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Trip to the City

Posted on: May 17, 2009

We went to “the city” and by “the city” I mean Nagaoka – which compared to the other places I’ve lived is small, but compared to the area where we are living now is like freaking Tokyo.

We sort of “stalked” the apartment we are taking a look at in two weeks. I LOVE the area. It is very convenient to a decent sized supermarket and a park with a library, gym, and play area. It’s also about a 12 minute or so walk from the huge station where there are such things as STARBUCKS and a foreign food store… I bought some (sort of expensive) cheese and Ryohei bought chocolate.

Most importantly… I think this is the first time since I got here that I actually felt OK. I think being in the middle of no where is really hard for me, it almost feels so desolate that I can’t breathe. Nagaoka isn’t the hugest city out there, but at least I can walk places and there are things near by… the commute to Ryohei’s work will be about 40-45 minutes one way… maybe less on a sunny day with no traffic. I feel bad for him having to commute an extra 20 minutes from what he does now – but I think my sanity will be worth it.

Anyways – I am really really hoping that there will be no issues with renting the apartment and that we can get the “breaking the news to the in-laws” over with ASAP. I don’t think they are going to be too excited about us leaving before the baby is born… But… if worst comes to worst I can always come back to Ryohei’s house for a week or two after she is born…

Being in a place with cars, buildings, people, and shops was so nice… I finally felt a bit like my old self. Since Ryohei has NO money… the cost is going to all fall on me and my savings, but I think its worth it at this point. Just the feeling of being there made me so much happier and getting away from in-laws, SIL, and all the crap that comes from being traditional Japanese will do me a world of good. I’m so sick of being told I should be making more Japanese friends (MIL) or “trying the Japanese way of child-raising” (SIL)


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sounds like the area the apartment in is primo. A lot more sane. Hub drives 30 minutes each way so 40 – 45 isn’t much for Ryohei. He’ll adjust – a lot easier than you would trying to live with his parents!

His parents will get over it – even if you were there you would be looking after the baby on your own all day anyway so whats the difference being in your own place! Better for mummy. The hospital will no doubt have some lessons on bathing and breast feeding and the likes so you won’t be sent home completely in the dark about it all. The rest, well your MIL couldn’t help with the bonding anyway.

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Fingers crossed the apartment works out.

The apartment that you have chosen sounds like it is in a prime location!! It really sounds like you could be happy there (well at least as happy as you can be about living in inaka) YAY!!

I hope you enjoy your cheese!! Comfort food always makes me feel good 🙂

As you said, although you will be paying for everything out of your own savings, I am sure in the long run it will be worth it!

I will be hoping that you guys get that apartment too. *fingers crossed from me over here* : )

Also, I’m glad you got a day away in the city. Enjoy your cheese. : )

I’m so happy you’re feeling better! And that you got a to take a trip into “the city”! The apartment sounds great, I sooooo hope it comes through! (Do you have a back-up, just in case?).

A 45 min commute is nothing! He’ll be fine! My commute in the U.S. was over an hour some days, no biggie!

Sooooooo glad to hear your feeling better. Fingers crossed you can get that apartment and get settled in and de-stressed before BG arrives. As for the commute, Ryohei has a lovely new car so he should use it. An extra 20minutes is nothing. A sane wife to come home to is so much better than a short commute. If he doesn`t realise that then he needs a slap in the face.

Sounds really nice! I like mid-sized cities a lot — how big is Nagaoka, population wise? I used to live in Austin, which has less than a million people, and I loved it, it didn’t feel like a small town at all, although compared to China, where a “small city” is a city of 5 million it was practically a village!

40 minutes isn’t bad. If you guys were living in the States chances are he’d be doing a comparable drive, everything there is so spread out. It is well worth it for the sake of your happiness. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that everything works out with the apartment and you can get into it quickly!

yay. feeling better about the direction of your life always deserves a “yay”.

and yay for lots of updates on your blog. that’s one good thing about your inaka life I suppose!

take care,


Nice, apartment sounds great! I’ll be jealous though, I have to catch a train to the nearest starbucks!
Don’t worry, the family will deal with the early move, just stick to your guns, it’s your new family you’re making. I put my foot down with grandma yesterday and flat out told her that Ash wasn’t freezing to death! It felt goooood. Nice to know you’re feeling better!

It is a city, well the fact that it is a city in a city sounds fabulous already!

Girl, a 40 min commute, I had to commute everyday from S.F. to San Jose for work- more on some days but ah, that is what ipods are for! lol

You will be feeling back to norm once you get into your place, I can’t wait to hear what interior direction you’ll take- fun, fun!

I second what Corinne said, the fam will deal, your living for yourself and your bub, not them — sounds harsh I know.

Cheers darling.. not long to go eh?

This sounds so great! Living in the middle of nowhere is really really hard if you’re not used to it. (Or maybe that’s just me – but I’m sensing it applies to you too andI don’t blame you one bit!) Here’s to Starbucks!!! And having some sanity 🙂

I am back- just catching up although I am sure I will hear all the goss tomorrow on Skype (right?)

Firstly, glad the area near the “to die for” terrace house/apartment is nice and close to things (including foreign food- YAY!) also glad you got out for a bit and when to Nagaoka! Sounds like a nice little place! I commuted more than that in Australia and it wasn`t too bad (when I was working for the horrible, thou shall not be named magazine publishing company I commuted 45 mins too and the commute wasn`t so bad)

Oh have to say glad things worked out with the discussion with Ryo about moving AND about taking on the PILs place. Shun is the second son, and for that I am grateful. There has never really been much discussion about who will look after PIL and the house because we all know it goes to Aneki and SIL and I am happy with that. I am glad he could clear that up for you as that must have been majorly stressful!

Hope you are having a good start to the week (without chikuwa- YUCK)

Ditto Lulu with that chikuwa;) The appartment sounds great,and I so hope that it gets sorted out soon so you can concentrate and really enjoy the fact that BG is NEARLY HERE!!!

Ha ha ha. We can add ‘make friends’ advice to stuff Tohoku MILs do. I still can’t meet MIL without her asking whether I have made any friends yet. Grrrr.

Glad the apartment looks good and fingers crossed for you here, too!

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