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Thanks all

Posted on: May 24, 2009

I’ve wanted to respond to all your comments below… but had a bit of a rough day today. We found out one of Ryohei’s best friends from high school died and so I’ve been keeping him company.

Will work on a proper update and response to all your kind comments and bits of Dr. ignoring advice when I have time tomorrow.

Its been a long and hard day – and time for us to go to bed soon.


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Oh no, I am sadden to read this post. It must have shocked Ryohei so much to find that out… Please tell Ryohei that he is in my thoughts… I am thinking of his friend and family and praying for them.

i am sorry to hear about ryohei’s friend. 😦

also sorry i had no advice for you yesterday. the only jerk-off doctor i had (during pregnancy) didn’t want me as a patient so i guess i was spared that indignity. just a couple of things, if i may. first, pregnancy usually lowers your blood pressure so if it’s high, the doctor may be concerned, especially this ‘late’ in your pregnancy. i wouldn’t rush right out to buy a blood pressure machine right away, i like the suggestion of finding a free one somewhere! i always felt that if there weren’t other factors (mainly protein in the urine sample), then a ‘high’ blood pressure reading wasn’t something to worry too much about. about weight gain, just grin and bear it. sorry the stupid doctor made ryohei worried. yoshi would get worried about stuff but i would show him my pregnancy books and things off the internet and that would reassure him.

if you can, remind the doctor that you are not japanese so your pregnancy isn’t going to be exactly as he expects. (which is silly anyway, as EVERY pregnancy is different.) and you can change doctors any time. if you paid to reserve your spot, you may not get a refund, but that may be a small price to pay….yoshi was transferred during my eighth month and i didn’t have any trouble getting into the clinic of my choice.

*hugs* sorry things are rough for the two of you.

Sorry to hear about Ryohei’s friend. Hope he’s OK – and you, as being the shoulder can be draining too.

Hey – it’s not long till the 30th? That’s apt hunting day isn’t it.

Thinking of you. I’m sure that you are both emotionally drained from today.

Oh no! Hope you guys are holding up ok. xxx

So sorry to hear about Ryoheis’s friend.Hope you had an OK night under the circumstances.

Ah, that’s rough. I hope Ryohei’s managing okay =( I seem to hear mention of a lot of younger ppl dying recently, kind of scary.

All the best to you both.

Oh Sarah & Ryo- I am so sorry to hear this news. How tragic.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ryohei.

You guys sure deserve a less eventful time of it sometime soon- before BG makes an appearance anyway!

Thinking of the both of you

Oh no, I’m sorry about the sad news. I can’t imagine.

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