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Posted on: April 6, 2009

Warm and fuzzys only lasted about 24 hours… now I’m back to frumpy, grumpy, and annoyed that my man is off hanging out with friends while I sit here counting down the minutes until its time for bed.

I can’t sleep until 11 so we’re in for an hour and a half or so of fun… wish I had nice a big ofuro so that I could take a relaxing bath to waste the night away. Maybe I’ll just try and squish my 25 week pregnant body into the plastic bin.. er bath (if thats what you can call it)

Oh and the cherry on top – mail from Ryohei earlier.

Subject: I love you! (oh this is gonna be good…)

Guess what! It looked like I was going to have to work during Golden Week [instead of come help you move from Kobe] but my sempai said he would switch with me, isn’t that great?!

Stupid f***** Japan.


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Oh you’re me 5 years ago!!

The itty bitty bath and the big pregnant tum, the husband away and texting how *lucky* we are that he is *allowed* to take leave to move me, rah rah rah.

Hope you find something fun to do and you’ll be together again so soon, and then you’ll be three and you’ll look back on this alone time longingly!

Ohhh, he’d have been better off never even mentioning that working during Golden week was even a remote possibility, especially since its not happening. Cuz now you get to be sitting there wondering what would have happened if he *hadn’t* been able to switch. I’d be peeved too.

We don’t have a bathtub, only a shower. It is one of my major hates about our apartment and a huge prerequisite for when we move again — there has got to be a tub. It is so unfair to a pregnant woman to not even have access a proper bathtub. 😦

Fuka – Haha… well seems like things turned out well enough for you. I suppose I should try sticking it out a little longer. People keep telling me to enjoy this time alone… hmm… is this the calm before the storm?

Jessica – My thoughts exactly. Why bother saying it… at least thats my logic. To him this “breach of Japanese conduct” should prove his undying love for me. I know he meant well, but still… Hope you get your bath in the next apartment!! I love my in-laws bath – one of the things I’m looking forward to moving in with them.

Funny how any unsolicited “I love you” from a man is always a prelude to something negative! What a crock! DH is the same way. And if he shows up with flowers….you can bet all hell is about to break loose!

Oh Sara, I am so glad that Ryohei was able to swap with his sempai… I know that he wasn’t meant to be working anyway but just imagine what it could have been like!

Big bathes are good aren’t they! I’m sure you will be able to make up for the bathes you have missed now once you get to Niigata!

Ohh you poor thing! I`m in a Japan hating mood as well, Ryota is working 6 days a week 10 hours a day for peanuts. Doesn`t it suck!!! It must be way worse for you being by yourself and preggers, all those hormones don`t make for such good company eh. You poor chook I hope you feel better soon, at least the weather s getting warmer! Like I said before, if you feel crappy just call and you can stay at our house ok!

Thank god for a nice big bath – which didn’t seem so big when I had to get in with Marina and Shou tonight but LOVE it when get it to myself. Hub has similar emails – starting or ending with I love you and heart marks and bollocks like that – in between ‘I’m going to be late again’ stuff.

I’m ringing the damn Mayor myself if he has to work during Golden week.

What’s annoying is that even if our husbands have been trained to think a bit more ‘foreignly’, it is hard for their work mates to agree that it is more important to be at home for your pregnant wife and two toddlers than it is crunching fricken numbers on the weekend.

Hang in there.

Slime – Its so true! So true….

Nay – IF he hadn’t there would have been no end to my anger as theres no way I could move the large pieces of furnature by myself. Thankfully there is a happy ending this time… but learning during holidays… (yet again) Really stinks for planning any future vacations – which is what I am the most upset about.

Cor – Sorry to hear about Ryota as well :/ That really stinks that he’s working 60 hours a week. On an up note, I’m really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

GW – Hahaha… yup thats Ryohei as well.. bad news bad news then heart heart heart aishiteiru yo! Yup I hear you on the work mates as well.. “why would you want to spend time with (shock and horror) family when theres lots of fun (unpaid) work to do?!”
I really hope your hubs has a work free Golden Week.

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