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You’ve Got to Be Kidding ME!

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Don’t worry the exsasperation of the title isn’t focused on Ryohei this time… but the wonderfull bee that decided to pay a visit to me in the 30 seconds I had the balcony door open without the screen to put out the laundry!?! Seriously WTF?!!? As seen back in early October I had another close encounter with the bug world when a wasp flew into my (4th floor) apartment uninvited and prompted me to leave for about 4 hours… and when I (and Ryohei) got back with our bottle of BUG KILL it had decided to excuse itself and go on home.. or at least I think it did because I never found any traces of it despite being terrified to try on a bunch of my winter jackets thinking it and its spwan had taken residence in them.

Anyways… I enjoyed all winter long knowing that all the little creepy crawlies and bugs were either dead or staying the hell away from my apartment. I was HOPING I would be able to move out without another incident but alas… my optimism failed me. So yes – all I was doing was getting the laundry up on our rack when a bee flew in and decided to land on the inside of my screen door. Of course panic ensued and I shut the glass of the balcony door trapping the bee inside as I RAN to get the BUG KILL which had not been used forever might I add… I very clumsily attempted to spray within the crack but too no avail.. and the bee buzzed its little heart out going the EXACT opposite way that it could have gotten out.


Anyways eventually I think it managed to fly out.. I tested this theory by shaking the screen door violently and when no bee buzz could be heard I finally breathed a sigh of relief… but oh the bug paranoia has set in. My balcony door is closed… no spring breeze for me… even with the “protection” of the screen. My side window is closed. My bathroom window is closed.

I can NOT deal with anymore bug attacks until Saturday when I have a man to deal with them. (note – non bitey, stingy bugs are fine…) But seeing I either get mukade, wasps, or bees I am not taking my chances with anything else.

In other news, I’m not the buring rage ball at Ryohei I was Sunday night. We didn’t talk for two nights which probably helped. And now I feel better and am once again looking forward to seeing him on Saturday. He even told me he is going to leave at midnight Friday night so he can get here early on Saturday morning – yay! So yah, I am in a better place than the weekend… probably helps I’m not at work, but lounging on my couch in my pajamas wondering when to make my yummy hiyashi chuuka (cold chinese noodles) which are ready and waiting in the fridge.

Summer food is great.. summer bugs are not…


2 Responses to "You’ve Got to Be Kidding ME!"

Gives me the shivers just reading about it. I wonder… do they sell those electric shock tennis racquet things here? Sounds like you could use one!

Only a few days left eh. Enjoy the city while you can!

Yay for buddah bellies!!! I know it’s tough for you, but it’s sooooo cute!

So glad you’re feeling better! Only 2 more days! When do you leave? How are you getting all your stuff to Niigata?

I’m okay with all bugs except cockroaches. EEEWWWWWWW! One sighting and I’ll refuse to step foot in that room until someone presents me with a dead, cockroach carcass! Last time I wouldn’t use the upstairs bathroom for 6 days, until hub finally found and killed a roach (don’t even know if it was the same one, but at least it was one less cockroach).

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