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Posted on: April 17, 2009

Month from Hell Week 3/5 update!! Only 2 weeks left until (most of) work is over. I still have one day of work after Golden Week but it doesn’t really count to me. I’ll just think of it as preparation for labor – waiting in agony for a few hours (optimistic much?) for something really great at the end of it all. See! Look at me being all positive! Progress my friends… that’s what this is.

Slowly but surely getting all my moving preparations underway – the only thing I have left at this point is to call Yahoo and cancel my internet. After that’s its mostly just heavy lifting (Hi boys!), cleaning, and taking out a bunch of trash. In three weeks time I will be sipping water, mugicha, or something equally boring from my new inaka home. Looking forward to being able to sort through my baby clothes, as I feel the beginnings of nesting coming on… I think they are selective though because I am in absolutely no rush to start organizing and cleaning the ominous dark and dirty cave that is my apartment.

Have realized that my blog has shifted back to incredibly boring in the last few weeks – but I’m sure it will pick up with a slew of “OMFG the inaka is sooo (insert random comment)” and “Why the heck is pregnancy 40 weeks and not (insert random week number)?!?” – don’t worry I’m not there yet! And neither is little miss who has suddenly decided that 11pm – 4am is a great time to make her presence known by kicking, sitting on, and punching my poor bladder and other innards. I’m thrilled that within the span of a week she’s gotten very active – but I wish she would chose a better time so I could enjoy it. I think she’s going to be a lot like her Dad and get a kick out of pushing my buttons (Sigh)

I’ve spent lots of time lately fantasizing about taking a vacation abroad… not going to happen right now tho… After BG is good and stabilized in the world of the living – I will start trying to talk Ryohei into how GREAT taking a day or two off work for a long weekend abroad would be. I think even going to Korea for 3-4 days would be a nice break from everything that is JAPAN. I’d love to make it to an even more exotic local, but that’s going to be on the back burner for a bit since BG and my trip home at Christmas is 最優先.

Lastly, I miss Ryohei so much… I can’t wait to see him again. I need a “man” hug.

Alright, back to singing my April tune I go!


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Not long now until you can get your man hug! I know it can not come soon enough!

I dream about taking an overseas trip someday too… Korea is one of the places we have thought about because it is SOOO close and quite cheap too. Adele’s parents are there now actually and it cost them a total of 60000円 for flights and hotel for 1 week.

I really want to go to Italy though… 😛 Naoki said maybe he will take me for our 20 year anniversary, lol! Talk about in the future, hahaha!!

As Lulu said, not that long to go!!

Korea is really cheap to fly to from Beijing, last time I checked flights were only like 200RMB, which is nothing, like $30 dollars and some change. Beijing is full of Koreans … I get the feeling that their pop culture is quite Japan-influenced. It would be a cool getaway though. Of course, Beijing is also not too far away … hint hint! I would like to do more international travel in Asia. In six years I’ve been to Laos, which was awesome, but there are so many more countries around Asia that I’d love to see and I feel like I’m missing out on. About 10 years ago I went to Japan and I’d love to go again, if only I could bring DH around to the idea! And then there’s Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Burma, The Philippines … all on the list!

Not too much longer now, hopefully you’ll be able to GARNER a full nights sleep..lol “wink”!

Ah sleeping with a dancing/punching baby. Mine used to do all of the above and then hiccup for an hour in the middle of the night. Weird sensation and like you I kept wishing she’d do it more during the day! Good luck!

Oh and my Japanese instructor just came back from Vietnam and it sounded amazing and now I really want to go!

Hopefully I’ll see you at Osaka-Jo next weekend!

DD was also really active in the night/early morning hours…and look at what a wonderful sleeper she is (wink, wink). I hope this doesn’t foreshadow your future nights with BG! 🙂

The theory is that during the day, all your moving around and activity create a “rocking chair” effect and lull the baby to sleep, so then at night, when you’re still, she wakes up and is ready to play!

I could sure use a spurt of “nesting” every now and again, but I don’t want to have to get preggers for it! Your’s will kick into overdrive soon enough!

Glad you’re seeing a little sunshine these days!

Someone told me when the baby is active that’s your chance to bond. Unfortunately I’m a sleep queen and didn’t think very lovey-dovey bonding thoughts at all at 3am…

I dream and hanker and pine for a long weekend/ short break anywhere tropical….

Thanks all for your comments! Sorry I wasn’t able to get back to them sooner – I had a blissfully happy and busy weekend – and now back to the daily grind!

I’d love a vacation!!! – a real one – with beaches, suntans, tropical drinks, and a dark and handsome man massaging my achy feet!

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