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Last Day

Posted on: May 7, 2009

I am moved. It was probably the most frustrating experience I've had to
deal with in a long while and I had been dreading it, BUT it is all
over. My apartment is empty and "clean" and my keys have been turned in.
I am at work for my last day EVER.

It doesn't really feel like anything special is going on, I didn't
really get any good-bye presents or messages or anything… oh well. Not
like I was really expecting anything anyways – all I want to do is get
on that shiny shinkansen and head off into the sunset. Although I doubt
there will be a sunset because its been raining all day.

I am looking forward to being able to sleep is as it is getting harder
and harder to sleep "at night." The only time I am really comfortably is
after I fall into a deep sleep around the 2nd pee break of the night
between 3 – 4am. BG has really limited the number of positions I can
sleep in and I find myself tossing and turning between left side, back,
and right side as she kicks me to show her discomfort between the hours
of 9pm and 1am.

I think that I am going to be a big fan of the afternoon nap concept as
she tends to sleep for most of the afternoon which means that I can lie
on my left or right side without tiny fingers and toes (as cute as they
may sound) dig into my organs and skin.

Anyways – I am leaving Kobe. It IS bittersweet… I don't think its hit
me I won't be coming back. I've been here almost 3 years now so this is
home and despite the week of packing and all the sad good-byes to my
friends here, it still feels like tomorrow I'll be back in the office
sitting and doing nothing instead of changing my foreign registation and
walking around rice fields.

I've had a lot of good memories here… I met Ryohei here, BG was (ahem)
made here, I made some friends who I hope will be life long ones here,
and other less life altering events as well… So heres to Kobe – a town
which played a huge part in my life over the last 3 or so years. I'll be
back to visit, but until then さよなら


8 Responses to "Last Day"

I’m glad its all over and done with and you can finally relax for a few days.

It’ll probably take awhile for the reality of moving to set in. Luckily Japan is not so so so large that you can’t come back for a visit. I hope you have a good trip and the inaka has some happy surprises in store for you.

Say hi to the rice fields for me!
Miss you already, WAAAAAAAH

Congratulations on getting everything done! I’m sure your thrilled and feeling bittersweet all at the same time. I hope that you’ll enjoy the next chapter in your adventure!

PS: Remember to send me your updated address and phone numbers for AFWJ so you continue to receive your journals! 🙂

yeah!!!!! you’re getting closer to me!!!!

Ok, that wasn’t a very sympathetic goodbye Kobe mail but Brenda and I here in Nagano also lived in Kansai… hmmm maybe we could do a reunion tour someday with all our kids. She wants to have 5 though…@_@

Did Hellowork work out alright?

Ah, and now you set off for a new journey to the land of _______ (fill in blank)!

I can always post you some Starbucks! “giggles”!

So you are leaving the city behind to embrace (or fight) a new journey, I hope it brings you happiness, at least you can enjoy some months off from work.

Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

Hooray! I know you’re so happy to be done with all the moving crap! It’s such a pain!

Are you nervous about the PILs? Make sure you give BIL a good, swift kick in the you-know-what for being such a butthead about everything!

Hope your settling in goes well!

Hope things continue to go well.Its always hard to say goodbye to places especially with so many good memories.But from now on,you are going to be making the best memories ever:)

Jessica – Yes, after only 24 hours I can def. say that reality has not set in yet (lol) It feels like I’m on a vacation but it will be back to work soon!

Sassy – Miss you too!! Hopefully I’ll be back to visit the ol’ stomping grounds in another 6 months or so!

Kuri – It really does feel like the next chapter.. everything in my life so far has been pretty much “following the script” this is the first time where its become more of a “choose your own adventure.”

Fukases – Ohh wow.. guess we are all Kansai Imports to the Shinetsu area… We are neighbors now.. and you know good neighbors share food baked in their special pizza ovens… ;D Hello Work is chotto worked out.. I don’t have to worry about it until after August it seems but I still may need to catch you on Skype 🙂

GJ – Thanks!! It seems like there are going to be various new challenges but at least it keeps life interesting… the nearest Starbucks isn’t TOO far away… I may be able to get 1 a month 😛

Slime – I am SO SO SO SO happy to be done with moving. It had been stressing me out for the past couple months so its nice that it is OVER. We’re seeing BIl and SIL on sunday and I think I will be “asking” him to use his room for BG’s stuff… its not a bed!!

Marianne – Aww what a nice way of looking at it!! It is hard to say “good-bye” but you know what they when one door closes… another one opens 🙂

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