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Mid-April Update

Posted on: April 14, 2009

Another boring day at work means another blog for you all to enjoy… don’t thank me thank (~~~~~~) City Hall. I haven’t done a proper pregnancy update post for a while so today that’s what you guy get this time around.

Things seem to progressing along quite rapidly in that department… up until maybe 2-3 weeks ago, my bump was pretty small considering how far along I am, but it has made up for that quite a bit. I think I must have taken that small bump and all the energy I had from gravity not weighing me down for granted because things are tough now. (Yes I know this is just the beginning of what looks to be a third trimester of F.U.N.) I can’t believe I still have 14 weeks left until D-day… that seems like forever, although 2nd trimester has gone by pretty quickly… or as much as my already dwindling brain power can remember.

Thankfully until this point most of the horrible pregnancy symptoms have held off, but I have a feeling that this is the beginning of the end. I think I have (TMI) internal hemorrhoids and my tailbone is KILLING me. I think I blame both on the long hours sitting at work despite the fact that I try and get up to walk around once an hour or so and the CONSTANT bathroom breaks. BG seems to love my bladder… but I think she moved or did something today because I was getting upper bellybutton area movement for the first time plus a lot of tightness in the rib area… fun.

She’s still not very active. It sort of makes me sad, I heard that around this time was when babies are the most active and my little sloth-chan just gives me a few light knocks every couple hours. If I tried to do the “10 movements in 2 hours” she probably wouldn’t qualify… but since she’s always been so mellow its not really worrying me. I think she might be a bit of a nightowl (like mommy) since I feel most of the movements between 7-11 at night.

Part of me wishes the 14 weeks were over – but still don’t think I’m mentally ready yet… ask me again in 7 weeks or so when I’ve had a nice long break from work and probably dying of boredom in the middle of nowhere.

Moving is going along as well as you would expect it… slowly but surely throwing things away, but the bulk of the cleaning/moving big items isn’t going to happen until Ryohei’s visit although now minus BIL (apparently something “came up” – see last post?)

Speaking of my beloved out of sight and mind husband, he seems to be really enjoying his new job. He says he has quite a bit of free time and so far has been home around 6pm everyday… of course he hasn’t gotten really busy yet so this may change! My PIL are usually home between 3-4 so I will maybe take to “napping” in my lai… err BILs room during that period. I’m not really sure how I should act while we live there, especially before the baby comes. I figure after she comes I’ll have a pretty good excuse to leave any inane chatter for a “dirty diaper” or a “feeding.”

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the month from Hell (April)… it feels like its gone by pretty quickly. Hopefully the second half will pass without too much grief although if my belly keeps growing at the rate it has been Ryohei will probably not recognize me and instead be confused why a beached whale has taken up residence in our apartment (haha)


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Oh I love pregnancy updates 😛

Although sorry to hear about the pain in your ass! Sorry I could not resist.

I saw you a couple weeks back (on Skype!) and you were tiny! i do not know what you are talking about when you refer to a beached whale! lol!

Hope the next half of the month flys by!

Oh I love pregnancy updates too!! I really love hearing how your pregnancy is progressing and how much/how little BG is moving. All very exciting for one of her adopted aunties!

I’m sure there is some sort of cream or something that you can buy for hemorrhoids, isn’t there? But then again, it’s probably not ok for pregnant women… I didn’t think about that 😛 I hope that it calms down soon for you. I’m sure it’s not very pleasant.

Not that long till Ryohei comes back to pick you up!! I hope it flys by as quickly as possible.

Only 1.5 weeks till I get to see my supposively ‘beached whale’ friend of mine! hehehe.

LOL @ lulu

Oh dear.. that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. 14 weeks is quite a long time, and everyone says the 3rd trimester is the longest. (I’m laughing now but…) Hang in there anyways!

Glad to hear that Ryohei is enjoying his job. That’s a big plus~~ I bet you can’t wait to be next to him!!

Hmm, I’d say this post calls for a belly pic!

I think around 28 weeks or so is when most people really start getting bigger. I remember at 24 weeks I could still almost pass for non-pregnant if I wore the right kind of clothing, but in that month things changed a lot. The babies also get incredibly more active in the 3rd trimester, I think actually mostly its because they have more force behind them the heavier they get.

Lulu – me too… only 2 weeks and 2 days left… believe me i am much bigger than when last you say me. you will just have to take my word for it 🙂

Nay – I’m not having external ones (yet – thank god) so they aren’t painful.. i think? Just bleeding where I Shouldnt be tmi ;_; I can’t wait til you come! I’m def. not as mobile as when we last met up though so I hope you don’t mind just taking it easy ;P

Khea – I think if I wasn’t working I would be fine! 3rd trimester starts next week for me… chotto kowai! And yes I am very very looking forward to seeing Ryohei again. Just talking on skype isnt the same.

Jess – I’m thinking of putting up a belly pick sometime before the end of the month… let its get a bit bigger although pictures dont seem to be doing my bump justice. I’m wondering that maybe its not because its bigger but lately it just got SO HEAVY. Like I said 3rd trimester in less than a week! We’ll see how it goes

Okay Girlie… show Da belly! lol Glad things are getting much easier = )

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