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Shizuoka Trip – The SECOND

Posted on: March 23, 2009

I had planned to write when we got back last night but was too tired and ended up crashing early. So here is my slightly belated account of our long weekend trip to Shizuoka. Let me preface this post by saying that 3-day weeks absolutely rule for visiting. It is long enough to do stuff but not too long that you are sitting there scratching your head in silence for the last day. (lol)

This time Ryohei came with me and he and Naoki got along so well! Nay and I were both talking about how they probably wouldn’t have picked each other as friends in real life and that all they really have in common is us crazy gaijin gals but all the same they were able to talk, play helicopters (long story), and get along together just as well as we did.

The only thing about this trip that I would change is our method of transportation. Some of you may know of the Seishin 18 Tickets… basically 5 days worth of riding on the JR lines for the great price of about 13,000 yen. We decided to use 4 of the 5 days (since you can split them) to take the close to 6 hour train ride between Kobe and Shizuoka… hmm not such a smart idea. My butt was KILLING me by the end both times, my currently ~1 lb baby on bladder and bum did not equal happiness with the hard train seats. However we saved a killing as we spent about as much on the whole pass (which still has one day left for Ryohei to take to Niigata next week – hello 11 hour train ride) as a round trip on local trains for one or us or a one way shinkansen ticket.

Anyways – we arrived Friday afternoon to a bright and beautiful Shizuoka. The temp. on the whole was much warmer than Kansai. We had a nice lunch (grilled cheese/ham/tomato) sandwiches prepared using Nay’s homemade bread which Ryohei loved so much he (to my embarrassment) asked to have them again for Saturday breakfast. I hate both tomato and mayonnaise and rarely cook with either so I think this accessibility to “forbidden foods” was very exciting to him.

After our lunch we went to visit Nay’s friend (also a westerner married to Japanese) and her 3 children. Ryohei had a ball playing with the two eldest and I enjoyed holding the baby for a bit. Still hasn’t really hit me that in LESS THAN 4 MONTHS there will be one in my own home.

After our lovely tea, complete with a homemade orange cake and whipped cream – we returned to the house and had a delicious dinner of Nay’s cream pasta (See the recipe on her blog from a month or so back) It was delicious. She is such a wonderful hostess… and while I am incredibly undomestic, I like to think I’m good company 😛

After dinner we had what was to be the first of many long, heated Scrabble games. I’ve been a Scrabble fan for a long time and it seems my husband is a new convert. After getting the ropes down he went on to have several excellent showings including scoring a whopping 96 points in one go with the word “QUIZ” placed in a triple word score. Naoki and I… especially me… are quite competitive and there was some minor trash talking… and I have to admit that I did utter a few words I would not be proud of BG hearing at various points. Ahem…

Saturday was another beautiful day if not a bit cooler than the day before. We went strawberry picking which was delicious, but those places must make so much money. We had “all you can eat” for 30 minutes but we must have been done in 10… there are only so many strawberries you can eat in one go AND the condensed milk is so sweet it fills you up quickly. I ended up eating an over ripe strawberry at one point and got a mouthful of sticky condensed milk and juicy strawberry goodness on my new black shirt (Sigh) I hate getting my clothes dirty so I had to ask Nay to stick it in with her wash to clean it…

Anyways, with a fresh change of clothes we were on our way to the beach. I love the beach near N&N’s house. It has lots of fine sand and many little clams. The husbands were soon enthralled with the “hunt.” They were like little boys – and within about 30-45 minutes we had so many clams that we decided to throw back all the small ones.

After the beach we went out for a delicious tonkatsu dinner and then returned for a couple more heated scrabble matches, electric helicoptor battles, and sleep.

On Sunday we had planned to see Kakegawa Castle but between the rain and maybe just a little laziness, we decide to stay around the apartment for a bit before going out for lunch and then catching the train back.

It was a busy and fun weekend and so GOOD to see N&N again. It had been over 3 months since they came to visit us in Kobe. Nay is hopefully planning to come visit one more time at the end of April to keep me company. Nay mentioned it, but we did speak with Lulu and Shumpei a few times on Skype and made plans for the 6 of us to meet up in Niigata (Sleep over at Ryoheis parents…. Yay!? ^^;;) in mid-June. It will in all likeliness be our only meet up as a group of 6 since BG will be on her way the month after.

Just have to say that I’m so happy that through blogging I was able to meet such wonderful girls… or should I say families! I only hope that as I have a bit more free time over the next couple years as a SAHM, I will be able to meet up with quite a few more of the wonderful ladies whose blogs I enjoy reading everyday!


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I am so excited that Easter is coming up soon as I plan on taking the Thursday off too and having a 5 day weekend! WOOOOO! Very excited.

Sounds like a lovely weekend (although of course I had heard about it on Friday and Saturday night! hehe). Love the pic of you and the strawberry.

Very excited about our June meet up! Of course you can come visit me end of May for the day if you wish as well.

Sounds like a fantastic trip! There’s nothing better than a long weekend with good friends, or if there is I haven’t found it yet.

Oh, I’ve always wanted to try strawberry picking, I bet they were super yummy. And it’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with a hate of mayo, in this mayo-obsessed country =)

That picture of Ryohei with the kids is fantastic too, by the way. He’s gonna be such a great dad. You two must be so excited! Hell, I’m super excited for you even!

Thank you both for such a wonderful weekend!! I know that we had a ball, and we can only hope that you both did too!!

I can’t wait to come and visit in April!

Lulu – Ohh I’m jealous you have a 5 day weekend coming up! We don’t have one until Golden Week and by then I’ll be 99% done with work. Hopefully I will be able to see you in both May and June 🙂 I know I will probably be bored out of my mind by then.

Khea – I’m excited for you!! And yay! Another Japanese mayo hater, I can eat the “fake mayo” that we have in America but I think Japanese mayo is just sweet and blech… if I get something that has it I try and wipe off as much as possible! I may come down to the Tokyo area to see Lulu in May – you should meet up with us 🙂

Nay – I miss chatting already! Ryohei was sucked back into his computer as soon as we got home. Having company in April would be great. Its going to be a lonely month 😦

Yea I know… I always wipe it off haha Not too fond of the sweet ketchup either, but thankfully you can buy Heinz anywhere. I would love to meet you two, you both seem like such fantastic people lol!

Don't tell me we need to be careful what we say in front of the bunster and the bean. The bunster has been hearing a variety of obscenities the last few weeks, thanks to Granny K, and may well come out into the world already saying my granny is a Stupid F&%$#%& B&%$'#!!

Khea – Ok! Its still not for a while but I will let you know!

GW – See… in your case you are teaching the bunster a few very important life lessons on how not to be when he is one day a granddad. I’m only teaching BG to be angry when someone takes her Scrabble slot the turn before shes able to use it (lol)

Can I have a bunch of strawberries please? lol So happy to hear you are having a blast– Next time the four of us will crash your party… you ladies I bet are loads of fun to be around.

We all must have a P.J. party soon, right? We are never too grown for that!

I love condensed milk without the sweet..lol

GJ – I think it would be so fun to have a bit meet up sometime… I would love to organize such an event but I think for the next while I am going to be too busy to devote a lot of time to planning.:(

Me too! Me too! I want a Tokyo meet-up! I’ll bring Taco Bell, and Mint Milanos!

Slime – Yay! The more the merrier!

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