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Posted on: May 5, 2009

Time until I leave my apartment… about 12 hours and counting…
Stuff I have left to do… way too much not thanks to my “guests” who have been reading manga and playing on my computer while I have been throwing things away, dusting gross places, and pretty much trying to get everything in order.

I am NOT impressed. And now my feet and back are killing me so bad that I can’t do anything but lie in bed and hope I feel ok to finish up tomorrow.

I think there is still at least an hour or 2 of work left until I feel ok leaving… I can’t say that the two guys haven’t been completely useless.. and honestly I feel kinda bad making Ryoheis friend do too much esp. since he has a hurt foot as well. But when my husband is lounging watching videos on the computer while I am madly trying to clean everything in time..

If I WASN’T 8 months pregnant.. I honestly wouldn’t care… but I physically can NOT do this by myself. Why the hell don’t men understand this?!

Not impressed at all…


6 Responses to "Annoyed…"

Not cool! 😑

Aww. You shouldn't have to do so much when you're pregnant like that! 'Tsk tsk' to your hub!

Don't be afraid to pinch him and get him off his bum! His friends will hopefully understand that you two have work to do.

Stick the broom in his hair! Haha. Just kidding.

Men are crap when it comes to baby things.They make then OK then just leave us to it.A massive,massive annoyance but wait til the wee one only wants her Mummy;we win in the end;)

Ok, he should not just be sitting there watching you clean. Definitely say something “you know honey, I have to work tomorrow and there’s still a lot to do, could you please help me out by doing _____?”

Sometimes men need direction, you know, set him a task and so that he knows what you want done? You have to do this with children too, because they sometimes just don’t know where to start and sort of need to be led by the nose. Well, you can try either that or the Chinese boot camp threat. Whichever works.

Ohhh hope things are going better!

I agree with Jessica. Be blunt and straight to the point. K often asks for what I would call out and out nagging. Apparently a wife with a baby in her arms and a screaming toddler hanging off her leg trying to cook dinner and talk on the phone to boot doesn’t send ‘ohhh maybe she needs help’ signals until she actually says ‘TAKE THE BABY!!!’ Then again that could (hopefully) just be me…

That’s horrible.
I agree with the “put it into words” idea though. Apparently, watching someone struggle DOES NOT send the message that help is needed unless the words are actually heard. Who made men so “slow” ??

I figure, expect nothing and if they wipe a table once, pick up a single sock, etc. it’s something to get excited about and reward them for it lol Just expect to do everything: pregnant, carrying a newborn, juggling or not. =/ It makes the dissapointment factor dissapear. Either that or eternally wait for them to change…

Commenters – Thank your man dealing advice… Apparently one month apart was long enough for me to forget all the crazy man “behavoir.”

I honestly think some of it – in part – was because his friend was there.. and I don’t know if he thought it was uncool to help or what.. when his friend wasn’t there he was his normal self.. friendly, helpful, sane? Its not like his friend is a bad guy either.. oh well..

I am now back at work which obviously means we survived (unscathed?)

Thanks for all your comments – I’m glad I am not the only one. πŸ˜›

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