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the Difference a month makes

Posted on: April 30, 2009

Wow… I’m glad I’ve been taking belly pics since it seems like this is the month I really popped.

And it may look “small” “compact” and “cute” but its a hell of a b**** to sleep on/clean with/walk up stairs…

How many weeks left again ;P

28 + 2 Weeks

In other news this is the last day of the MONTH FROM HELL!!!! Of course May 1 is a special bonus day… but thats it!! I am surprised I survived all the crappy downs this month and now it will soon all be over.


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Looking cute as ever “nice baby bump”, you have not gained a pound! Must be all the working, and keeping busy- which is a good thing, other than the fact not being able to sleep.

Have fab weekend and holiday!

Yeah to last day of month from hell!

And yeah to cute baby bump!

And (maybe- bad at maths) yeah! to third trimester!

I hope you’ve got this sunny weather today too.

Gonna kick K outside to work on the pizza oven so we’re ready for when you arrive… we’re *almost* on your way to Niigata… ;P

GJ – The camera lies!!! I wish I could say that I haven’t gained a pound.. but thank you for your kind words!

Fukachan – Last days from hell are always nice 🙂 Am SOOOO waiting to hear about that pizza oven being done.. plenty of weekends before BG makes her appearence to take a little “just the two of us” ドライブ down to Nagano ;p

Sara- How exciting! Awesome to finally make it to one finish line no?

What a cute bump it is- still can not wait to meet it in person!

You have definitely “popped” this month!

Yay that the month from hell is almost done!

Coffeegrl – Yup! Only a few more hours to go until Golden Week/seeing Ryohei/moving/panic!!

Lulu – Hahaha you will meet it..(her?) soon enough!! I’m guessing this is your busy month coming up now!! Hope it goes fast!!

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