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Is it starting already?

Posted on: April 13, 2009

I had a fairly nice weekend – the only time of the week that I enjoy at present. In particular enjoyed a small hanami with two friends and their babies yesterday despite the fact we were sitting right next to a train track and were blasted with noise and wind every 10 minutes or so! But it was really fun and the weather was gorgeous – I love hanami. Apparently there is a place near Ryohei’s work in Niigata where the sakura don’t bloom until late April/early May so we may “giri-giri” be able to have one more husband/wife team hanami the first weekend after I go up there! We’ve never been able to do hanami together since we’ve either been doing long distance or he was studying whenever the season rolled around.

And since we all like a good gossip session, I guess I’ll dish a bit on some of the drama that is going on up in Niigata seeing that I don’t have anything particular going on in my own life (that could be either good or bad I suppose) So we were planning to stay in Ryohei’s little brothers room since for whatever reason Ryohei’s room doesn’t have an A/C and I am pretty insistent that both the massively pregnant woman and then the little baby need to sleep in room where there is temperature control especially as we move towards my due date and the month after (aka the hottest time of the year in Japan) This had been our plan all along, and as its starting to warm up, Ryohei took yesterday to rearrange his room and move our bed into BiL’s room – but then BiL (who has been moved out for over a year and now lives with his wife, expecting their first child a month after us – etc) apparently gets upset that we are going to be using his room to sleep in and it will be “samishii” (lonely) to come to a house where his bedroom is being used.. (throws hands up in the air) So – Ryohei’s parents say that they will put an air conditioner in Ryohei’s room now… umm… why they didn’t in the first place when they built the house 14 years ago, I don’t know. Anyways Ryohei was really pissed. Actually I’m a bit miffed as well since this had been the plan from the beginning and had been discussed several times.

Oh well… I’m still putting a futon for naps and my breastfeeding chair in BiL’s room and using it as my hideout since.. umm… he doesn’t sleep/live there anymore. Ryohei really wants to move out already – I think he really hates being at home.… the thing is we sort of need to stay there for at least a couple months so that we aren’t moving into a run down shack with our newborn… I had been hopeful that things would go smoothly, and hope that my presence will defuse the situation a bit, or at least even out the numbers of Team Ryohei vs. Team PiL.

In other good news, I’m in double digits! Only 99 days until BG is scheduled to make her appearance… I’m getting the feeling she may be fashionably late though!


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Well I think BG might be fashionably late as well…

I can not believe BIL said that? Why? I don`t get it- but hey, he must have his reasons? Bit odd though. Especially since it is only short term…I think you should totally put your breastfeeding chair in there. Definitely!

At least Ryohei`s parents are volunteering to put the aircon in his room- it is a bit odd that he didn`t have it before now?

Hope the family dramas calm down by the time you get up there…

I already heard about your hanami adventures but it was nice to hear them again- I hope you get to see the blooms again in Niigata with Ryohei…

Silly BIL – especially as you will only be there for a couple of months. Anything can be put up with if it is only for that long!! You’ll only need to be in there with a boob out when anyone comes in to ‘claim’ it as your own :p

How could it possibly be lonely with all of you guys living there? Well, at least you’re getting an AC in Ryohei’s room out of the deal. I don’t blame Ryohei for wanting to move soon though, living back at home after you’ve been independent for such a long time can be really annoying. I hope you guys can get your own relatively nice place fairly soon after BG is born.

Lots of first babies are late. DS was 12 days overdue, it was nuts! I have a friend who was born a whole month overdue, can you believe it? I’d be going bonkers!

Lulu – I know… I’m more weirded out by the situation than anything… I would understand if we were planning to stay long term – but oh well.. I hope we can hanami together next year 🙂

GW – Thats true… the thought of whipping out the udders in front of FIL or MIL gives me the shivers… Thankfully Ryohei’s house is two story so his and BIL rooms on the 2nd floor will be my nudity, breastfeeding, fun for all lair.

Jessica – 12 days?! Wow… you poor thing! I was 10 days late. I’m expecting at least a week between due date and entrance to the world… we shall see! Thanks for the good vibes! I’m hoping we are out of PILs between early October and New Years… (1 month of which I will be escaping to America haha)

sounds to me like baby BIL is spoiled. first with a aircon, who knows what else in-between, and now this. *rolls eyes* just ignore it, you can’t change the way he acts.

Illahee – Yah.. theres quite a bit of favoritism in the family towards BIL I think. Why, I don’t really know… the A/C thing is weird tho, right? Why would you put them in one kids room and not another?

Geez, I certainly don’t envy you having to move in w/ your PiLs, but, you gotta do what you gotta do. Thankfully it will only be for a short while! And you’ll have BG to keep you distracted!

Glad you got in some hanami, and hopefully you’ll get a bit in Niigata too!

That was a tad bit selfish from the BIL… hm… left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Will you be staying there long with the in-laws?

Smart girl! A/C for the pregnant lady is an excellent idea 🙂 Hopefully things will smooth right out when the pregnant mama shows up on the PIL doorstep 😉

Wow… to even expect your room to be there after getting married and moving out is weird, to me. My parents gave my room away the second I left for Japan… and I’d only planned to be gone for a year XD

Oh well.. as long as you get a cozy bed and an aircon in the end!

Talking of babies being late – or not. Shou was ten days early. I was walking A LOT in the last few months though so that may have helped. That said though, Marina was bang on. Hope it doesn’t mean I am going in the opposite direction and the third one will be overdue. No, no. Must think early thoughts.

Slime – I know huh! I’m ok as long as they give us our space but… since they are Japanese in-laws I’m highly doubting we’re gonna get it.

GJ – Hopefully only a couple months… I’d like to say at the least 3 at the most 6

Coffeegrl – I have suffered with no A/C the past 3 Japanese summers – there is NO WAY I am doing it a 4th 😛

Khea – I know… weird huh?! Oh well~ I wonder if he’s planning on running away there after his wife gives brith to get away from the baby.. but guess what his niece is gonna be right next door (LOL)

GW – Yikes!! Thats sort of an interesting pattern though. I was under the impression most 1st babies are late. Well heres hoping the bunster doesn’t want to keep you waiting!

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