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I don’t wanna go "home"

Posted on: March 12, 2009

In less than 12 hours we will be off to the airport for our flight back to Japan. The week and a half here was too too short. I absolutely do NOT want to be going back to Japan right now. The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that I will be seeing my very very good friend next weekend. But we have been having temps in the high teens and of course sunny so the thought of going back to cold and rainy weather already has me experiencing sad.

Also… I feel like a house. I truly, honestly, feel so disgusted with how I look right now. Yes I’m sure much of it is related to my present condition, but its still very disheartening to see pictures of yourself and feel absolutely shocked at what is reflected back there. I’m sure the “fat gaijin” stares will be in full effect as soon as we get out of Kansai Airport. Ryohei of course had horrible digestive issues and lost weight while here. Go figure…

We did manage to get all our shopping done so that is good but mentally I am not ready to go back to the land of “constrictions.” I’ve gotten used to the friendly and casual manner of Americans and now I have to go back to being an outsider who is to be feared for my “lack” of Japanese. I think that this visit has confirmed that one day we will have to leave Japan even if it means I have to pull Ryohei kicking and screaming from Niigata. (Actually he likes it here esp. the huge Japanese food market and the constant sunshine)

So anyways… I should be happy and refreshed… and I am. But I know that I still have 7 weeks of work left – 5 of those with Ryohei in Niigata, as well as a move and total apartment cleanout to orchestrate…

I think Ryohei is happy to be returning but I will probably start the countdown until my Christmas visit as soon as we get back.


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Sorry your holiday is ending so quickly!!! You have so many things to look forward to when you get home though- seeing Nay, finishing work, having a bub!

I am super glad to hear Ryohei liked it there! That is great news. I guess it puts your mind at ease a little bit because you know he could live there at some point…

Take care and have a safe flight back!

Hmmm I think you need something to look forward to. How about a housewarming/ gatecrashing/ rice-paddy gazing/ teeth sucking ojisan-mimicking welcome to Niigata party? Or even just a bbq? If it’s any consolation, while it is still chilly here the days are bright and blue and getting longer.

Oh and stuff your suitcase full of comfort food- always works for me, well emotionally anyway. Tends to have negative impact on the fat gaijin thing. grrrr.

Sara, I totally get you, and know darn well how you feel.. constrictions.. Oh my gosh YES.

Honestly, if darling hubs did not have a fantastic career, I would have LEFT A LONG TIME AGO! And moved to France or somewhere where our liberties are in full use, daily.

So, the only advice I can offer is to dish and hang out with us, your fellow gaijin, stock up like Heather said…

It is a love/hate relationship for me.. JAPAN and I want a divorce the land of the rising sun!

Should be illegal for men to lose weight while their women are pregnant. Hub has lost 4 kilos in the time it has taken me to gain nearly ten. Holy shite. Safe travels.

Aw that’s too bad you’ll be back in Japan so soon. I’m glad you got to enjoy your time, however short it was tho. It’s SO true that “there’s no place like home.” I terribly miss the random chitchat at the bus stop, or the chekout lineup, or with the starbucks staff… the genuine smiles, and sarcasm, and the crazy homeless people and the GREENERY.

What are your aims? We’re planning to be back in Canada by… grade 1 for baby. Sooner if I have my way. =P

Japan is great when you’re young and wanna have fun, or experience the culture a bit but any more than that… =/ GOOD LUCK! We all gotta stick together and make it bearable.

Sara – I’m sorry you’re so bummed to be returning. Maybe we could meet up once you’re back and looking for a little cheer up? There must be somewhere between southern Osaka and Kobe… 🙂

Wow, that was so quick! I’m sorry you’re so feeling sad, and I know the whacked out hormones aren’t helping!

One bright note: Niigata is MUCH closer to Fussa!! You could come for a trip to Costco, and stop by to stuff yourself on Chili’s and Taco Bell! There’s nothing an El Presidente maragrita and a grilled, stuffed burrito can’t fix! You can bring Heather and we’ll have a blogging mommy meet-up 😉

You’re probably back by now, but I agree with the others, knowing that Ryohei likes America is definitely good.

I don’t know if you’ve talked about education for your child with Ryohei, but that could be a possible angle that might get him thinking more about America, if you really want to move back someday. Both my husband and I have huge problems with the education system here (which is largely modeled on Japan’s) and don’t really want our child in China’s school system. Maybe as it comes time for the baby to be born, you guys could discuss what aspects of each society bother you, and try to think about what choices you’d like for your children. Personally, I’d be pretty happy to stay in China, in Kunming, forever, but I’m not sure I could consign my child to that fate, so moving back to American might be a sacrifice I have to make for his sake, if that makes sense?

As for feeling like a house — you’re pregnant! Its really hard for us, all our lives we’ve been told to be thin, to lose weight, and then when we’re pregnant we’re suddenly supposed to be completely comfortable with gaining. Its a bit much to expect, I think. 😉

I hope you had a safe flight home and are settling in, recovering from jet-lag.

Lulu – I agree I have a lot to come (lol) Probably one of the reasons coming back was so hard. I honestly felt a huge weight of responsibility hit me when walking off the plane. Oh well… vacations can’t last forever~

Fuka – Yah I think the fact that next thing I have to “look forward to” is birth is not good. Well at least spring is coming up and that is my fave season here. Hahah maybe I will throw a rice patty party, you wanna come?

GJ – I think you put it well. It is a love/hate realtionship. I would love to move to Europe someday but even America would do 😛 Who know, I like to think the world is full of possibilities.


Khea – Its funny you mentioned the greenery but that was one of the things I really noticed this time. Maybe it is a space issue… I loved the greenery. I don’t think we would/could plan to get back as soon as you are but I am hoping that after our next.. (last?) child is in elementary and I am able to work full time I can find a job that will make enough to support a move back.

Coffeegrl – I would love to meet up again. We are having a picnic with some of the other Kansai ladies on the 26th at Osaka Jo Koen would you and fam like to join?

Slime – I would LOVE to make a trip out to Fussa when we get the time. I know you are only here for another year or so? So sometime before you leave I’ll be at your door begging for a trip to Taco Bell and a fat juicy margerita (lol)

Jessica – Hahah I feel like we think alike so much. Yes – mostly it is the schooling and opportunities that I think would send me back. I think if R and I and chose to remain childless a life here would have been doable as trips back could be frequent and extended if needed with no worries of dragging little ones across. I am not a fan of the Japanese school system after 6th grade so if possible I’d like to get my kids in the American school system (despite its flaws) before the first reaches that point.

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