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Minor Dramas?

Posted on: April 22, 2009

Ahhhh this has been a stressful morning and I’m even taking a “day off.”
I have a Drs. appt this afternoon – and since my office needs a “drs recepit” in order to take a sick day I have decided to combine 2 into 1 and heal my body with some much needed sleep.

Apparenly between the hours of 11pm and 7am I don’t sleep well at all… but between the hours of 8am – 12pm I sleep great! Can someone explain that to me please?!

Had some scary money drama issues this morning when I went to check on the status of my remittance to America. Most of the money in my American account was gone and I had this message warning me that my bank no longer accepted foreign wire transfers but they would process it “just this one time.” Wow – umm talk about scary… when I sent money back in Feb.. this didn’t seem to be an issue so it must have been a recent policy change.

Anyways I just went back again and saw that the funds had been properly credited to my account – thank god… I don’t know WHAT was going on.. but it looks like I was lucky today. Anyways I think my heart is still pounding a bit – and 3 or 4 strawberry ice popsicles got sacrificed as a result of my chotto freaking out.

So in about another hour and a half or so I will head out to my appt and recieve the blessed “doctors recepit.” Thanks to this, I no longer have more than 2 working days in a row since next weeks Weds. is a public holiday and then I only have one day the week after – go me!

We are really in the home stretch.

I talked to Ryohei on the phone for 3 minutes after his nomikai… apparently the Mayor told him he should be sent to the kencho (in Niigata City) in a couple years… he seemed pretty excited. Perhaps he is the chosen one… as he went ON about telling me how we could move to Niigata in 3 years and then Tokyo in another 2 or 3 years after that etc etc etc…

Way too far off… and umm.. what about our plans for moving to America in 10 years or so?! Watch this spot.. its sure to be fun…

Anyways you would think on my “sick day” that I would be trying to do some work around the house.. umm.. nope. I did manage to get all the bath towels washed and hung out to dry so I guess thats something. My house is still a crappy mess though.. I am not really sure how we are going to get everything done by the time I have to move out. I guess it will happen somehow..

PS – wtf is up with Japanese crows?! They are so creepy I hate them!! There are ton of them in my apartment complex and they are so loud and gross – I don’t like hurting animals but there have been a lot of times lately where I wish I could just hunt them down!!


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I feel like such a stalker, I’m always first to reply to everyone lol At least it means I have an interest in you?

That’s great!! Still a long ways a way but still… “hope” perhaps? I wonder if there’s aγ€€secret book somewhere about how to successfully get your family out of Japan and back home in a short amount of time…

Almost “home” with your hubby though! That’s the first step. Stay positive.. and if you can’t… strawberry popcicles, of course!

PS: The crows here scare the shit out of me! Ours are like 1/3 that size… and don’t sounds like people being stabbed to death when they caw. *shudders*

the crows here are frightening. fearless, too.

in shimane, yoshi and his co-workers would go out in the spring and shoot a few. then they would hang them up around the fields as a ‘warning’. yeah. whatever.

as a funny: when hiro was first starting to talk, he would mimic the crows but say, ‘cawk’. one day a bird flew over the house and he pointed and said, ‘CAWK!! CAWK!!’ thank goodness i live in japan and none of my neighbors were offended by my son yelling ‘cock’ out the window….

Wow- that would be scary with the bank- glad it got sorted for now. That is odd that they no longer accept foreign transfers- i wonder why?

Hope the appt at the drs went well!!!!! Will we get to see a new picture of BG!?

oh and lol @ Ilahee`s boy Hiro!

Yeah for incomplete weeks!

Personally I think Wednesday should always be a holiday but that’s just me…

Did you ever do that ‘one for sorrow, two for joy’ crow counting game? I had to give up when I got here as there are just waaay too many!

They do the dead crow hanging from a pole thing around here, too. That freaks me out more than the live ones, for sure!!

Can’t wait to hear a baby update. πŸ™‚

I hope you had a good appointment! I would love to take a sickie but I took one a couple weeks ago already and I always feel guilty when I do it because it means my students miss my class and end up with an extra class from whatever teacher has a free period and can fill in for me — usually physics! Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part, but I don’t think they’re usually too happy about that prospect!

Good news that you might be able to escape the inaka sooner than you thought, although I hear you on being a bit apprehensive about what that means for the America plans and maybe not really wanting Ryohei to get too ahead of himself with the excitement and all (maybe it was the drink talking!). One step at a time I guess. I’d just be focusing on how awesome it is that you’re almost done with work, isn’t that the best feeling ever?! πŸ˜€

Khea – You are more than welcome to stalk my blog!! I enjoy reading your comments πŸ™‚

Illahee – LOL @ your story that is too funny!! Does the hanging up the dead crow “work?”

Lulu – Appt went well!!! You heard about most of it on skype anyways! πŸ˜›

Fukases – I wholeheartedly agree with you on the Weds. holiday movement. What is that game? I’ve never heard of it before… somedays there are at least 8-10 lurking about outside my building… I wonder what that means lol. Baby update coming!

Jess – You are right!! I need to focus on the positive I think πŸ˜› If I miss work its not really a big deal since I (yawn) have no work 95% of the time – but if I worked with kids I do think I would feel sort of bad about “ditching” them!

I know that you are worried that the whole plan of moving back to American might not work out. But as you said it is still 10 years down the track and you never know what’s going to happen between then and now.

The good thing about him being the ‘chosen one’ is that he won’t be stuck in the inaka forever. You mentioned once or twice that you would love to move to Tokyo, right? Well it looks like that might be an option now. That’s good news, no?

I can’t wait to hear about your appointment!! I have been checking since yesterday afternoon, lol!

Nay – Actually maybe it was all just a misunderstanding.. apparently the mayor wasnt the one who told him, it was people from the kencho itself. And I was being a bit sarcastic on the “chosen one” bit… πŸ˜› Yah I guess its hard to tell what the future will hold..

I will get up a appt update post before the weekend!!

Oh, Tokyo would be so awesome for you! Definitely something to look forward to at at least!

The crows! I hate them! They’re so huge and creepy! And that screeching, it really does sound like someone screaming. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about them!

Glad your check up went well!

Slime – You know… crows never really bothered me in America! I swear they sound like they are squacking bloody murder here!! Tokyo would be nice… but it would probably mean that Ryohei would be super busy… I guess that is one thing that is nice about the inaka since he’s only had 1 hour of overtime since he started work.


That isn’t very international on the “US”front..and odd, right? Maybe you can switch to an International bank in the US and not worry about this nonsense.

GJ – Yah its a bit odd huh.
Thankfully I don’t plan on tranfering any more money for the time being… but I am considering the option of opening a different account sometime in the future. I currently use a small bank but the interest I get permonth is awesome… so since I’m not planning to deplete the account soon I’m thinking of letting my money acrue a bit ! ;D

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