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Posted on: May 19, 2009

I’ve spent too many posts lately complaining about my situation here – so for a change of pace I’ll write my latest pregnancy update today instead. I am exactly 31 weeks so BG is apprx 75% baked. Woo hoo πŸ™‚

Not that much has changed from my last update. She’s continued to be a pretty mellow baby in utero. I get the most “action” between 11pm – 1am aka the time I would most love to be going to sleep. But her action isn’t even that bad she hasn’t bruised my ribs or kidneys or bladder that I know of, all the does is sort of poke around a bit. Its very obvious when she moves now and you can see it through my shirt etc although its sooo rare in the daytime that I doubt anyone has noticed but me 😦

Lots of FUN 3rd trimester pains, aches, etc showing up. I have nasty nasty stretch marks – maybe I should have used the creams but didn’t get my hands on them in time… just hope they will fade eventually. They look really really bad – Ryohei (silly man) keeps asking me if they hurt, well I guess bright purple streaks will elicit that response from a Japanese man who has never had them or seen any of his sleek race that has them 😦 I’ve been getting really painful joint as well which I’ve read is from retaining water. When I wake up in the morning my fingers hurt at the joints and my wrists are starting to hurt for the same reason PLUS since there is no “high furnature” here I have to use my hands to push off to get from sleep/sitting position to standing. OUCH I miss having a sofa/raised bed…

I guess thats about it for the worst of it… besides getting achy feet occasionally and just being tired out easier than usual. I’ve been craving “ice-y” things lately. GariGari-kun popsicles, Kakigoori (shaved ice), and others? I’ve heard that craving chewing ice in pregnancy may be a sign of anemia… which wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve always had a somewhat low iron count and haven’t had any sort of red meat or anything since I’ve been here. Just pork… blech.. sorry never been a huge pork fan. I have my first Drs. Appt here Saturday morning so maybe I will mention it them.

A bit nervous about going to my “new” clinic since at this point in the race its there or nowhere since you have to “reserve” so early. Well it can’t be any worse than the local hospital which SIL is going to… from what she told me it sounds like a nightmare with very impersonal and unfriendly staff and not willing to explain anything.

With everything going on the last few months I haven’t really had a time to “enjoy” my pregnancy. I thought maybe once I quit work and moved here I would but now my mind is rushing with the logistics of how to get out of here ASAP… Sorry BG, you know I still love you!


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I miss raised furniture! And I’m not even pregnant πŸ˜‰

My husband says I *have* to try shaved ice and popsicles here. I was never much of a fan in the U.S. but think I should give it a shot, especially as the weather warms up here!

may i recommend the pineapple garigarikun? i only wonder what the people at the convenience store think of me; i’ve bought one there every day for the last week!

Hmmmm I can’t wait for kakigoori! With condensed milk! Yummy. Wow, BG will be here before you know it! Have you been taking iron supplements? I was fainting a lot when I was preggers because I eat hardly any red meat here so I started taking iron and a multi-vitamin. Might be an idea? Good luck at the docs!

Have a good appointment! The 3rd trimester kind of sucks. I have heard that stretch marks are hereditary and have to do with your skin’s elasticity, so if you’re going to get them you’re going to get them. I got them on my boobs but not my belly, which was kind of weird. I think the thing I hated most though was the swelling — I couldn’t wear my shoes anymore and had to get new ones, and then after I gave birth the shoes I got were too big.

Anyhow, you’re in the home-stretch now, she’ll be here before you know it!

Coffeegrl – I was never a big fan either, but Japanese shaved ice is yummy!! Can’t wait to move cause a sofa is on the list of things to buy! I miss the one we had in Kobe already.

Jo – I want to try it!! The local conbini only has soda and royal milk tea. The JUSCO has the pineapple one… so next time we go I will try it out πŸ˜€

Corinne – You are right, I should see if I can find an iron suppliment I think. I heard that they can cause constipation though which leads to hemmroids… which is one thing I haven’t gotten yet. Hmm… will ask the DR. either way.

Jessica – Yah, I sort of figured from the stretchmarks I already had from puberty that I was going to be getting some. Didn’t know how scary looking they would be tho! lol Hope the next month or two goes by quickly!! Being home alone with no one to talk to is soooo boring!

Ditto about what Jessica said on the stretchmarks. I have a NEW set from the bunster seeing as he is stretching me to within inch of my stretchible life. Very attractive. Have them on boobs too but somehow the whole ‘oooh big boobies’ thing means hub doesn’t notice those ones!!

I have been iron deficient all three times and have the pills – they may give you a blood test this Saturday. Funnily enough this time round the pills havent led to constipation – which really only leads to hemmroids if you strain too much – which really only happens if you have a two year old, a one year old and a whiney husband telling you to get off the loo.

9 weeks and counting aye!! In a few months you’ll be looking back on this time and wondering why you didn’t enjoy it more – well, that’s what I did. have feeling will be thinking this until kids leave home in 18 years.

I hope you get a good doctor this weekend – and a good scan pic of BG.

You have good taste, garigari-kun popsicles are awesome.: ) We’ve been eating them almost daily over here too. Cider and all the other flavors. They really are so good.: ) And you’re also right about the kakigori as well. One thing I really look forward to in Japan when the weather is nice. All the popsicles and shave ice. πŸ˜›

I can’t believe it is coming so soon…you will be having BG at the end of this trimester.

Have you been having any heart burn yet Sarah? I only ask because I had heart burn with both my pregnancies. And it went away immediately after I delivered.

Kakigoori is my husbands favorite, I like the condensed milk with green tea- but never been a huge fan of shaved ice, have you tried the evaporated milk type yet? But Gari san with those HUGE lips (reminds me of the cheese curls)is hilarious.

Still a bit to chilly for me and ice though, but today was humid. bleh.

I can’t wait to you move Sara, you have been through enough- and speaking of low furniture, I have and love the platform beds, but I hate climbing out of them, esp with I am tired or sore from working out…

Have a fabulous week darling.

Ugh I feel so useless when it comes to talking about pregnancy and kids and such, since I have none to speak of, so far.

I wish I could chime in with you guys! Oh well. You'll just have to wait until you visit my blog in the future, and a post that reads "Guess Whaaaattt?" Haha. πŸ™‚

Then I shall be qualified to speak!

Damn, all this talk about icey-Japanese treats makes me want to run to the Mix Value and get some! So tempting…

I have tried my fair share of matcha-icey things, since I love anything matcha-flavored! ❀

*Crap – I meant “Max” Value store!

Congrats on 31 weeks! BG will be here in no time (but not soon enough I’m sure)!

Blah… At my baby class the nurse asked if anyone (esp the 2nd timers) had stretch marks and they ALL said “none.” Same with the nurse who’d had 4 kids… why!? I already have them in a few places too… =( I feel your pain.

I hope the new clinic is nice and friendly, and more importanty I hoep they are the type that will listen to your personal preferances.

Looking forward to helping you escape and have a bit of fun on the 1st though!

GW – Yikes I commiserate with you on the stretch marks then, not so fun. Ok then I will take a chance and ask about the iron pills on Saturday. I still have 9 weeks left but you only have 2-3? So jealous…. I bet you are looking forward to getting the whole birth thing over and done with and enjoying new cuddly baby!! I know I am πŸ™‚

GJ – hehe.. i am usually too busy yanking open the package to actually look out the outside. i will check it when i get my next one. i am a big fan of the ichigo (condensed) milk kakigoori! yummy yummy!! actually i really like most japanese “summer foods” i guess it makes up for the crappy humidity that lasts well into the night

Laura – I felt JUST like you until I got pregnant! lol I always felt like I had nothing to contribute to all the blog posts of people who did! I like macha flavored stuff as well! My husband doesnt lol – actually he doesnt like a lot of “Japanese sweets” prefering the calorie high western ones instead. What can I say I married a defective one! Pick up a GariGari-kun sometime – they are yummy πŸ˜€

Khea – Well Miss Khea, you are coming along yourself I am sure! Are you enjoying your preview for next month lol. Just like Gaijin Wife is a preview for my next month lol. Ugg sorry to hear you’ve gotten some stretchmarks as well.. my darned SIL doesn’t have any either. She showed me her cute little hairless, stretchmark less tummy the other day… more reasons to dislike her GRR. Soooo looking forward to the 1st!!!!!

stretch marks…. That reminds me of my (ex-boyfriend (japanese) who asked me what they were… (ones from teenage years). How can they not even know what they are?… ugh. πŸ™‚


Ohhh! I’d love a kakigori. Nothin’ but icecream and sorbet around these parts (not that I’m complaining!).

It’s hard to believe how quickly your pregnancy is flying by. Soon you will be in your own place with sweet little BG in your arms. In the meantime, take it one day at a time and eat as much kakigori as you can!

P.S. The stretch marks will definitely fade!

By the title, I thought this post was going to be about ice cream! In the end, I guess it kind of was! LOL Definitely going to have to try kakigoori w/ condensed milk! Sounds yum!

Hope things go well at the new clinic!

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