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Finally an update

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Wow! Has it already been 5 days since we got here? Time is going by so fast. We’ve been extremely busy. This has been the first day since we arrived that we’ve actually had time to relax AND our jetlag (in particular mine) is gone!! Yay!! The past 4 nights I was waking up between 2-3 am STARVING and not able to fall asleep afterwards. It was awful. Last night I was finally able to get about 8 or 9 hours of sleep and it was wonderful. I no longer feel like a zombie.

Like I said, its been a VERY busy trip so far, and starting tonight it will continue on in the same direction. So far we’ve done a 5 hour mall shopping excursion.. with both of us pretty much dying at the end, visited a museum at Balboa Park, and yesterday we went to Sea World with my Dad which was actually really fun. I think Ryohei really enjoyed it. We have of course taken plenty of pics but haven’t had time to upload so unfortunately that probably won’t happen until after we get home although at this point I don’t want to think about leaving. It is warm and sunny and beautiful here right now and the thought of going back to cold and windy Japan makes me want to cry. lol

We’ve both bought some clothes while here, I think Ryohei is pretty much complete but I’m not really sure how much and what to buy in regards to maternity wear. Its pretty much impossible for me to wear regular clothes now but its hard since it will still be pretty cold when we get back and most of the clothes I have bought are short sleeved. I did buy a warm cardigan jacket, maybe I will just have to buy one more and layer those over the other shirts until its warm enough to go without. (And I can see why people try and plan to have their babies in the same season since maternity clothes aren’t THAT cheap)

Tonight my mom is throwing a baby shower for “me” I say that in quotes since none of my friends will be there, just hers. Shes already gone crazy buying things and GRRRR telling people the name we have picked out including writing it on Ryoheis facebook, which we deleted. I knowwww she is enthusiastic but well… *sigh* lets just say I’m going to be getting the stereotypical corny shower but whatever. I’m trying to be diplomatic and very happy I have Ryohei to vent my frustrations when I have them, although there haven’t been too many so far.

Speaking of BG (baby girl) shes pretty mellow. I guess its still pretty early but she doesn’t move a whole lot. I do feel her at least once a day but its very very light? I can sort of feel where she is now as certain parts of my belly will be firm and others will be more squishy. (I would imagine she is the harder parts lol) I look at her 4D pictures a lot and think she is sooo beautiful. I need to post a better one of her face on here, it look like she has a really cute delicate mouth and wide set eyes. “Finding out” that shes you know, my daughter, as opposed to just being pregnant before has really made this seem more “real.” Now I really can’t wait to meet her.

Anyways I probably won’t get another chance to write until Monday night America time, so until then, have a good weekend all!


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Busy busy busy!! Maternity clothes are quite expensive but if you end up wearing for three babies you get your moneys worth ๐Ÿ™‚

The bunster is very active – not getting to the hey stop kicking me stage yet but not far away.

Knowing whether you are having a ‘daughter’ or ‘son’ makes it so much more real – well it did for me too. A bit scary though. A few more months and you’re going to be a mum. So much to do ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope ‘your’ baby shower goes well.

Have a good weekend.

Glad the trip is going well so far!You sound very happy and upbeat.

I’m sure your baby shower will be fun, if corny … you should invite some of your friends if you want, or hint to mom if there are some people you’d like to have there. Baby showers are kind of cheesy by nature, but its sort of cool to have people celebrate the baby and to get all a lot of stuff bought for you, as baby supplies are not cheap are they?

Maternity clothes suck. I never wanted to pay that much for clothing I wasn’t going to be able to wear non-pregnant, so I tried to get a few items that I could wear after the baby as well — wrap skirts, empire waist shirts, drawstring pants. I guess it helps that I have a sort of hippie-ish fashion sense anyhow. Even so, I had to bite the bullet and buy some maternity clothes, especially for work. It is March already and it should start warming up here in North Asia pretty soon, so getting spring/summer stuff is probably not a bad idea. I had DS in October so all of my maternity clothes are for the warm weather, if I ever have a winter baby I’ll have to go shopping all over again.

Have a great time this weekend!

Hi! Sorry to hear that none of your friends will be at your shower, but happy to hear that you are getting a shower. I think by the way, that you won’t need warm clothes for much longer (I live in Tohoku). Just get one or two comfy sweaters and wrap those around you when you need them. You want lots of kids so consider the clothes and investment and its nice to know you can “share” later with other women stuck in Japan without access to maternity wear back home. (Most of my clothes were second hand from foreign women here).

Oh and ds wasn’t a big mover and shaker in the womb either. I did feel him regularly in the last months, but he wasn’t kicking so much as stretching (right under my rib, ouch!) I think it depends on their position in there too- so exciting to know you are having a girl! Oh and people I’d never met before, friends of my mom, gave presents which I thought was weird but someone pointed out that people love babies (and especially shopping for baby girls) so just smile and accept the load of gifts you’re gonna get! (Ds got more Christmas presents sent here than us when I was still pregnant so he wasn’t even born yet).

just read your fb message and it seems the shower went okay- Yay for pink!

I did read this the other day but must have forgot to comment.

Glad things are going well in America (albeit a little fast!)- hope visiting your brothers goes well!

Sounds like you’re having a really good time! Hooray! Eating tons of yummy food? Are you a Wal-Mart or shopper? Besides food, that’s what I miss the most! DH is going to Tx next month for some training, I’ve already started my shopping list!

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