Once Upon a Tanbo


Posted on: April 24, 2009

Apparently I can make posts by email now… wish they would have made
this feature BEFORE I was quitting work and couldnt access blogger. Oh
well – I may find it useful for things like blogging updates when I am
places without my friendly pasocon like.. oh the birthing hospital.
Apparently I can email pictures in as well? We shall see!

I am feeling very very stressed out at the moment. Spent half an
afternoon trying to cancel my internet service. Thank god for the
English helpline… if I had to do it in Japanese I probably would have
run away screaming with all the "I'm sorry we can't…" blah, blah, blah…

Today has just not been good at all. I had something come in at work
last minute and now am stressing if I am going to get in done in time
plus some random interpreation for yet ANOTHER foreign resident who
didn't pay their taxes and needs the big bad gaijin city hall worker to
"threaten" them into paying. Man – I HATE my job right now. I know only
a week left… and then its all over until I start worrying about money
again. (sigh)

BG has got one of her feet up under my ribs and it is NOT comfortable.
She seems pretty happy and relaxed though, I'm glad one of us is. This
weekend cannot come fast enough but more than anything I wanted it to be
2 weeks from now where I won't have to worry about moving, cooking
dinner, or sitting with a foot inserted in my ribs all day long.


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