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Back in the groove?

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Well… kind of. Bullets today.

– Work went so-so yesterday. Nothing out of the norm, but I would have thought after a two week break that there would have been stuff pilling up to keep me occupied for at least the rest of the 4 day week… however I finished every thing that had been left for me within 1.5 hours… I have less than 2 months left so I guess pretty much they have given up on me. Oh well. I tried to talk to my supervisor about what day I would be leaving (May 7th – aka the day after golden week ends which pretty much means my last “real” day will be May 1st) but she just kept saying we’ll talk later, so there was no progression on that front at all.

– BG has gotten a lot more active since we got back from California, either that or stronger. I can’t feel the “karate kicks” yet but I def. feel small spots of pressure. Its pretty cool but sort of weird at the same time. I’m 22 weeks today… hard to imagine that I’m more than halfway there. By the time I move up to Niigata I will already be in my third trimester.

– This weekend Ryohei and I are taking the train out to Shizuoka to visit Nay and Naoki for the three day weekend. We have a trip to her friends, a trip to an all you can eat strawberry picking patch, and a visit to an old castle planned. It should be a lot of fun 😀 I haven’t seen Nay since she came to visit me in December so its been over 3 months.

Anyways thats all for now.


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My 27 week check said the bunster was over a kilo – standard for this time. BG wont be far behind. Reaching the 2 kilo mark is always a comfort – but that brings with it lots of harder kicks and moving round.

Enjoy the free time you have at work!!

Have a good time at Nay’s – big hugs to her from down here too.

GW – Wow! A kilo of baby! Thats hard to imagine… you are only about a month ahead of me as well. I’m still pretty small though I only barely look pregnant and not like I over undulged myself back in my home country. lol

Man, sounds like you have a fab weekend planned! Have tons of fun, strawberry picking reminds me when I went Chestnut picking… at least it won’t be SUPER Hot.

Have a great trip this weekend! Oh, and being a librarian is so much fun – I’d more than happily talk to you about it anytime 🙂

I can’t wait to see you both on Friday!! I am literally counting down the days. It has definitely given me something to look forward to.

Don’t forget your DVD of BG – I am looking forward to seeing it.

GJ – I love strawberries so it is for sure going to be great. Nay told me they give you a tub of condenced milk to dip them in as well… uh oh…

Coffeegrl – Great!!! Next time I see you then I will be sure to ask you some ??s about it!!

Nay – I am counting down as well.. 2 days left. I will bring the DVD (although its not incredibly exciting)

How exciting on the Nay visit. Insanely jealous even without the added lure of strawberries!! You’d be surprised how quickly you get to be a real berry connoisseur- hmmm, not red enough, hmmm wrong shape.. 😉

I feeeeeel for you on the work thing. Something else we have in common!

Don’t worry about not being big, soon enough you’ll be dreaming of the days when you were just a little bumpette under your jumper! M used to move so much I’d feel sick she was pushing everything around. Still does come to think of it…

Fukases – I think your home needs to be the site of Naganopalooza ’09 I am looking forward to berries!! I am already pretty picky but I want to get my 1300 yen worth for sure 😛 I’m hoping baby girl is mellow both in and out of the womb…. fat chance but still hoping!

BG will be moving so much more by the time I see you in June- I am very excited!!! Saw on FB too that Ryohei can feel her now which is great.

Very exciting about your visit to see Nay & Naoki- I am insanely jealous of course!! You get to see Nay, meet A, & go strawberry picking-yummo!

Its always kind of awkward when your and your employer both know you’re leaving, but you haven’t left yet, isn’t it? I bet you can’t wait to be out of there by this point. I’m most likely not renewing with my school for next year (because we’re planning to move back to Kunming — fingers crossed anyhow) and I feel sort of the same way, although I have quite awhile to go just yet.

Have a great time with Nay, that’s so exciting. It seems you guys get loads of 3 day weekends in Japan eh? I wish we had so many holidays!

Ohhh, so jealous of your upcoming visit with Nay! I hope that you all can get down to Kyushu sometime…I’m sure Gaijin Wife and I would be happy to get together again, right GW? 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lulu – Yup! He felt her kick, it was pretty cool! He asked me today I wish you could just have her RIGHT NOW. And I’m like no no no no no no! Looking forward to when we will get to meet up in June 🙂

Jessica – Yah it is ackward… Ohh!! I really hope you can get back to Kunming it really sounds like it suits you better than the crazyness of Beijing! We do have quite a few holidays in Japan – one of the nice things about working here lol.

Kuri – I’m jealous of how close all you Kyushu girls are!! R and I have a trip to Kyushu planned for sometime after the baby is born so I will def. be looking for people who want to meet up during that time 😀

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