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Posted on: May 22, 2009

I don’t have anything in particular to write about today but wanted to thank everyone who commented on yesterdays post! Very very interesting to read about everyones experiences and thoughts on the matters of family finance. Does seem to be a “十人十色” (junin-toiro) subject where everyone has their own way of doing it! My color seems to be a mean and evil steely grey (lol). I’m kidding!!

Today is Friday… the last day of the week. So happy that tomorrow will be the weekend which means that things will be done, places will be gone to, and babies will be seen! My baby that is 🙂 I have my first appointment at the clinic where come hell or high water I will be giving birth in apprx. 6-8 weeks. A little bit nervous, but I have heard its not a bad place, everyone I talk to about it keeps saying – “It’s so expensive..” Well then, good to know that the quality of care is also an important topic. If I have to pay a little more for a birth experience that won’t scar me from having baby # 2 and maybe # 3 down the line I’m all for it. It’s also been a while, about 2 1/2 weeks since I last saw BG although no doubts that she is alive and “kicking” although as I said she’s not that active. But I do feel little elbows, feet, and a huge rump (taking after mom much?!) pressing out of my belly at random moments.

At this point… the dream of moving to a far off place – Nagaoka – is about the only thing keeping me sane. As this is not my house… and we are not near anything but rice fields… the only thing to do at this point is sleep is as MUCH AS POSSIBLE and then take an hour long walk… and then wait for Ryohei to get home. On the good side – he DOES get home early. He had a couple hours of over time Tuesday.. but besides that he has been home around 6 – 7pm nightly. So there – I am actually happy about something to do with his new job. Of course when we move that will slip to 6:30-7:30 or so due to the extra commute but if he is home before 8ish I call it a successful night… since we get at least 2-3 hours of “us” time.

So ladies with kids… when the baby is here will I be pretty busy? Waht exactly do you do all day.. I really have NO experience with really really tiny babies. Anyone still have memories of what life was like with your first newborn – I am pretty sure that anyone with multiple kids is crazy busy? Care to share? Everyone (ok, most people) love a good baby story 😀


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Hey, hey, hey- you dont just sleep and walk all day- your skype chats with me are also a highlight right? They are fairly consistant! lol!

I am excited for you to be going to your birth clinic tomorrow- I know you are nervous but I am positive it will be a great place and you will have a great birthing experience (apart from all the pain and blood and all- but i guess that can`t be helped)

Yay for the weekend- although lately all my days seem like weekend although that will change when we head back to Japan next week.

Lol, did you really ask whether you will be pretty busy when baby arrives? Um yeah, i would say you will be! I don`t have a lot of experience with tiny babies either BUT i do know that you should try and sleep when they sleep because you won`t get much consistant sleep during the night. I think your days will consist of looking/staring at the little bundle of joy that you and Ryo made as well as feeding it, cleaning up after it (and cleaning its clothes/diapers etc) and worrying! LOL

I have no baby stories though- sorry! Lol!

So glad today is Friday!! Now you have 2 whole glorious days to spend with Ryohei 🙂

I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. I am sure it will though 🙂

Don’t forget about me too – I usually take up at least an hour of your day a couple of times a week!! Probably not as much as Laura does, but still… I deserve a mention, lol!!

Don’t have any children myself, but I do know for certain that you are going to be very busy with BG after she decides to make her entrance to this world!! I will let others who actually have experience in this department to give you real advice in this area 🙂

Lulu and Nay – Gomen!!! I didn’t mean to leave out our Skype chats!!! They are a very important part of my day for sure!! Happy Friday to you both!!


Sara, on the offset- YES! My mum did what you plan on doing– get them on solids, and she went back to her career… I think that is a smart choice..

But whatever you decided, you should be happy!

Now, I want to ask, do they have nanny’s for puppies cause I am ready to pull the last strand of hair out pretty soon– this thang gave me hives, I need a babysitter for this monster when I head back FT…

Here is to hoping your baby sleeps at night and allots her mummy a good night rest.

Have a fab week darling!

Well, my two were really quite boring at the start. For the first month or so all they did was sleep, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep. It was after that that things got interesting!

I am so looking forward to the little baby time again – when all they do is suck boob, sleep and poo and don’t complain if you want to cuddle them all day every day. With the first one I thought everything was pretty taihen but now, after running round after two toddlers, one of whom talks back and both of whom do things just to stir mummy up sometimes, I can’t wait for a baby baby.

Especially June when I have no English classes. Cuddles in the sun, bit of boob, shine the bench, cuddles in the sun, more boob, tell Granny K to bugger off for giving me grief about what have dressed bunster in, cuddles in the sun…

come on bunster – I know you are aready to come out. Tuesday would be good thanks – five nights in clinic and don’t think you can check out on a Sunday so perhaps that means could stay till the Monday!! 🙂

Ooo nice, new clinic, they might give you champers on arrival of BG then?? hehe that’d be nice eh.I’m excited to hear how much she’s grown!

I was the same in the weeks leading up till Ash came, I would sleep as long as possible, go for walks, watch telly and stuff. After he came it was a biiiigggg difference. Put it this way, I’m only just getting full(ish) nights sleep. 🙂 Be prepared to be very very tired in the first few weeks, physically and mentally. I think lack of sleep is the biggest thing in the beginning so as Lulu said sleep whenever she does. Although when I did that I had nightmares I was sleeping on him and squashing him!!!! haha but that could just be me being a lil bit mental.
Ash was pretty easy in that it was a cycle of wake up, feed, nappy, make sure not hot/cold ,then sleep again.
It’s much the same now except as he gets older we’re slotting play time into that cycle. In the first few weeks you won’t be able to do much housework, let/make ryohei take care of that stuff. Ash was 6 weeks old when I came back to Japan and that was when I really got into a routine, so now my day goes;
5am-7am: Ash wakes up, feed, he goes back to bed.
6am: Make Ryota’s bento and brekky, see him off to work.
8am-10am: Little nap till Ash wakes up
10am: Feed and play with Ash, start doing housework until he gets all whiney the put him down for a nap.
11am-2pm: Properly get the housework done play with Ash when he wakes up.
2pm-4pm: Feed Ash, go to the suprmarket and prepare dinner.
5pm: If I’m lucky Ash has another nap.
6pm-7pm: Ryota comes home, I escape for a run.
7pm-9pm: Have dinner and give Ash a bath.
10pm-11pm: Get Ash to bed.

It sounds hectic, and it is but the cycle thing is good cos you can plan a little bit, of course there’ll be days when BG will be cranky or whatever but you’ll be fine.
Motherhood was a big shock for me and I think it can be even tougher being in japan away from family and stuff, there are some days I feel really overwhelmed but when BG gives you a smile or holds her head up for the first time or something like that, it will all be worth it!!
The worst thing for me is watching Ryota fall in to bed and me having to stay up with Ash but that’s just the way it works when one person is working I guess. Good luck at the clinic tomorrow, hope they are all friendly! x

LOL! I too can’t believe that you asked whether you are going to be busy or not!! I guess that all babies are different though. The first month or two of Joey’s life is a complete blur to me. A mix of not sleeping/always feeding/constantly having to tend to this little being who wanted me ALL the time. It is a huge transition to make but a fabulous one at the same time. You will be busy and probably won’t be able to think straight for the first month or so and then the haze will start to clear and your baby will start to respond and your body will slowly be going back to normal post-partum and things will be better. Course, you might have a baby who sleeps the whole time and isn’t remotely demanding so you might have plenty of time to yourself but it is always best to be mentally prepared for all eventualities! LOL!

I don’t know if I’d say busy. When babies are still newborns they sleep a lot, and when they’re not sleeping they’re either crying, eating, or just sitting there. If you’re wearing the baby then you can do whatever you’d normally do but with a baby attached to you. You’ll be very tired, sleep deprived, and stressed, but that’s not really the same thing as busy, you know? Of course you’ll be a stay at home mom so I guess you’ll be busy with housework and cooking and those fun things, but I wouldn’t say newborns are in and of themselves busy-making, just exhausting. It also depends a lot on your baby’s personality though. DS was quite a happy, content baby overall.

The busy-ness starts when they’re toddlers and are into everything. You clean up the house, they tear it apart *as you are cleaning* so it is impossible to keep up. You cook dinners, but they won’t eat it. You take them out on walks and they absolutely refuse to follow you (DS has this thing now where he must touch, personally, every single parked car we pass when we are out. Can you imagine how time consuming it is to wait for him to pat down every car on the side of the road? lol). They are never still, they have irrational demands and pitch fits when you refuse to meet them (what, you mean I can’t play with that steak knife?? Horrible horrible woman!), and in general, make newborns look like a walk in the park!

You’ll look back on the newborn stage fondly at some point, as stressful as it is in the beginning as a new mom. I actually found that I was not nearly as overwhelmed and “busy” as I expected myself to be. But sure, some things will end up taking a back seat at first, like time hanging out with friends, especially non-parent friends who don’t particularly appreciate you having to nurse in the middle of lattes, or shopping for yourself, and probably, in the beginning, your sex life. But you’ll figure it out and before you know it you’ll feel like an old pro and will have strategies for making those things work too.

Nay- I love how you and I are so demanding- ie, “Sarah, what about UUUSSSSSS”- it will be like she had three kids with us annoying her all the time on Skype. LOL!

Having a baby obviously changes your life totally in a wonderful way.But it is rather a hard transition as all of a sudden,you can’t do what you want to do when you want to.Doesn’t soud ike much but it is major!Even little things like trying to have another minute of sleep in the morning when you have hardly had any sleep at all will be no more.It is exhausting with a newborn;it seems to be a cycle of feeding,nappy changing,soothing asleep and hey presto it starts again and somehow you have to fit in things like cooking and washing and peeing.Once the first month or so has past,you get routine into your life and it feels less hectic.And you rejoice when you can sit down and write a post for your blog in one go;)

I agree with Jessica, it’s not really *busy* but it’s completely time consuming, does that make sense? And like she said, wearing BG will help ALOT, keeps your hands free for other things, lets you move from room to room w/out having to go back constantly to check on her, and it usually keeps them asleep for longer stretches.

The first few weeks you won’t leave the house much at all, so staying in your PJ’s all day is nice 😉 The biggest issue will be the shock to your routine, and the lack of sleep. Although w/ all 3 of mine it was only a week or so until they started sleeping in 4 hr stretches. I started them all on solids waaaaaayyyy early (at about 5 weeks! Tons of irrate lectures from the pediatricians! Eh, bite me!) in an effort to get them to sleep longer. In the end, you have to do whatever works for YOU and your baby, and whatever is going to help YOU survive! A freaked out, stressed out mama won’t do anyone any good!

Yes, busy but as several people have said – in a different way than you’re probably used to – at least that’s how it felt for me. I also realize I took a more “aggressive” approach to parenting than some people do. I wanted to read Peanut lots of books, sing her songs, take her for walks and show her the trees/flowers…I don’t think I had consciously thought about how much time I was devoting to “teaching” her even in the first few months of her life. Sort of silly now that I look back on it. Babies just want to be held and loved 🙂 And I didn’t even want to be THAT parent – the one who *pushes* her kids to learn all the time. I think it was just a nervous first-time mom response from me. You two will find your own routine I’m sure!

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