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Posted on: February 25, 2009

Ahh the difference a month makes. Same shirt, different belly!

And in a follow up to Sundays post – mi madre has booked the 4d appointment for Tuesday afternoon so if you want to know whether it is a bambino or bambina make sure to check in around noon on Weds. Japan time!

Ok, off to the fun fun fun of work 😦


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What a great bump! Everything must be starting to feel “real.”

You must be so excited about the 4D. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about the results too. Take care!

The belly is gorgeous!!!!! I can`t wait to see the results of th 4D scan. I will be online waiting for to hear if jellybean in a boy or girl. Have a safe trip home. Gonna miss you!!!!!!

A great baby bump. From third time round 27 week belly as big as when gave birth to first child perspective I call it a bump still!! At least now you will be getting people looking at you like you are pregnant! I still get some people unsure whether to ask or not just in case I did eat all the pies while I was back home 🙂

Yay for Tuesday – will definately be checking.

Happy packing.

Excellent bump! Good idea to stick with the same shirt 🙂

Aw what a cute belly!

It is all baby, baby!!! You are doing so well, right on! You have not gained a pound.. other than baby and you look fabulous!

You look great Sara!! I can’t believe the change in a month!! You definitely won’t have any problems with people thinking that you aren’t pregnant!

I’m so excited to see the results of the 4D scan… will definitely be checking on Wednesday!

Have a great flight home!

Thanks all!!! Actually the pic seems to capture it better than in real life where it looks like I may have had just one or two pizzas too many. I’m thinking in a months time I’m going to have graduated from cow to whale.

Only 2 more work days until vacation!!!! I wish I could just time travel through them!

oh stop, your belly is gorgeous!! 😀

hehe the cow to whale joke cracked me up- and it is isnt true your belly is beautiful!

There is a lady at work three weeks ahead of you and she has POPPED in the last month…she is looking very pregnant now! hehe

4d scan, so exciting! I can not wait to hear the results…YAY! Very exciting.

What a perfect baby bump! I can’t wait to find out what you’re having too…I will be stopping by the day you said to find out. And oh my gosh, not too long before you can go on vacation. I bet you are SO looking forward to that.

PS, I got my pepperoni in Guam. But I know the Meat Guy in Japan sells it too. : )

Yay for baby belly! There’s no way anyone mistakes that for a pizza pooch! I can’t wait for the u/s results!

Its nice when the belly starts getting a big more obvious — people give up their seats on the bus without you having to give them the evil eye and all that. You have a great bump, take lots of pictures! I wish I had taken more pics, I was sort of self conscious about my bump and not that into having pictures taken (although I do have some :))

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