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Posted on: April 21, 2009

This is probably going to be a boring post – just a warning!

Well, today was somewhat productive – of course not work you sillies – that would probably mean that hell was starting to freeze over! No, instead I took advantage of my works close proximity to a bank and post office to start getting my post-Kobe life finances in order.

In my new corner of the inaka there is NO bank branch of my current account for about 1 1/2 hours either way… thus so I am not completely sponging off Ryohei’s fledging salary I’ve opened a postal savings account… which will give me access to cash should I need to run awa… I mean run to the shopping mall/movie theaters in Nagaoka on a whim while waiting for BG to make her appearance.

The rate for the American dollar has gone up a bit in the past month or 2 but it was still low enough that I could justify remitting a small chunk to my American account as well as part of the “just in case” fund. Being a housewife aka not working/getting a salary is going to be very strange for me. Doesn’t help I had a panic stricken husband calling me worried I was going to leave him because his first year local komuin salary was so low (sigh – at the panic stricken part not the low salary part 😛 )

Since we are staying with PIL for a while… probably until New Years at this point, (although BG and I are still escaping for a few weeks come early Dec!) we don’t really have any major expenses – baby related stuff would probably be at the top of the list but should be covered by more then generous offers of clothes and other baby equipment from friends, my resolve to breastfeed, and cloth diapering whenever at home – so the lone victim of our (lowered) budget looks less foreign/import foods for me (chhhhhhhheeeeessseeeee : ( )

In pregnancy news – I am 27 weeks today which means 3rd trimester!!! (Note – some people say 28 weeks, but I am all about getting this over with sooner so 27 weeks it is!) Only 13-14 weeks left until probably the best and worst day of my life – or so I’ve heard… I have my 7 month check up tomorrow so it will be nice to see BG and check what position she is in since I am having major rib pressure action lately!

In life news – Ryohei has three nomikais in a week One tonight, one tomorrow night and another one next Tuesday. I know since he is “the new guy” these are all must attend type things but once I get there I believe a certain number of nomikai per certain number of months needs to enforced. Thankfully Ryohei isn’t much of a drinker/partier and seems to do it out of obligation more than wanting to get pissed on the office budget. Hopefullllly after the baby comes they won’t pressure him too much, but this is Japan so who knows.

Alright so that was my boring update for today… I think the highlight of this week is waiting for the new episodes of Americas Next Top Model and Greys Anatomy to be released on the internet so I can view them in all my lonely splendor. Of course – this weekend should be nice since the lovely Nay is coming up Saturday morning!


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Money… love it and hate it =/
Sounds like a good system you got though, keeping the expenses low you probably won’t notice the lower salary, right?

Ugh, nomikai. That’s alot! I complain at 2-3 times every couple weeks, but wow… Family doesn’t seem to be a good enough excuse to wriggle out of these things unfortunately. You’ll have to whip him good, to get more face time with BG when she’s here lol

Congrats on the 3rd trimester though!

You’ll be SIGHing on the low koumuin income soon enough!! Good to have run awa, no, cheese fund and BG and mummy time out money. I had it at the start – of course now I’ve run awa, no, had so much cheese and mummy time there is none left.

nomikais – hub is at one as I type. They definately don’t all go on the office budget – and if Ryohei starts saying that you might have to check his car for torn up secret bank account slips!!

Shit, that’s just me.

I had my 32 week check today. Yay for impending worst and best days of our lives…

Good on you for taking care of the finances. I married a musician, so I know all about low, or even nonexistant salaries. Luckily my husband knows I didn’t marry him for the money and that he contributes to our household in other, equally valuable ways. But guys get kind of weird when they feel like they aren’t bringing home enough bacon — in Asia a load of pressure is put on them to be the perfect providers, so Ryohei’s panic is pretty normal. My husband worried I wouldn’t marry him because he didn’t have a lot of money, when that just wasn’t a priority for me.

China has its own version of nomikais, but they don’t seem to be quite as frequent, just every once in awhile. It is terribly hard to say no, but I’ve found that you have to establish a sort of reputation for not being the drinking party type early on. The longer you go without saying “no” the harder it will be to eventually get out of them — or at least that’s how it goes here. I’ve found that usually most companies can get used to the idea that so and so just isn’t a drinking party type person, but you have to be able to resist the occasional invitation in the first place to establish that. Maybe Japan is more hardcore though!

Khea – Yah, like I said its not that he WANTS to go.. I just have to convince him its ok to “say no.” That seems to be a hard concept in business culture here 🙂

Congrats on finding out btw! You’ll be 3rd tri before you know!!

GW – Hahaha… I would hope he wouldnt leave them torn up in the back seat… that just is ASKING to be found and taped back together like a jigsaw puzzle.. men, I swear…

I enjoy reading about whats going on with you as it seems a fair preview into my next month! Of course – that means when the bunster is actually here and I am in the last month of suffer summer hell I will be very jealous.

Jessica- My office doesnt have a ton of drinking parties… I think maybe 4-5 in the whole 2 years I’ve been there and I have no problem saying no. Yay for peer pressure… I think its not really a surprise that people here have drinking problems and support for those who do is very very limited or so it seems… Japan is still very much a “mans world” sometimes.

It seems in Asia the whole “man must provide” theme is quite strong huh… they must think we westerners who dont mind being the breadwinners are quite strange 😛

Hi Sara darling.. I am a bit confused… he is a GOV officer.. he should be making serious BANK?

On the upside- even if it was not what you expected, he’ll have luscious bonus so you can stock up on cheese = )

Do you think you may head back to work after the baby is born? I am sure he can transfer “up”, he is just embarking on a new career.

I think everyone has been at the word “start” before, it is what you do from now that will matter but you have a clear head on your shoulders =)

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