Once Upon a Tanbo


Posted on: May 20, 2009

Just a few random pics for fun…

You can see PIL’s house… the grey one… and alllllll the rice paddies

With the forementioned GariGari-kun

OMAKE (extra shot) testing out the panoramic function of my new camera
YES, there really is nothing here…


12 Responses to "Pics"

Oh that iceblock looks yummy!

What do you call iceblocks in American again?

Oh that iceblock looks yummy!

What do you call iceblocks in American again?

Don’t you just love living near rice paddies πŸ˜›

The ice block looks delicious!! It’s really starting to become ice block weather. I might have to get me one πŸ™‚

Holy crap, where did civilisation go?????????

What is this ice-block business you fellow Aussies? They’re icy-poles in Australia aren’t they?

And I can kind of, maybe, perhaps see how it’s conceivable that you might suffer a smidgen of culture shock coming from Kobe to that… ;P

On the other hand you do have neighbours….

whoa whoa, they’re called POPSICLES folks!! πŸ™‚

but on a serious note, i really could eat 4 or 5 garigarikuns a day and never get sick of them. *blissful sigh*

I say iced lollies but that’s the british parent influence… hmmmm yummy. That’s some middle of nowhere lookin rice fields! I take pictures of rice fields all the time, I find them calming, feel the calm wave sara! hehe

Icy-poles, ice blocks – 6 of one and half a dozen of another πŸ˜›

Just to add to the VERY relevent and important conversation here – like Jo said the “american word” is popsicle. Although like Corinne I have British parent influence where “ice lolly” is also acceptable.

There are way more frogs than people here. That is all.

Oohh,mountains with snow on them.Cool:)

Yes, the mountains are quite nice aren’t they? Snow capped and everything! The view is quite splendid, too bad you only have frogs to share it with. πŸ˜›

haha Sara, I was going to say “lucky you”, you have a water front home– until I read “rice paddies”– hey but you do have a view of the mountains?

As of recent my husband calls them “brain freeze (ers)” I call them ice-blocks, “ice lolly” (courtesy of Borden school)– or and Ice-pop. I think Popsicle started because of the brand, but originally they are called Iced-lollies which started in GB… don’t quote me though..

Sara, have you tried the cup version- by Morinaga?

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