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Posted on: April 1, 2009

Happy New (fiscal) Year everybody 😛

Just wanted to post an update belly pic… enjoy my basketball… or pumpkin… or whatever it is now!

Have a bigger update coming but have been busy/sad/blah since Ryohei left Monday morning.

Hopefully I will get the urge to post it soon.

24 + 2 weeks 🙂


6 Responses to "Spring?"

You are hardly showing, you have no worries getting back to pre-preg weight for sure!

Pumpkin, haha.
Can`t wait to meet the “bump” in person

Is there any chance your ‘basketball’ (lol) has grown anymore since last time I saw you?!? It is looking more defined from here!

You look wonderful Sara!!

That’s a cute one. Definately over the “too many pies” look and into the “she must be pregnant” look =) YAY!

Hang in there, you’ll see your sweetheart soon enough. Takew care of yourself anf BG.

cute bump! Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? I really hated the whole concept of maternity clothes, it bugged me having to buy a wardrobe I’d only wear for like 5 months, tops. Maternity or not, you’re looking pretty good for having a more-than-half-baked kiddo in there. 😀

Thanks guys.
Just to answer your various questions. Yes I am wearing maternity clothes now – I started when I went back home at 20 weeks because everything was starting to get too tight around the tummy. I actually got quite a few nice things and I’m going to miss wearing them after (lol) I told Ryohei if we have another baby it better be another summer one so I can wear them again 😛

I think the bump is growing surely but slowly… its hard to see week to week progress… my bump is very watermelon shaped though so from the front I don’t really look as pregnant and if I’m wearing a cardigan or sweater – it really still does like like I’m a fat gaijin ;P

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