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Posted on: March 4, 2009


Yay my instinct was right!! I can’t believe it!! She’s so cute and looks (from what we can see) quite a bit like Ryohei – to his chagrin… lol

Anyways I’m jet lagged like crazy and Ryoheis cd drive isn’t loading the pics so I will upload some later!!!

Wow – I can’t believe I’m having a daughter!! Bring on the pink πŸ™‚


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Congratulation on finding out jellybean is a girl. Can`t wait for you to get back so we can get together and do baby stuff! Take care of yourself and have fun fun fun!

OMG! Sarah, congrats! You got your baby girl =) You two must be so excited! Can’t wait to see the pics.


OMG- I am at working using internet illegally but OMG! Best news

Yay!!! Talk soon!!


And as the mum of two I have to say girls rock!

And here they say girls are lucky if they look like their dads. I personally think it would be luckier to look like your mum but anyway…

So are you going for Emi, Erika, Eimi or Erina then? ;P

Congrats! I’d love to have a daughter one day too … sons are great, but I’ve always wanted to experience that mother/daughter thing too.

You said your girls’ name was better than your boys’ name, right? Are you gonna tell us or leave us hanging till July? πŸ˜›

Congratualtions Sara!!! I voted pink and said it down below someplace. I sorta had the feeling you’d be having a beautiful little girl!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay!!! : )

What fabulous news! Resist the urge to buy too much- I bet you are going to get loads of clothes from people. Congrats- it’s the year of the girl indeed!
So nice that you found out on Hinamatsuri too!

Sassy – Yay! I started crying during it, they had to give me a box of tissues lol. Now I can say with certainity I can give the princesses used stuff a very good home πŸ˜€

Khea – I know!! It was a happy surprise, the last 2-3 weeks I had a ton of boy vibes so I was surprised to hear that my intial guess had been right! You’ll be finding out in another month or so right?

Lulu – We skyped so much lately lol. i totally wish we were in the time zone, and im totally honored you like.. did illegal things to read my blog lol

Fuka – Yay as a mother of two hopefully you can give me some good tips! Ryohei may need them more as he’s only experienced brothers. I think hes a bit worried about parenting a pink one.

Jessica – Yah, your little boy is too cute! Part of me sort of wanted a boy it was kind of cool not knowing because i sort of played out fantasies for both of them… but so happy to know for shopping and other purposes!

Gina – Yay for guessing right! I’m totally enjoying my yummy bad american food

Medea – Oh wow! I forgot today was Hina matsuri… that is cool! Next year we will both be celebrating our daughters 1st! The thought makes me all tear-y!

Congrats Sara on the Pink News, I bet you are envisioning pinkish-cuteness already for the wee one to frolic around in! Are you hitting Dwell baby? I wonder, are all of us having girls?

Anyhoo, congrats and take care of yourself and enjoy your Vay-cay darling!

jessica and fuka – we do have her name picked out and theres a couple people who know already but i may be holding out on the “release”

just to… you know… keep things a little suspenseful around here πŸ˜‰

gj – i looooooove pink as this blog may show lol there will be much pink frolicing. and i had rubios last night it was ammmmaaaazzzziiinnngg

OMG – how exciting!!! I can’t believe you are having a girl. You must be so happy! I can’t wait to start buying you cute little baby girl clothes!! I am so happy for you both!

Maybe the wedding ring thingo really works?!?!

I wonder what we are going to have…

Okay, I am home from work now and do a proper comment as opposed to a stealth one on a govt computer from work where we are not supposed to use the internet for “personal use”- that said they will be able to see that between 10am-1pm my time I logged on about 14 times to check if you had posted yet.

So excited it is a girl- I have the perfect yarn to knit a baby hat- how big is a baby`s head at six months? Anyone know? Might even get my act together and do booties also.

She does look a bit like Ryohei too! So cute! The name you picked will really suit her- I can tell already! hehe

Hope America is going well and that Ryohei is settling in (and getting along with your mum!)

nay- if the ring test really works then that is exciting!!!

Yay yay yay for little girls!

Hooray for girls! Congratulations!I wanted E to be a girl so badly! I love him to death and wouldn’t trade him for a bus load of girls now, but it took me a whole year to come to terms with having a boy (on his 1st b-day I secretly dressed him in the pink party dress both his sisters had worn on their 1st b-days. shhhhh! don’t tell his dad!)

Congratulations!! I wish I had a pink one…. Got two blue ones who I wouldn’t trade for the world but one more would have been nice. Sigh! Wrap her up in pink frills for me!!

We share the same surname, and as such our names are all connected to it. For example, my husband is a “pure tree” I am (at a great stretch!) a “beautiful tree” Yoshi is a “graceful tree” and Harry is a “spring tree”. If they had been girls they’d have been either Kirie (a tree of reason and justice) or Anju (an apricot tree because we lived in the middle of apricot orchards when he was made.)

Yay for girls. I got a bit of a shock at finding out number three is a boy but am sure I’ll get used to the idea by June. Like Slime, I may be dressing him up in his sister’s clothes!!

Isn’t the 4D cool! Freaky aye!

Dangerous that you found out the sex at the start of your holiday. You realise you will now spend the next two weeks buying cute girlie baby things. I came back from NZ with clothes for Marina for three years from now!!

nay – haha… there are so many cute girl things here… before i found out today there were so many things i wanted to buy but i held back on. i will have to go back an pick up a couple now! the ring test was right!! but a ton of the oldwives tales said boy… are you getting any vibes from your little one yet? i first got girl vibes around 9 – 10 weeks in

lulu – ohhh i would be happy if you knit something for her! she will need it come niigata winter. i have no idea how big she’ll be though! she looked so delicate on the ultrasound but she may be a chunker like ryohei was lol
hope you dont get in trouble at work on my behalf 😦

slime – omg i lol’d at the dress thing! speaking of which my mom kept my “coming home” dress from whne i was brought from the hospital so i will be taking it back to japan with me to use for my daughter.. im sooo happy about that

vicky – i like tree/plant related names too. actually my maiden name was also tree related. my daughters name will be nature related for sure πŸ™‚

gw – oh no! poor bunster in his onee-chans clothing lol. is it hard to switch from boy to girl raising mentality? to be honest im a little surprised shes a girl. so many people told me they thought i was a “boy mom” …. i sort of thought so as well.. but so pleased to have (for now) estrogen dominance in the family lol


AW! πŸ™‚
πŸ™‚ Girls are so much fun.
When i was prego w/ my 1st… i thought it was a boy for a long time. Even bought blue /green.
Nope, Girl… and i loved it!

2nd time around, we got the boy.
Now, … with thinking about #3?
I am Def. Hoping for a Girl… if/when we do have another. πŸ˜‰

Pink Dreams!

Congratualtions! Have fun buying all the cute little dresses and shoes.

How exciting! I think my hubby was secretly looking forward to having a little girl. He lived in the US long enough to become quite familiar with the “daddy’s little girl” phenomenon and he had several guy friends who had daughters. Hopefully, Ryohei will find as much joy in it as my husband does πŸ™‚

I’m so happy to see people so thrilled for you. We heard from a lot of people who were happy and then we also heard from a lot of people giving us “advice” about how hard it is to raise teenage girls. Ignore it if you get it too! I was never a difficult child (my mom will attest to that) and she and I have a great relationship to this day!


Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

jo – thank you!!! πŸ™‚

alisa – yay! you called it with girls being shy. even during the 4d ultrasound she was putting her hand between her legs so we couldn’t see. it took almost 2 minutes of the 10 to find out what she was lol
gl on #3!!!

Trisha – yay, i loooove pink. she can pick out what she likes when shes old enough to decide for herself but while shes still young its going to be loooots of pink lol

Coffeegrl – i think ryohei is pretty happy! i know when we first started talking kids he wanted a boy since he “doesnt know girls” but most of our friends have little girls so he is pretty enchanted by them. i hope they will have a great relationship. im trying to not think about labor yet alone the teenage years lol! but i wasn’t a bad teen either.

christelle – thanks!! its really made everything seem so real πŸ˜€

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