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One Day More…

Posted on: February 27, 2009

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. But… I somehow managed. If I can just get through the 8 hour workday I will be free for 2 weeks. The longest vacation, I think, that I’ve taken from work thus far.

It has not been easy… especially because of the lousy rainy and cold weather we’ve had this week. I may have a touch of SAD and either way rainy days who really wants to hop put of bed into a dark room. Not I for sure.

I sort of wish we were leaving earlier than Monday, but Ryohei still has his last day, actual last day of his company in Kobe tomorrow, plus the obligitory sending off party (yawn) AND he’s going up to Osaka Sunday to get his haircut… (yes he goes almost an hour by train to go the same place he used in university) but whatever. I guess I’ll be alone for pretty much most of the weekend. Hopefully my latest TV obbsession, Top Chef, will get me through it.

Monday will be busy since we have to get up and out to pick up last minute “omiyage” for my parents and brothers, get lunch, and then take the bus to the airport. From there it will just be more waiting until we land at San Fran. where I will gorge myself with American food and then another 2-3 hour wait until our flight for San Diego leaves.

So… although techinically theres only one day of “work” left the waiting is still there.

And since I can’t post without mentioning the baby, its kicking quite a bit more! I played some music for it yesterday, Eurobeat, and it seemed to like that quite a bit. It did NOT seem to like Ryohei touching it with his very very cold hands. He’s like “I can feel it moving!!” And I’m like “Because its trying to get away!”

His hands were cold (lol)

Alright thats it for now, what the heck I’m gonna pick up a frap on the way to work today! Why not treat myself 😉


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Think you and the bean both need a frap! I’m sure after you get home this evening things will start getting exciting. Last minute packing and just knowing you don’t have any more work before you get on the plane 🙂 Yay for a whole two weeks – your last trip before the baby. A major event. Everything after this that you think might resemble a holiday actually falls into the category of trip away from the normal surrounds that involves entirely around the child’s routine, not to mention twice as much luggage.

Roll around Tuesday and scan!!

GW – We both enjoyed the frap as the little one is know kick/tickling me with caffine induced glee. Ahh yes packing… we’ll I have a feeling my suitcase is going to resemble your hubs visiting you in NZ. Not much but a one day change of clothes and some undies and of course omiyage. Way back will be a different story of course!

Babies love fraps, it makes them come out extra cute. Trust me. 😉

Jess – In that casseeeee…. I’m gonna have a real cutie! I could NOT drink coffee in my first trimester but that seems to have cleared itself right up.

Oh how I miss Top Chef! As far as mindless distractions to pass the time go- that’s a great one! I’m so excited for you to have a trip home 😉 Have a wonderful time!!

Am a Top Chef Junkie too but will settle for Top Stylist which will air soon…. Not long, not long now, so baby bump was bumping to the Europbeat? lol “wink”!

Ah.. a Frap I am craving a dry froth right about now!

Coffeegrl – I am a big fan of all the “crafty” reality shows… project runway, Top Design, Shear Genius.. and.. well I’ll admit to Americas Next Top Model as well.. lol

GJ – Ohh.. Top Stylist sounds good. You should have tried out for one of the design shows you’d be really good at it judging from the pics you have on your blog!

Yea, enjoy this! It’ll be your last “holiday” as a free adult lol. You better enjoy yourself and pig out on American goodies like mad!! You’ll regret it if you don’t… yay for baby as an excuse to gain weight guilt-free eh.

Mmmmm a frapp! I could use one of those, I do want our baby to be extra cute of course 😉

I forgot to ask last night if you enjoyed the frap- I guess so huh!

Khea – Yup, there will be no holding back on the goodies department. I already made a list for my mom to stalk the fridge/pantry before I get there!!

Lulu – It was yummm! Enjoying the Java chip one at the moment. America has a TON of flavors as well so I shall partake there to try some of them out, especially the mint and chocolate one.

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