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Boring life continues

Posted on: April 9, 2009

Well into week 2/5 of the month from hell (aka April) with one day until the weekend woo hoo.. this week has pretty much been a continuation of last week with a little less angst. I guess I’m getting used to being alone again – NOT that I’m particularly enjoying it.

On the bright side, the weather for most of the week has been wonderful. I’ve had my lunch outside the past couple days and been so so so happy. Maybe I just needed a little more Vitamin D in my life!

What I also needed more of in my life was baths apparently… or maybe its just because I’m rapidly approching 3rd trimester fun and my body is not what it used to be. Either way, I am loving the bath at the moment. Not every night, but I took one Monday after my last blog and then just before now. I am so relaxed.. ah…

Lets just hope I didn’t parboil my daughter.. naw I’m sure she’s just relaxing too.

So yah.. thats about it really. Baths and sunshine… at least its good news and not me fixating on all the work NOT getting done around these parts. 😦 Its just getting too hard to do anything else so I think I will wait until my patrol of 3 men (Ryohei, BIL, and Ryohei’s best friend) arrive the first weekend in May. With three able bodied men at my disposal I am sure “we” will get everything we need done. (hah)


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Glad to hear you’re feeling a little happier. Even 1% happier makes a difference =)

I’m lovin the sunshine too! It’s amazing what it can do to your mood eh?

You’re almost there! Ganbatte!

Boring life continues huh? I think your life is anything but boring with so many exciting things happening over the next couple of months but I understand what you mean!

I miss baths 😦

A boring life is sometime very Relaxing, I would not say boring.. just relaxed– I can send my monster your way… cause I NEED A BREAK! You are moving in May? Already? Hope you will have a full bath, cause nothing worse than lack of counter space and a halfie….been there, done that.

Whatcha doing for Easter?

The nice Spring days definitely make a difference to your mood hey! I am really enjoying being outside at the moment.

I wouldn’t worry too much about what you are meant to be doing around the house. I mean, your pregnant, you have a very good excuse!! If it was me, I would leave it all up to the boys too 😛

Only two weeks till I come down to Kobe. I can’t wait to see you again!

When we meet we can swap moving-while-pregnant stories. Enjoy the fine weather and soothing baths.

Khea- Ganbarimasu~ Its ok as long as the weather is nice, I fear the effect of the first April shower.

Lulu – I would say in the moment my life is boring… in say.. 3 months or so from now it probably will be anything but 🙂

GJ- Yup moving in May to my in-laws. they have a very nice fullsize bath (lol) For Easter I’m not doing anything special, but I do have hanami with a couple of friends tomorrow!

Nay – I am PRAYING the two weeks goes by quickly!! I miss our girl talk – and this time no boys to say “Are you guys STILL talking?!”

Lily – Its a date! I think you might win on the tough-scale since you already had 1 little one right? Hows the weather in Niigata?

I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better! Warm sun on your face can cure almost anything! Have you done any hanami? Cherry blossoms always cheer me up!

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