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R+S = ??

Posted on: March 14, 2009

Tadaima! Woo hoo… its 6am and we are both UP for the day. (Coming back is always easier)

This is my fave pic of baby girl… since you can see the “similarities” to R and me in it. She def. has my mouth and chin and his eye placement cheekbones. I think she is so cute… I’m already an oyabaka for sure.



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It’s true! Those pictures really help visualize. Eeeeeeeehehhehehe… I get so excited reading your diary =)

Wow. I was thinking- ehhhh? you can tell already? Then I saw the pics of you two and it’s true! How cool. My two don’t really look like either of us. Hmmm maybe I should check with the hospital…. ;P

Khea- Yah! Its really cool to see… honestly some of the best money I ever spent was to get that ultrasound πŸ™‚

Fuka – Haha seeing is believing bwahah… well this is just her bone structure anyways I’m sure she’ll be all plumped up when she’s born and the similarities will be less obvious. PS – even if your hospital messed up I think they gave you a pretty good deal πŸ˜‰

Wow, she really does look like both of you! Kawaiiiiii! I loved my 3D U/S, but after the first one, I wanted one every week! LOL I couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on in there, not knowing from day to day how E was growing and changing! It made the wait for his birth seem so much longer!

But you’re right, by the time he was born, he was all plump and wrinkly and hairy, and he looked nothing like the U/S pix (except for the crazy flat feet just like his dad’s)!

Oh you are so right!!! She really does look like you both already- so cute!!!

I agree, when they’re newborns it is sort of hard to tell who they look like at first, especially the nose, it always looks small and round in tiny babies, it seems! People tend to look at DS’s light-ish hair and double-lidded eyes and say he looks like me, but actually his bone structure is more like his dad’s. He’s got the same round face and the same nose as DH.

The ultrasound pic is so cute, I wish I had gotten one with Dylan. Some places do them here, but my regular doc didn’t. You can definitely already see some similarities.

Welcome Back Sarah!!!!

Welcome back. Hope you’re not too shattered after the trip. My 4D pics aren’t that good – the bunster has his head down and to the side – perfect profil which has hub saying he has my nose and forehead already!!

Welcome back! The 3 (4?)-D pictures are great! Your daughter is beautiful already! πŸ™‚

Our 3D pictures aren’t great either because DD had her hands and arms in front of her face for most of the session. I posted a picture on my blog. πŸ˜‰

Brenda- Thats so funny about his feet. The ultrasound really was amazing though!! I’m excited to see her all plumped up for sure!

Lulu – hahaha… i wonder if its a good thing or not

jessica – Little D is soooo cute!! I can see how people would say he looks like you because of this hair and coloring. My drs. here don’t have it either so if I haven’t gone back when I did it wouldn’t have been possible!

GJ – alive and somewhat… kicking

GW – I’ve never seen a lot of pics of you or yours hubs, who do Shou and Marina resemble?

Kuri – Ohh! I’ll have to go through your archives and check it out!! I think your daughter is so cute!!

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