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Apparently time DOES fly…

Posted on: May 4, 2009

When you are having fun or busy or whatever does not equal sitting around the house all night every night being bored as heck πŸ˜›

Its been a whirlwind 48 hours since Ryohei and his friend arrived in Kobe and I am now sitting in a mostly empty apartment. Today was the “big” moving day and we had most of the stuff taken away by a moving company and the rest was given to an aquitance of mine who recently moved and was glad to take extra stuff like plates, microwave, fan etc.. off our hands for free (woo hoo!)

Ryohei is off at a thing with his old university friends tonight and his friend is off spending the night with another friend so I finally have a few hours to myself to browse the net and just relax without having to worry… not so much about Ryohei – I sort of just do whatever if he is there – but since the friend is here as well… I have to be a bet more “hostess like” and can’t walk around naked or pass gas (loudly) or anything fun like that.

I think I am pretty much done for the night… if I get the urge I may start going through the cupboards and throwing out old/unused food stuffs, but who knows if that urge will hit. Right now my urge is to lie in bed and type on the net and rest my achy feet. I think I have climbed up and down the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment more in the last 2 days than I usually do in a week. The old ‘bod isn’t what it used to be I’m afraid 😦

Anyways tomorrow we are meeting up with some friends in the late morning for lunch/yummy ice cream and then we have to come back and CLEAN… which will be… fun.. NOT. There are dust bunnies older than BG in certain parts of the house (ok I realize thats not that old.. but I don’t think there are any dust bunnies older than Ryohei or I… as that would be absolutely frightening)

Weds. I have a final drs. appt to get the results of my 3rd trimester bloodwork back – happy thoughts for no gestational diabeties or anything like that and then we will load the car up with all the random little things like most of my maternity clothes, Ryohei’s guitar, the vacuum… and they will be off… and I will as well to stay at another friends house for the evening.

Thursday is WORK… as usual.. but its my real last day. However, I’m sure I will have lots of goodbye “aisatsu” as well as everyone scrambling to give me stuff to do… so hopefully it will go by fast and then I’m off at 5 and on the shinkansen by 5:30.

Yay – being busy is fun~

Oh and there is no badness between Ryohei and I… none that a good cuddle didn’t fix anyways although getting used to sleeping with 1 and baby in belly to 2 and baby in belly did not go over well the first night. Apparently BG woke Ryohei up kicking last night – HAHAHAHA – she was shaking the bed when I slept on my side… of course I stayed asleep!!

Ryohei is obviously VERY happy to see BG again and has been rubbing my belly and “singing” to her… I was so happy she reacted to the “singing” although as her Mommy I know it was more of a “Oh GOD make it stop..” than a “yay Daddy!” hahah But thats ok – we won’t tell him our little secret πŸ˜‰

Anyways I’ll probably make one more post from work Thursday, but after that my next post will be from my new “home.” Next on my list of things to do.. have a baby…



4 Responses to "Apparently time DOES fly…"

thats a HUGE gulp at the bottom there!! Glad the moving is going OK. Your last day at work will be hectic and it wouldn’t surprise me if you got a bunch of flowers or two that you had to pass off to random strangers on the way to the shinkansen!!

Oh moving is always fun! We’ll be doing it soon enough, again. Ugh. I can’t imagine doing it while pregnant, though!

We got a letter from the U.S. embassy today, actually, saying that our visa application was approved! Yay. So begins the REAL heavy planning and brainstorming. Sigh.

Good luck on the big move coming up! I’m glad you and Ryohei had a happy reunion, it must be such a relief to have this whole ordeal almost completely behind you.

You’ve still got a few months to prepare for the baby … I’m sure you’ll be ready — as ready as anyone ever is at least — when the time comes.

Glad the move went well. Your post is so much more upbeat than the more recent ones. It is obvious you are excited about the next stage! Good luck with the last day at work!

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