check those just to be sure, because that’s most likely what the hacker was after.

I hate those fishing, that’s what they were most likely doing- you can forward the mail you received to abuse@facebook.com or abuse@hotmail.com

That IS scary. Hope it doesn’t happen to you again!

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